We ask God to accept the pilgrims' pursuit and maximize their reward (We hope that they will remember us by prayingAnd whoever did not perform the Hajj this year, pray to God to bring us together in his sacred house next year, and as we congratulate all of you on the Eid and hope that he will be happy for you and for us and for the Muslim community all, we confirm that we bring you a gift as a whole Eid We used to present you with a gift on the occasion of Eid, although it is not a great gift, but in the end it is just a sign of our love and appreciation for you.

On the occasion of the holiday we are pleased to present you a game Your comprehensive information 2... a fun and cultural game, and we hope that you will have fun by playing it on Eid, especially with friends, where you and your friend can play it on the same device.

Your comprehensive information

One of the first Arab games that many tried to imitate, but unfortunately no one could reach the same pleasure in playing. Test your knowledge is a very entertaining and useful game at the same time that challenges your intelligence and knowledge in an interesting way and makes you always come back to play with it again and strive to obtain the largest number of medals until you reach the Gold Expert Medal, which only information geniuses get. If you want a useful entertainment then this is your game.

Game features

٭ Cool design and fashionable graphics.
Ten levels of questions that challenge all minds.
٭ A huge database of gradients in the question level to suit everyone.
٭ Eight categories of questions: Islamic, general, geography, biology, history, language, science, and mathematics.
٭ Control the ratings by closing and opening a classification to focus on a class of questions.
٭ There is also a classification of entertainment questions for entertainment and laughter that can be opened after winning the contest.

M3lomatk - Your Comprehensive Information 2

The game is now free, go to the software store to check the price and if it appears for you in the software store, wait a little while Apple changes the price

A simple gift whose only purpose is to celebrate the Eid with you and present something symbolic as we are used to.

The game is free on Eid days only, so please tell your friends and publish the article for as many as possible so that no one will miss this great game.

Wonderful Eid everyone, and Happy Holidays, we will come back to you with new articles after the Eid.

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