A while ago, Apple announced that it was sending invitations to attend its annual conference, which will be held this year inXNUMXth of September➡️ At the Steve Jobs Theater at the corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The year’s conference will carry the slogan “By Innovation Only,” which literally means “innovation only.” Of course, the company will unveil the new iPhone in this conference, along with various other devices and products.

Apple 2019's iPhone

Apple conference 2019: what will happen and what will be revealed?

There are many things that we expect to see regarding the new iPhone, which is one of the most popular versions of rumors and leaks, but the phones will not offer a completely new experience compared to the previous generation, this is because the phones will come in three different versions as in the previous year, one of them. The 5.8-inch OLED screen is the successor to the iPhone XS, while the second will come with a 6.5-inch screen and OLED panel to succeed the beloved iPhone XS Max, and the third is the successor to the iPhone XR with a regular 6.1-inch LCD screen.

OLED phones are expected to come with a square-shaped three-lens rear camera - which is what Apple fans see in their nightmares - and the lenses will consist of a wide lens, a telephoto lens and a Super-Wide lens, here we conclude that the most important improvements that the phones will get The new ones will be located in the cameras in exchange for a sacrifice of beautiful design.

Apple 2019's iPhone

What else is expected about the iPhone 11?

The phone is also expected to come with a new matte design, which is like the one that was available on the iPhone 7 phones, with major improvements of course, along with this, the phone will get stronger water resistance and endurance capabilities in general, in addition to that FaceID got major updates, the most important of which is Its ability to work with multiple angles, which helps the user to unlock the phone on the desk.

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Also in the conference: a new Mac-book, a new iPad, and new services

Apple is also expected to launch new models for iPad Pro devices along with a regular iPad with a 12-inch screen, in addition to the company's intention to launch a 16-inch MacBook, products that are expected to be announced at the conference, but their launch will be Later.

Apple 2019's iPhone

Concept of a 16-inch MacBook.

Of course, the conference will announce new versions of Apple's operating systems, namely iOS 13, iPadOS 13, tvOS 13, as well as watchOS 6 and macOS Catalina.

As for the new services, they are the Apple Arcade game service and the Apple TV + service for exclusive content, which we talked to you about before in the articles:

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Apple, as usual, will broadcast the conference directly on its website, but you do not need to watch it. Just follow us on September 10 and we will tell you the most important news first!



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