It has become known to everyone that the Find My feature is an updated version of the old Find My iPhone or Find My iPhone that has been in the iOS system for years, and it turns out that it can be very useful to locate more than one missing iPhone device. For this article - Link It can, of course, help you track anything connected to the iPhone, as a woman from Iowa discovered recently when her car was stolen, but she got it back with the help of the Find My feature. Know the circumstances of the accident and how the lost car was returned.

According to Des Moines, 19-year-old Victoria O'Connor found Apple's Find My feature immensely useful when her car was stolen with her iPhone and wallet inside. O'Connor informed the police, who in turn worked to track the car using the Find My app, but lost the signal when the iPhone was turned off, either because the thieves shut down the iPhone or the iPhone's battery had run out.

O'Connor’s car was stolen Monday evening in front of a local store, where the car was left running to buy something quickly or perhaps so as not to get a ticket. This is called a quick stop and this is allowed.

It is reported that the girl’s house was exposed to a fire last September, and she considered the car her temporary home and used to place all her personal belongings in it.

Fortunately, an alert was received on Tuesday morning that her missing iPhone had returned to work and connected to the Internet as well, so the police were then able to use the Find My website to locate the stolen car and it was in a nearby apartment building.

Unfortunately, while the car was recovered, it did not have an iPhone, keys or O'Connor's wallet. The police believe that the iPhone is located in one of the nearby housing units, and will do everything possible to track it down and find out its location.

Sergeant Paul Barrizek at Des Moines Police said,  "Technology is great. It helps us a lot in solving gas crimes like this."

Des Moines Police said that despite receiving frequent calls to report stolen iPhones and work to track them down, it was unusual for a stolen iPhone to be used to find a stolen car.

Police are also reviewing camera footage from the Kwik Trip website where the car was stolen in hopes of identifying the thieves. It was not clear why the iPhone came back online, and it is assumed that one of the "stupid" perpetrators had restarted it, or connected it to recharge it after the battery ran out.

Although it is unclear what steps the police took to track down the iPhone, they also succeeded in locating it and locating it in an apartment building by using the Play Sound feature in Find My to keep the audio alerts made frequent so you can locate the apartment and where the sound comes from. .

Find My feature in iOS 13

Although we haven't heard much about it since the release of iOS 13, Apple has come up with a clever way to locate devices using it even if the devices are turned off. It is possible that this was the way that O'Connor and the police were able to use it without realizing it, as the report does not indicate that the iPhone has been turned on again, but only began what is called "pinging", which is a reset. Automatically test the connection again to the other party.

With iOS 13, it is possible to locate an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or even a MacBook or Apple Watch when it is not connected to the Internet, either off or in offline mode, and its location is determined by any other device nearby that works on the latest version IOS or macOS, or even watchOS. This is done by crowdsourcing data or collecting data from other nearby Apple devices that can locate the Bluetooth signal from the lost device.

Ensure that "offline search" is enabled

For privacy reasons, Apple allows users to turn off this feature to find the iPhone device or any other device when it is offline or not running, while this feature is supposed to be turned on by default, but you can check it yourself through the settings :

  • Open Settings on iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on your name at the top of the Settings app
  • Click Find My
  • Click Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch)
  • Ensure that the "offline search" feature is enabled

Since Offline Finding only works if another Apple device is nearby, we recommend enabling the "Send Last Location" setting as well, which will automatically report the location of your iPhone when the battery is very low, which improves. Chances of finding it if your battery runs out.

What do you think of such useful features? How do you see its future updates? Let us know in the comments.



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