All of us have followed Apple's announcement of its new service Apple Arcade, the gaming service that will be available for the Mac platforms as well as the iPhone, meaning it will be available for macOS and iOS systems, so it will be available for almost all Apple devices, in this article we will put in front of you everything that may be You want to know about the new gaming service from Apple and what distinguishes it from the concept of traditional games, whether for mobile devices or Apple computers ..

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a service that follows the Netflix service approach, but in the world of games, as the service, in exchange for a monthly subscription, will allow you to experience games and engage in playing them for a monthly subscription, which is distinguished in the games on Apple Arcade that it will not be available anywhere else first and will come with high quality Secondly, as Apple, through this service, has implicitly announced that it takes the world of mobile gaming very seriously, especially after the overwhelming success of games like PUBG and Fortnite on smartphone platforms.

The news is good not only for holders of iPhones, iPads and other small devices, but also for those with Mac computers who have been struggling to find good games on this platform as it is not as important as Windows PC because they are less popular devices on the one hand and not dedicated to gaming on the one hand. Other. Apple Arcade will offer its subscribers more than 100 completely new games for Apple devices, including games like Beneath a Steel Sky, which are a remake of the beloved old classic game of the same name.

Apple also confirmed that the games will be updated monthly, and new games will be added, and stated that specialists will lead that process, on the other hand, these exclusive games will cost Apple huge sums, as one of the reports predicted that Apple would spend up to 500 million dollars To develop new games, but these games will also work on the new iPod Touch, meaning that Apple targets through it young children and adolescents .. which is an excellent step.

What is Apple Arcade in a nutshell?

• It is a monthly subscription service that offers exclusive games for all Apple devices

When will Apple Arcade be launched?

• The service will be launched sometime this fall, that is, between September and November, and this is what Apple announced at the moment of the announcement of the service by Ann Thai, Apple's Marketing Director, and the company has confirmed that the service will be available to 150 countries and regions at the time of its launch.

What devices will we be able to play on?

• iPhone phones, iPads, Mac computers and Apple TVs, in addition to the new version of the iPod Touch.

What is the cost of the service?

Abdul has not announced the price of the subscription, you can watch the Apple advertisement for the Apple Arcade service from the following video:

How will the game play on the different devices?

Apple Arcade service offers a very distinctive concept, which is its support for many types of devices, including phones, tablets, computers, as well as televisions, and what is really distinguished in the matter is that the games will be integrated with the input method in each of the devices, as it is on the devices that touch Touch control will of course be done, while on the Mac, control will be done through the mouse and keyboard, and on the Apple TV, players will be able to control using the remote control.

I know what you are thinking, and you are right, gaming devices should support professional Controllers like those for Playstation devices, so Apple announced at WWDC 19 that Apple TV devices will support running new Apple Arcade games using professional controllers such as Sony PS 4 DualShock as well Microsoft XBOX One GamePad, this is information we have shared with you on Our review of tvOS 13.

Actually, now there is nothing to prevent Apple from expanding the integration of its devices with these professional controllers, and we can expect to see Mac devices support them soon, and then we see the devices starting to support them one by one, and do not rule out that we see that Apple has developed its own controller!

Features and features of Apple Arcade for games

This new service from Apple comes as a fierce competitor - and perhaps the only one - to the Google Stadia service, but the Apple service will allow you to play exclusive games for its devices, while the Stadia service from Google will allow you to play the famous games available for PC and Console devices directly without downloading or installing via the Streaming, and although the two services are not the same, Apple was forced to provide exclusive advantages in its service in order to control a part of this market that has not yet been fully distributed, and below we present to you the most important features of the new service:

• No ads or additional payments

Apple Arcade will be completely ad-free, as it will be a service based on a monthly subscription, so you will not have to see any ads. Also, there will be no additional payments.

• Games are available without an internet connection

According to Apple's statements where the service was announced, all games on the Arcade platform will be available to play without an Internet connection, so do not be afraid to lose access to your games when you are in a place without coverage such as a subway or the like.

• Family subscription

Apple Arcade service will enable the Family Plan during subscription, through which the whole family will be able to subscribe through this plan with only one subscription, this subscription plan will be very useful for families who use Apple products as an integrated Echosystem, i.e. have multiple and integrated devices from them, since we are the predecessors. The mentioned that the service will work on all Apple products except for the watch, for sure.

Respect your security and privacy

According to what Apple has confirmed, games on Apple Arcade will not be able to access, collect, or obtain your personal data in any way unless you authorize it yourself.

• Apple collaborates with a large number of studios

We know that the Apple Arcade service will include games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Beneath a Steel Sky as well as Where Cards Fall, but Apple promises its users that it will come with games from studios such as Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network, Finji, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, SEGA and KONAMI. And dozens of others, and this brings us to the next point that surely crossed your mind ..

Apple will not develop the games on its own

Apple will itself supervise the development of games and will be close to game development studios during the development process and will also contribute financially to the development of games as well, except that Apple itself is not a game developer company, and as far as we know, it does not want to be like you in the first place, so we will not We see a game developed by Apple itself, as is the case with Microsoft.

These are the main features of the new service, in addition to that it will support the completion of playing later on the same device or on any other device. For his part, Phil Schiller, Director of Global Marketing at Apple, said: “The App Store is one of the largest games stores in the world. For smartphones and tablets, we are now taking this store to a whole new level with Apple Arcade, which will provide the perfect gaming experience on smartphones, computers and on TV in the living room. ”

In general, Apple Arcade will be a family service in general, and in my opinion it will be more suitable for children and adolescents, as for real gamers and those who take gambling as a profession for them will not benefit much from this service, here we share with you the first announcement of the service last March, which we also talked to you about in Previous news.

What do you think then about these services? Do you think the service will be a smashing success? Share with us now in the comments


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