If you ask anyone what he knows about Apple, he will automatically respond that it is the phone company that produces luxury iPhones, those phones that have the apple mark on the back, and if you ask someone more knowledgeable in the technical field, they will tell you that it is a distinct hardware and software company that produces devices Phones, tablets, computers, the development of the operating system by itself, as well as the development of processors for its phones and tablets by itself as well, but if you ask the same person about the source of Apple's profits, his answer will be the same.

Yes, Apple makes billions from selling its phones and the devices that it makes in general, but the matter does not stop here, as Apple is making huge profits from the services sector as well, and this is what we will talk to you about today, and it is sufficient to start with the fact that Apple has achieved profits of 11.5 billion US dollars only from the services sector and this is for the first quarter of 2019 only!

Apple services

Apple's interest in the services sector

Apple is making a huge effort to transform itself into a service company, and here we do not mean to provide services only and give up being a hardware and software company, rather we mean that the company is really focused on proving its presence in the services sector and making huge profits from this soft sector and this has come as a logical result - and a smart step After the company’s smart phone sales fell significantly, as the company achieved $ 31 billion in iPhone sales for the first quarter of 2019, compared to $ 37.6 billion the company achieved in the same quarter last year.

The hardware sector is a very important sector for Apple, and this is something we cannot deny, except that the company, after a significant decrease in its sales, began to see a wonderful opportunity in the field of services, and therefore, besides the services that Apple was providing earlier, it is about to launch two new services, this In addition to supporting older services with strong updates, but in any case, at the present moment and although not all Apple services are working, the company is showing enviable strength in this sector, as Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, stated that the company has achieved 11.5 billion dollars. From the services sector, which is the company’s highest profit in this sector.

Apple services

Has Apple failed in its core business sectors?

Here we must place the numbers in a correct, accurate and fair context. IPad devices - according to Tim Cook - are still maintaining strong sales, as they achieved profits estimated at $ 4.87 billion, and this is also for the first quarter of this year, as well, and for the same quarter, Mac devices achieved profits of $ 5.5 billion, which is still Good profits, because Mac sales are declining year on year.

As for Apple's wearable devices, including Apple AirPods and Apple Watch, they are continuing to grow in terms of profits and sales, and according to Cook, they have achieved 50% growth. Well, as you can see, Apple has made strong sales in the last three months in the hardware field, but why so much interest in the services sector? This is simply because the services sector alone has achieved more than any of the hardware sectors - except for the iPhone - but this does not mean that other sectors have achieved small profits, in addition to this that these profits - and the services - do not include the profits of Apple service News +, this is because the first month of this service was free.

What do you think to know then that Apple has made all these profits from the services sector without counting services that have not been launched yet! This is what we will talk about now, where we will talk about all the Apple services currently available to users, let's go?

Apple products and services

Older Apple services Apple Music and Apple iCloud

These services are the oldest services at Apple, and they naturally contributed greatly to the profits of the first quarter of this year, which we talked about above, and we can also consider them the basis for the world of Apple services, as both services have existed for a relatively long time, especially the iCloud service, which is part It is not fragmented from Apple devices, and here we explain that iCloud is, of course, a cloud storage service that generates profits on Apple through monthly subscriptions to large storage spaces.

As for Apple Music, it is a global music service that also comes with a monthly subscription, and this service has become more popular than ever due to the easy access to the user's music library and also because it is one of the places where global music exclusives are issued.

Apple TV + service

We know about the usual Apple TV service, andWe talked to you a while ago Not long ago about the most important updates that have occurred to them in general and that have occurred to tvOS in particular. In general, the Apple TV service allows you to access your favorite series and artwork directly through your TV. Also, after updating the Apple TV application, it became more fun as the user can access more ratings and also the ability to integrate the service with the usual satellite cable along with The ability to subscribe to Apple channels for more content (this we talked to you about it in the article mentioned above).

As for the Apple TV + service, we can consider it as Apple's Netflix, as the service will allow you to access paid and exclusive series and also download them to watch them later in addition to enjoying a viewing experience without any ads as well as there are many rumors of Apple's agreement with hundreds of content makers to attend exclusive works for the platform . So, this time also Apple is outside the limits of the hardware and preparing a new service for us! Unfortunately, it has not been launched or priced yet.

Apple services

Apple News + service

With the Apple News + service, you will be able to get an ideal experience when viewing the news, as Apple mentioned during the service’s announcement about its interest in news content and its importance. Also, Apple News + is a service with a monthly subscription, so it includes a number of paid services, Here, Apple announced that with your subscription to the service, you will be able to access the content of 300 magazines on the Internet, but when the service was launched, there were only 251 magazines available.

Apple added that the application will contain exclusive and varied content that the user will not be able to find elsewhere, and the company also added that the application will use machine learning techniques - or machine learning - to understand the type of news you want and continue to offer you the service is available at a price starting at $ 9.99 per month, in A following article will share with you the full details of the Apple News + service, but it is sufficient for us to know that Apple is planning to control a large part of this sector, especially in the presence of news services at both Google and Microsoft.

By the way, you can use it Synchronize application Which provides you with all the features you may need and for free!

Apple Arcade and Apple Card services

Here you will not talk much, these two services have not yet been launched and they are expected to achieve huge success, especially as the first will provide exclusive games for users of Apple devices and the second will allow great ease in managing financial transactions and so on, here we advise you to read our close review of the two services according to what has been announced from Information through Apple:

All you need to know about Apple Arcade
All you need to know about the Apple Card service

Apple services

What do you think about the whole thing? What is the service that attracted your attention the most? Share your comment with us now!


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