The title of the article contains the names "Apple" and "Intel" which is a big matter if you know, as the two companies are very large and the first is the owner of the most famous smartphone in the world and the second is the largest processor manufacturer in the world. Two weeks ago, the entire Internet was talking about the news of Apple's purchase of the modems sector in Intel, a sector that was suffering a lot because - and I think - it is not one of Intel's main areas of work as it is a sector specializing in smart phone modems and now Apple already owns it, so will this help it?
Is Apple's decision to acquire the modem sector in Intel correct!

The answer to the questions of why Apple bought this sector? How will it help her? How will it make iPhones and iPads more advanced? It simply lies in the engineering development of this sector and also the amount of patents it possesses. These two factors will constitute a huge boost for Apple in terms of developing its internal, network and satellite communication components in general.

The value of the deal reached one billion US dollars, and despite the huge amount, it is nothing for Apple or Intel except that Intel - and somehow - got rid of the sector because it was costing the company huge sums of money without constituting direct interest to it, and this is according to Bob Swan, Director The company's executive, and the funny thing here is that the statement mentioned: “The modem sector is costing Intel a lot of money and that only serves one customer, which is Apple!”

An answer to our question presented in the title of the article lies in the fact that Apple, in exchange for only one billion dollars, will get 2,200 efficient employees and 17,000 patents in the field of wireless equipment!

Apple goes from a guest to a 'place holder'!

In fact, Apple is already using Apple modems from last year, in addition to being used exclusively in iPhones and other devices. In this regard, Qualcomm was the first company to introduce such technology on a large scale, and now Qualcomm is about to produce its second 5G chip before Intel introduces its first modem.

It is no secret to us that Apple has already been working on its own modem technologies in the past two years, as the company has established development centers in various places, including San Diego, and of course, the company’s acquisition of Intel’s modem sector will bring it closer to its endeavors and make it more competitive.

One of the information we should also mention is that, before all these events, Apple changed the location of its hardware engineering team, moving the team from the main gear engineering group headed by Ruben Caballero to the hardware technology sector under the leadership of Johny Srouji and later the first left the company completely. After this event, however, these changes in general formed a catalyst for Apple to bring us an iPhone with 5G support next year, and this is in cooperation with Qualcomm since Intel has not developed its own modem yet.

After completing such a deal, Apple will be able to manufacture its own modem in an integrated manner, and it will not need to rely on any company or other provider, which is suitable for Apple's being, as the company always prefers to manufacture sensitive parts by itself and as you can see, it is already manufacturing its own processors Wireless connection chips, graphics processors, and also allocates screens and external batteries greatly, in addition to Apple's plans - which may be crazy - to manufacture Mac processors by themselves.

What do you think of the whole story? Do you think that Apple made the right decision? Share your comment with us now.



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