Apple, and like any other major technology company from time to time, makes a huge acquisition of technology companies that have useful innovations and important for iPhones and other Apple devices, and what is the story of the latest new acquisition of Apple, this is what we will discuss with you now with a look at the acquisitions Previous Apple.

An infographic explaining some of Apple's acquisitions in recent years ...

A glimpse of some of Apple's past acquisitions

Apple's acquisitions are many and we may need a full and detailed article, but let us now suffice to shed light on some of the acquisitions that have made a clear change to Apple and its various products. Perhaps the first of these acquisitions in terms of importance is its acquisition of AuthenTec, a company specializing in protection and security technologies associated with biometrics for users ( Biometrics), which was done in 2012 for an amount of $ 356 million in 2012

• Apple's acquisition of AuthenTec and SIRI

As soon as Apple completed this acquisition, we saw the iPhone 5s in the following year with fingerprint technology support! But two years ago, Apple had a very important acquisition as well, as it acquired SIRI, which was developing voice assistant software for an undisclosed amount, but it is said that it was $ 250 million, and this acquisition developed later to become Siri's personal assistant after the company’s owners were aiming to launch Siri as a mobile application. Android and Blackberry! And this was all in the year 2010, and later we saw Siri in its first version on the iPhone 4s.

Acquisition of LinX and Texture

One of Apple's other acquisitions was LinX Computational Imaging in the amount of approximately $ 20 million, which is a company with many innovations in cameras and imaging technologies and contributed significantly as this acquisition was in 2015! Later, in another acquisition, Apple acquired a company called Texture, which was providing users of its services with access to more than 200 exclusive magazines, and shortly after this acquisition, we began to see the Apple News service, which explains how these acquisitions contribute to providing new technologies and services, which is in our favor. As end users.

Apple is on the way to acquiring iKinema

If history is repeating itself, then we are about to see revolutionary changes to Memoji and Animoji features on the next version of iOS as well as 2020 phones, as Apple has officially confirmed that it has acquired iKinema in an unknown value deal, and this company has an excellent simulation system where it can transform humans To fictional characters only through a video of them, which may also be exploited by Apple, in addition to using the company's techniques in developing mimoji and anime.

IKinema describes itself as helping content creators to provide content suitable for games and modern technologies that are completely dependent on 2015D graphics, so it has a major role in VR technologies, and we cannot deny the connection of a point like this with Apple's intention to launch a virtual reality glasses. In the year XNUMX, Apple acquired a company called FaceShift, which has technologies for converting a face image into a XNUMXD drawing. As you can expect, after its acquisition of this company, we saw Memoji and Animoji technologies!

A glimpse of what iKinema has to offer.

What do we know about iKinema right now? How might it benefit Apple?

What we know about the company is not much, but this is not as important as what Apple may benefit from this company, as its technologies allow the conversion of ordinary video into a fully "cartoon" video, and for this we can expect that Apple will use its technologies completely to improve the performance of Animoji and Memoji technologies in a way. General, in its plans to develop any devices related to virtual reality.

More importantly, Apple may somehow link these new technologies to the Apple TV + service or use them to develop more realistic games on the Apple Arcade platform. We expect that Apple will fully exploit the technologies of this company, which tells us many expected changes to iOS 14.

Speaking of acquisitions, did you know that the biggest acquisition in Apple's history was its acquisition of Beats Audio in 2014? Whereas, Apple paid $ 3 billion in this acquisition, and later, as you can expect, we saw the launch of Apple Music, Beats products, and an AirPod.

What do you think of this new acquisition? What is the most important acquisition of Apple in your opinion?



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