We told you before about Libra coin And how does Facebook intend to reinvent the concept of online payment and perhaps the banking concept as a whole, and today we will talk to you about a service and today we will talk to you about a similar Apple service, but first let us agree that it is similar only in the superficial concept, meaning that the two services will enable the user to pay or transfer money, except that Apple Don't develop its own currency or something. Although it is difficult to witness a large spread of Apple Pay soon in the Arab world, we must share with you everything we know, right? This is in addition to the fact that Apple Pay carries great advantages that we cannot ignore, so - and personally - I do not know whether we should be enthusiastic about it or migrate abroad? Anyway, let's see what is in Apple's queue in the field of electronic payment.

Apple Card

What is Apple Card Service? And when will it be launched?

Apple Card is an electronic payment and money transfer service that will be coming to us sometime this year and it is a service based on Apple Pay We can simply consider it a complementary service to it, as the new service will also work through the wallet application, in addition to that Apple has established cooperation with Goldman Sachs for the purpose of manufacturing credit cards.

The Apple Card service will be distinguished by the fact that it provides its users with a real (physical) credit card, and users will be able to use it in the usual payment transactions, and for this we consider it a complementary service to the older Apple Pay service, as it will offer all its features of course in addition to the advantages of the regular credit card.

What will the sign-up process be like? How do you integrate with Apple Pay?

According to what Apple mentioned, the process of subscribing to the new service will be a very simple process and will not go beyond pressing the word “Subscribe” in the application and then filling in the data through the usual activation and activation steps. Apple also mentioned that after you create your account on Apple Card, you will be able to use it in Online purchases and digital financial operations are immediate, but to obtain the physical card, you will have to submit an application that proves your ability to obtain it - in financial terms - just like any other credit card, and then you will have to wait for Apple to send you your new card.

In order to use the new Apple Card with Apple Pay service, the matter here is more intuitive than you can imagine, all you have to do is add the new card inside your wallet application and then select it as the default card for payment .. And it's done! But, of course, there will be additional features more than those you get when using an external credit card with the application.

Apple Card

Why will this service be launched? Is it safe and effective?

Simply, without going into economic and bank details, this service will allow you to pay in places that do not accept the usual Apple Pay, and if the store does not accept Apple Pay, you can use the new Apple card as if it were a regular bank card, and in this case the amount will be deducted from Your money is like you paid with Apple Pay .. Yes, it's that simple.

In terms of effectiveness and safety, Apple has cooperated with the Goldman Sachs organization as well as the well-known MasterCard organization, and this is in order for the new credit card to be realistic and effective, as the card will work wherever MasterCard cards operate, that is - often - everywhere in the world.

• What about the shape and design of the card?

As long as we are talking about design and aesthetics, Apple certainly has something to offer, as the card is made entirely of titanium with your name engraved on it through the laser, and what is distinctive about this card - and since it is an electronic card in the first place - is that it does not have a number on the front. It does not have an expiration date, nor does it have the sure CVV code in the back so if you lose it there will be no threat to your funds.

As for if you are wondering about the card information, it will be available for you in the Wallet application so that you can manually use them during any payment transactions. Apple also mentioned that the card is free and also issuing another card will be free, and this is in the event that the card is lost or damaged, On the other hand, due to its electronic nature, the card will be activated directly through your phone, and you will not need to make any calls.

On the occasion of our conversation about the design, the card actually appeared in its true form, as Apple employees began to obtain it for testing purposes, and a person on the social networking site Twitter shared pictures:

Is there a credit limit for the Apple Card? Are there other benefits or costs?

Apple credit card like it and like any credit card has a maximum limit, and this limit is determined by other factors that differ from one person to another such as income, property and also your credit score in general, as for the payment process itself, you will be able to pay using Apple Card through Linking it to your own bank account or through your Apple Cash, on the other hand, there are no shared cards at this point, which means that you will not be able to legally share your card with anyone else, but this matter may change later.

As for the benefits and so on, Apple confirmed that on the launch date, the benefits will range between 13.24% and 24.24% (annual interest APR), which depends on the user's credit score, and the average in America is 17.76%, which is a good thing of course, especially if this is taken The rule is taken into account when the card begins to spread to other countries.

Apple Card

On the other hand, Apple will not impose any additional costs - or percentage - when paying with the card, whether internationally or locally, as well as the card will provide many semi-banking services that encourage the use of the card, such as Cashback, a feature that allows you to get a small percentage of your payments. Reward systems are common among banks and banking services.

So what do you think of the Apple card? Do you expect it to succeed and go out to the global market instead of being confined to America?



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