Both the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come with a fast charger in the box, which is news that our bodies shuddered and our hearts beat for it because it is simply not Apple's character to offer us something for free! Of course Apple will not give you most of what you need, or rather, it will not give you more what you think you need! This fact in and of itself raises questions about the performance of the included fast charger ... is it really fast?

Is the fast charger with iPhone 11 Pro really fast?

Fast charger with iPhone 11 Pro

In recent years, Apple has been attaching its usual charger, which comes with a capacity of 5W only, in the box, which is of course the weakest charger in the world in terms of charging speed, and it is enough to know that a phone like the iPhone 8 is actually supporting 15W charging! Even older devices like the 7 Plus and 6s Plus support 10W charging capacity, but Apple always loves 5W for savings.

However, the company has broken its rule for this year with the iPhone 11 Pro and its older brother, as both of them will come with an 18W charger. The new charger will be able to charge 50% of the regular iPhone 11 Pro battery in less than half an hour! And it's a bliss for those who used to use their iPhones with its traditional charger.

What are the specifications of the fast charger with the iPhone 11 Pro?

Here we are in front of a charger that uses the USB-C port on the side of the charger itself and uses the Lightning port on the side of the phone, which is a new and main support factor in obtaining this electrical capacity, and the charger is slightly larger in size compared to the previous charger.

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Figures achieved by Apple's Fast Charger

The charger has already been tested and has obtained satisfactory results to a large extent in my opinion, as we are talking about an iPhone and a charger that does not cost extra money! Below we show you the capabilities of the charger:

• The charger is able to charge iPhone 11 Pro (not Max) up to 28% in a quarter of an hour.
• The new charger charges the phone up to 55% in just half an hour.
• The charger charges the phone up to 74% of its battery in 45 minutes.
In a full hour, the battery level reaches 85%.
• Starting from here, we find disappointing numbers, as an hour and a quarter equals 94% of the phone’s battery
• As for an hour and a half, it gives you 98%, meaning that these 4% cost you a quarter of an hour!
• In order to fill the battery of iPhone 11 Pro completely, you need One hour and 42 minutes!

Of course, we know that the last 15%, especially the last 1%, which takes about 10 minutes alone, but I think that 42 minutes versus 15% is a long time.

If you are wondering how long it takes competing Android phones as well as older Apple phones to be fully charged, here is this:

As you can see, the Note 10 is only 65 minutes ahead of it, while the XS Max is the bottom line with 209 minutes! And all this while excluding Huawei phones with its own charging technology and the use of OnePlus as a representative of its parent company Oppo and its sister technology to VOOC.

In my view, making progress is better than no progress! However, we know that Apple is able to simulate the speeds of other companies, but no one really knows what happens .. What do you think?



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