Less than a month ago, Apple launched the war on Netflix and other exclusive content streaming and viewing services by launching Apple TV + as an integrated broadcast service with exclusive content specially made for it, and this complements Apple's growing interest in the services sector such as Apple Arcade, Apple News, as well as Apple Music, and now. Apple TV +.

What is Apple TV +? How can you subscribe and try it for free?

As mentioned above, Apple TV + is a service that broadcasts exclusive artistic and cultural content that includes a large number of artworks that have been produced specifically for the platform. Perhaps the most prominent of these works is the series "See" by Jason Momoa, the hero of the movie Aquaman and this Game of Thrones, in addition to many other works of art. Including the series The Morning Show and others, this service is of course paid and not free Apple TV + subscription price is $ 4.99 per month Usually Apple services.

◉ How to subscribe to Apple TV +

It is simpler than simple! All you have to do is open the Apple TV + app on any Apple device and then you can subscribe! But what is distinctive here is that Apple gives you a free week as a trial of the service, and the best thing is that it gives you a whole year if you have purchased an iPhone 11 or any recent device from Apple (a device that does it for the first time after September 10). So make sure you are eligible for this discount Apple reported on the service website And if your device is worth the free year, you will see a notification as soon as you open the app.

Of course, you can enjoy the service through the usual Apple TV app and on any Apple device, whether it is an iPhone, iPad or Mac!

How to cancel your subscription to Apple TV +?

Now suppose you tried the service and found that it is not satisfactory or that it does not deserve your money .. How do you cancel it then? Here we will explain to you how to cancel your subscription to the service - and the method is similar to other Apple services - and we will explain some important information to you, and since the information is important, we will start with it.

◉ If you cancel your subscription to the service before the trial week ends, you will be able to complete the trial period, but it will not be renewed again, and we recommend this option in the event that you are likely to forget to cancel the subscription at an appropriate time.

◉ By purchasing a subscription on any device, you will be able to enjoy it on all Apple devices linked to your Apple account, and you can also share the account with a number of your friends and family members.

◉ If you want to cancel the subscription, whether the trial or the subscription itself, if you have subscribed for a month, you must do so 24 hours before the renewal date so that the amount is not deducted from your card.

How to cancel Apple TV + subscription from your iPhone

◉ Open the App Store

◉ Click on your profile in the top right-or left-hand side of the screen

◉ Choose Apple TV + from among the services you have a subscription to

◉ Choose Cancel Subscription to cancel the subscription completely

(The same method certainly applies to the iPad)

How to cancel an Apple TV + subscription from the Apple TV itself

◉ Go to the settings on your Apple TV

◉ Go to Subscriptions

◉ Choose Apple TV + and then choose Cancel Subscription

How to cancel Apple TV + subscription from Mac

◉ Log in to your account by clicking on your profile picture

Go to the Store menu and then View My Account (or the store, and then view my personal account)

Go to the View Information tab and log in

◉ Scroll down to the Subscriptions box

◉ Click on Apple TV + (Edit button)

◉ From this page, you can smoothly unsubscribe

Do you have an Apple TV + subscription yet? Do you have a subscription to other services? Share with us in the comments!



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