The WWDC conference for the year 2019 ended hours earlier, which was one of the longest conferences and lasted for 2 hours and 18 minutes, in which Apple reviewed the new in its systems, whether iOS 13 or Mac, the TV system, the iPad system, launched a new screen, a new MacBook, and updates to software tools. This is a summary of the most important thing that came in the conference.

The conference started as usual with the rise of Tim Cook, welcoming the attendees, and he said that most of the attendees were their first time. After that, he went on to talk and praise Apple devices that they are global products with a world class system. And he talked about Apple Card cards as well as the Apple News service, and I currently include more than 300 magazines and newspapers.

He quickly reviewed the most important elements that will be covered by today's conference, and the two most important operating systems for Apple devices.

Then he went on to talk about Apple TV and the original content that Apple is currently preparing and reviewed their latest production, a series entitled "For All Mankind" that reviews the descent of man on the moon and the competition with the Soviets.

Then Tim talked about Apple TV and that it offered the best possible content viewing experience so they decided to take it to a new level.

TvOS 13

The new TV system has been updated, beginning with changing the basic interface design, as well as adding, for the first time, “multiple users” so that each person in the family has his own file, suggestions for programs and what to watch.

It became possible for everyone to get their preferences, whether from programs or music, as they were supported on television, as well as the advantage of adding song lyrics. And Apple provided the control center to manage individual accounts.

And because television will get the end of this year on the new Apple Arcade games, the company has supported the most important game arms in the market, they are from the Xbox and PlayStation.

WatchOS system

Kevin Lynch, head of the watch system development department, said that great attention has been paid to the update, starting with the addition of several new faces, as well as the time alert feature such as the sound of each hour (a bird's voice was reviewed and said it was recorded at the new Apple headquarters).

More iOS apps have been added to the watch mainly such as Audiobooks, Voice Memos and Calculator app. He said that the latter not only obtained simple accounts, but also supported advanced benefits, including dividing the "table and tip account" among friends.

Kevin said that the watch has gained more independence from the iPhone as you no longer need to download an iPhone application and the watch version is part of it. That is, you can download an application on the watch that is not on the iPhone.

Streaming API is provided to developers meaning any app can provide streaming service on watch. With this, you can listen to live matches, for example.

You can download and buy applications directly from the watch without resorting to the iPhone as usual.

The application provides a new feature in the health application, which is "the noise and its idea that the watch alerts you to the loud sounds around you, which have a negative impact on the sense of hearing and your health in general" when the sound intensity exceeds 90 decibels.

A feature called Activity Trends has been added that enables you to track your fitness over time and give advice to improve it. The feature enables you to view the last 90 days and compare them with your previous performance up to 365 days ago.

A "development" feature has been added to track the menstrual cycle for women and they can follow it from the iPhone and get notifications about it.

IOS 13

As usual, Craig Fedrigi, head of the systems development department at Apple, reviewed the new system and also started as usual compared to the prevalence rate of iOS 12 with its counterpart Android 9, and the percentage was 85% in Apple and 10% in Android.

Craig talked about iOS 13 and said that the first thing that matters to the user is performance and explained that it has improved with the new system, for example, the speed of unlocking with Face ID has increased by 30%, as well as applications have been developed so that their size decreased by 50% when downloading the first time and 60% upon updating. In general, the speed of opening applications has become doubled (that is, the application opens half the time).

Now iOS 13 includes "dark mode" in various applications, and some of them have been reviewed.

The Reminders app has been redesigned. The Maps application has been radically developed, and Apple has used more than 100 vehicles that roam the streets for millions of kilometers, giving Apple for the first time, modern, advanced and accurate maps.

Added a real street view feature "similar to Google Street View".

Apple said the new maps will support all American cities by the end of this year.

Then Craig Fedrigi moved to the next feature, which is privacy, and said that Apple cares very much about privacy, and on top of privacy "your site", so several new features have been added, such as.

Grant access to the site once. This feature enables you to enable the application to access your location only once, and after that, this application cannot know your location.

Add a feature that enables you to get a notification that a certain application is monitoring your site in the background, "an application, for example, gave him access to your site at any time and began monitoring you in the background."

Craig said that some applications, "meaning Google and Facebook, but not authorized," use a trick which is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to identify your location even if you close access to your location. Craig said this possibility would be blocked and banned.

And Apple unveiled a new feature, which is log in with Apple, which is similar to the sign in with Facebook or Google that applications use to facilitate logging in for its users.

Apple said that their feature is much more secure, as the owner of the website and application will not have access to information about you except your name. If the site wants more data, it will show you a message asking you for permission to access your e-mail, for example. If you do not agree, the site will not get the e-mail.

And because the last point is important, for example, the application needs your e-mail to send you something important and you do not want to give it your e-mail. Here, Apple will provide another temporary email to inform the site and if it sends a message to it, it will deliver it to you. Apple said that this temporary e-mail will be presented differently for each service or site, and therefore at any time if you want this site not to bother you, you can prevent it by deleting this temporary e-mail. Thus, if the site sends the mail, it will get a message that there is no e-mail with this name. Your personal email address is kept safe. A great feature from Apple.

Apple announced the development of HomeKit by supporting CCTV recording and recording in Apple's servers for free from storing up to 10 days of data without consuming your private space. It can get a special space for each camera up to 200 GB and the option of 5 cameras with a capacity of 2 TB. And Apple clarified that this service is encrypted End To End.

Apple announced the introduction of the new HomeKit feature for Linksys, Eero, and Spectrum routers to enable you to better secure surveillance cameras and your home. If any of your devices were hacked because of a defect in their security, it would not be possible to access the rest of the network with it.

Also, Apple introduced a new feature, a "makeup" for the animated characters, where you can add earrings and adjust the color of the lips, eyebrows, eyes, and other feminine matters.

Apple announced that iMessage you can give others the ability to know your name "such as various chat applications" as well as put a picture of your own that appears to them. Also, add the Stickers feature for memoji, so you can create your own character and transform regular emoji into your own memoji.

It will be synchronized on your different devices, for example, to create memoji, you need a device with a depth camera like the X family, but then you will get the sticker on all your devices, including those that do not include a depth camera. (These devices must be powered by A9 processor of 6s or later.)

The Photos application has been developed and given more features, especially the "light studio", which has received many updates, enabling you to adjust the lighting in portraits more professionally.

Editing the videos also got a lot of benefits such as rotating the video, adding filters and other effects.

Several improvements have been added to the way photos are browsed and viewed in months, weeks and years. And adding a tab in the pictures called "pictures" to review them in the new way.

As well as several improvements have been added to the HomePod, AirPod, CarPlay and Siri.

Siri can now read incoming messages instantly on AirPods, and you can also reply instantly, and the feature supports any SiriKit headset.

Now you can tap your phone on your friend's phone, Tap to share the audio you hear.

The HandOff feature has been added to the Apple HomePod, so you can bring your phone closer to the speaker to play content directly on it.

Internet radio was supported in the HomePod and now supports over 100 radio stations worldwide.

The HomePod can recognize the different voices of each person in the family and give them personalized responses, for example when you ask on the road to work, is it crowded, you get an answer from your brother, for example (this is an illustrative example, and we do not know to what extent Apple will provide customized answers of individuals).

In the car, CarPlay got many updates and the interface was completely changed to be more comprehensive and with several options at the same time.

Siri in the car now supports various applications such as Pandora and Waze.

We go back to iOS, specifically Siri, which has become the Siri Shortcut application integrated directly into the system and also carries Siri shortcuts inside it instead of settings.

A feature has been added to "suggest automations" as Siri identifies you and your devices and gives you options to provide specific shortcuts based on their content.

The audio pronunciation in iOS has been improved to be noticeably natural and now rely on artificial intelligence to be complete sentences instead of syllables.

Added an option to split iCloud account and separate personal life from work. This is one of the features that were expected.

Add the option to forward spam calls to voicemail.

IOS 13 will be available for the iPhone 6s, 7, 8, X family and "Plus" devices from previous devices in the fall "September"

IPadOS system

Apple said that for the first time, it decided to separate the iPad from the iPhone completely, and a new system was provided for it called iPad OS. The new system will enable Apple to develop features for the iPad independently of the iPhone and iPod touch.

The first thing is that the widget can be pulled and fixed at the side of the screen permanently. Multitasking and viewing of open applications are improved by Splitview.

The Files program has been developed and provides a Column View option. ICloud Drive has also been developed to enable you to share folders directly.

The most important feature is the ability to open two versions of the same application. That is, the screen is divided in two halves, and on Monday, two versions of Safari will open, for example, each of them on a different site. And Apple explained that the feature will support everyone, meaning you can open two PDF or Word files at the same time.

The Safari application has now become the desktop version of DeskTop, meaning it opens the computer website for you, not the mobile version of the sites.

A “Download Manager” has been added in Safari so that you can download whatever you want from Safari and manage downloads directly from it.

A feature of keyboard shortcuts has been added, ie you press the "Command" button with + to zoom in, - to zoom out, and so on. Several shortcuts have been added to make it easier to use, crop and highlight any part of the text.

PencilKit has been provided to improve the tasks that can be performed with the new Apple Pencil. IPad response time has been improved from 20ms to 9ms.

This is a summary of what was announced regarding iOS 13, and of course there are many details that we will review with you in the coming days.

Hello new Mac Pro

Tim Cook returned to the stage and spoke that there is an old and very powerful device on Apple that we will see, and indeed the Mac Pro has been revealed

The device came in a completely different design from the previous design of the Mac Pro that appeared in 2013. The new design is closer to the design of the 2006 version.

Of course, Apple talked about this device and that it is the most powerful Mac in the world and they have never presented something like it and that it comes with a 28-core Xeon processor, despite the power of this processor 300W, but the Mac includes a highly developed cooling system.

The computer comes with a memory of 2933Mhz ECC and there are 6 ports for it and supports up to 1.5 terabytes of memory, as well as Apple provided 8 PCI ports.

The new device supports the Radeon Pro Vega II Duo screen card that "can run 2 graphics cards". It also includes a powerful 1400W power supply to provide power for this supernatural content.

For Mac users to edit videos, Apple has added what is called "Afterburner", which is a piece of hardware capable of processing 6 billion pixels per second to provide ProRes and ProRes Raw. You can process 3 8K Raw files or 12 4K files together.

The new Mac includes 3 cooling fans with a capacity of 300 cubic meters per minute per minute (that is, 8500 liters or 8.5 cubic meters of air per minute).

The new Mac Pro computer will be available at a starting price of $ 5999. It will be available for purchase this fall.

Apple's new screen

Apple said that a computer with this power needs a super screen, but unfortunately the screens in the market are not of the required quality, and if you find a high-quality screen like Sony’s screen, it is available at a high price of $ 43000, so Apple decided to present its new screen.

The screen comes in 6-inch 32K quality and this makes it display 40% more content than what is displayed in the iMac 5K and supports all new standards such as P3 Wide Color and 10Bit.

The screen includes 20 million pixels with dimensions of 6016 x 3384. And the addition strength is 1000nit and the peak can reach to 1600nit.

Apple said that at a time when the user wants traditional HDR displays, it will provide them with an XDR screen or Extreme Dynamic Range, the most advanced generation of HDR.

Apple called the screen Pro Display XDR, and the screen comes with the TB 3 port support, the MacBook Pro can connect to two screens, and the aforementioned Mac Pro supports up to 6 screens, which means running 120 million pixels. The screen supports rotation and portrait or landscape mode, Portrait Mode or LandScape.

It will come in two versions, the first at $ 4999 and the second Nano Texture at $ 5999.

The moment this is the price of the screen only, the stand has an additional price of $ 999 and the wall holder is $ 199, and when this was announced, a state of complaint prevailed among the conference followers.

The Apple screen will be available for purchase this fall.

Mac system 10.15

A new name has been launched on the Mac 10.5 system, and of course inspired by the natural places and tourist attractions in California, “Catalina”.

Apple started talking about iTunes and Apple mocked itself and said that with time it added many features to it, so much so that they thought about what they should add as well, is it calendar, mail, or maps. Then the joke stopped, and they said that the solution is to divide iTunes into 3 apps, which are a music app, a iPod cast app, and a TV app.

Apple said that when you connect your phone, nothing will appear, but if you want to sync, you will see a side option that shows the new design for dealing with your phone in Finder, as is the case with all your accessories.

Of course the podcast app will focus on listening and streaming. The TV app supports the new TV features that Apple recently announced.

Apple introduced a new feature for Mac systems called SideCar, which enables you to use the iPad as a second screen for a Mac. You can make use of the Apple Pencil on the iPad screen, "which is an extension of the Mac screen."

Apple revealed that you can use your voice to fully control Mac and iOS, and published a teaser video showing a person browsing a Mac and sharing photos with others by voice only.

Of course, Apple said that your voice will not be sent to Apple and that audio processing is done on your device to ensure privacy.

Apple announced the integration of the Find Friends and Find iPhone apps into one.

Apple announced the transfer of the Activation lock feature to Mac, such as the iPhone and iPad, meaning if someone stole your computer, you can close it forever. Apple said that the feature was secured by the T2 chip so that the thief would not be able to operate the device or even re-download a new copy.

And the Screen Time feature has been added to Mac as it is on iOS.

The Reminders app has been redesigned.


Developers have the lion's share of the good news in this conference, and thus the beneficiary is the user. With the availability of many new features for developers, this will be reflected in the user experience.

Apple announced the huge expected project, which is the ability to develop Mac applications using the same code that was used in developing iPad applications, without any effort on the part of the developer. The name of this project is Project Catalyst, and this project will be available from now with the first beta version of the new Mac system.

Apple has reviewed one of the huge updates in augmented reality libraries that will allow developers to build an unprecedented augmented reality experience, and Apple announced the RealityKit development package.

Which will provide developers with tools that enable them to build XNUMXD graphics in augmented reality easily and very realistically.

This library also comes with a Reality composer app. This app adds effects, cameras, and physical motion to scenes and then exports them to Xcode.

This will certainly encourage developers to build highly realistic applications in the augmented reality environment.

Then comes the huge development of the ARKit 3 package, which is the software package responsible for augmented reality in iOS systems, as Apple introduced very advanced features, the most important of these features is the motion simulation feature.

The motion simulation feature captures the entire body movement and can be applied to any three-dimensional structure, so developers can create characters that imitate your movement and you control it with your body movement.

The other feature is the recognition of human bodies and make them not collide with the elements of augmented reality, if there is a person in augmented reality he can now be in front of or behind the elements, because the ArKit library can now distinguish human bodies.

The developer of the famous game MineCraft has provided a unique experience in which it demonstrates all the capabilities of the augmented reality development package.

Finally, a new development package has been announced, especially for the Swift language, which will facilitate the development of applications in an unprecedented way, namely the Swift UI package.

It was shown how developers can now create complete applications only using several lines of code.

End of the conference

With this, the Apple conference ended, so tell us your comment and tell us your opinion on the iOS 13 update, and did you present the expected Apple in it?

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