The new socialist games service Apple Arcade has already started well, and of course Apple has bigger plans to develop that service and the type of games it will offer on it in the future to ensure the continuity of growth and development, especially in light of the intense competition between it and other companies and recently Apple has carried out a number of operations Acquiring startups that Apple could use to develop their services. So what is Apple planning in the field of games?

Earlier this year, Apple contracted Nat Brown, a co-creator of Microsoft Xbox, an engineer with a proven track record of working on virtual reality apps, and most recently a member of the engineering team in the VR division of the popular video game company Valve.

Now, according to information disclosed by MacRumors, Apple has quietly acquired IKinema, a UK-based visual effects company that also specializes in games and virtual reality technology. It was recently developing a "full body" motion capture program. Watch the following video to learn more about corporate technologies:

IKinema mainly develops animation technology for use in augmented reality games VR, and according to the company's website, it places special emphasis on moving real-time animation of virtual characters, and the company has a strong enough reputation that game publishers like Ubisoft have signed deals. To use IKinema's RunTime program to handle character creation in their games.

While Apple has not, of course, confirmed the acquisition, according to documents filed with the UK government now Peter Denwood, Apple's international affairs advisor, has been appointed as IKinema's director, effective September 12, 2019.

What does this mean?

We know that Apple has been working hard for a long time on virtual reality technology and augmented reality apps, and numerous reports indicate that it is already working on an AR / VR head device.

These recent reports indicate that Apple's plans may be more ambitious than simply creating a head-worn device. With Apple Arcade, the company has basically established itself as a game publisher, and also supports and develops dozens of games from independent developer studios.

Although Apple does not call itself a publisher of games, all evidence points to proving this, as Apple is investing more than half a billion dollars to support and develop games on its platform. The games on the "arcade" platform clearly bear the "Apple Arcade" logo on the splash screen, so regardless of whether Apple wants to admit it or not, it has already become a publisher of games.

And since Apple funds the development of games on its platform, this also puts it in an ideal position to create tighter integrations between its current and upcoming hardware by developing advanced gaming technologies of its own that can be incorporated into games published on Apple Arcade.

Now that Apple has positioned itself as a competitor to companies like Valve, it is easy to see how promoting augmented reality and virtual reality games will be the next big thing for Apple Arcade, and talent acquisition with expertise in these areas will be critical by helping it move forward into production. A type of high-quality game that will really make Apple Arcade stand out from the crowd.

And Apple must constantly work to provide new and advanced content if it hopes to retain subscribers to the Apple Arcade service and bring in new subscribers.

Do you really see that virtual reality games are truly the future of Apple Arcade? Let us know in the comments.



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