In order to use a website or application, you usually need to have an account on it, and this account is used to save your data and achieve a distinctive experience in addition to synchronizing your use of applications on more than one device. On the other hand, it helps developers and may not be obliged to develop a registration system. Exclusive entry from the ground up! This is why we find different third-party login systems such as logging in via Facebook, Google, and Twitter, so will Apple let them violate your privacy on their devices? No…

Sign in with Apple feature to log in to websites and apps

Apple has launched the Sign in with Apple feature (logging in with an Apple account) to enable its users to log in to their sites and applications and create accounts through it, but Apple did not launch this feature only to join the party, no, but rather it had clear and basic goals, on top of it. Security and privacy, This is where logging into any application or website with an Apple account will ensure you a great deal of security and privacy.

So far this feature has not been widely implemented, but Apple has forced all applications that provide login features through other services such as Facebook or Google to Add the feature to log in via Apple before April 2020! Therefore, the application of this feature and its spread is only a matter of time, especially since this feature, in turn, is workable even on various Android applications and websites!

What makes Sign in with Apple different?

Its most important features and goals revolve around privacy, and in order to understand this point, we must give an overview of how login systems work. When you log in to an application or service, it asks you to enter a username and password, and in the event that you do not have an account on the application from the ground up, you will have to register one, here comes the role of the log-in services, as instead of creating or registering a new account You just choose to log in via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter or others, and here an account will be created for you on this application or this site, but this account is linked and based on your account on the service that you logged in through, Facebook for example.

Here the real difference to the Sign in with Apple feature appears, as this feature does not share your data and information with the application or site on which you are logged in, and it is also able to completely hide your identity!

How does the login feature work through your accounts on Google, Facebook, Twitter and others ..

We have previously mentioned more than once that the most important characteristic of the sign in via Apple feature is the protection of privacy and the protection of users' data, and below we explain to you how this service actually protects your data:

1- Sharing a limited amount of informationThe process of logging in with your account on Apple is more secure than other services because it shares a very limited amount of your information with the application or website that you log in to, and here we find that the information that is shared is summarized in your name and email, along with a variable ID that differs from one application to another. .

2- Protect your email: Application developers and as soon as they "smell" an e-mail to a user, they begin to flood him with advertising messages and those that may be sent on a daily basis or more than once a day! Here, the Sign in with Apple feature offers a great feature that is not available in any other service, which is the ability to completely hide your email! Here, Apple creates a random email associated with your login process and through it you can choose the messages that you want to receive or prevent receiving messages, along with many other options in this regard.

An example of spam that Apple creates for you and sends to the application instead of your primary email.

3- Not tracking your activities on the app: When you log in to an application or site using Google or Facebook, your account is in some way linked to these sites, and so these companies track your use of the application and collect data from this use, which they can use for research purposes or in targeted ads, on the contrary, the Sign service in with Apple Do not track your use of applications because Apple simply does not want to do this and you do not need to do this in the first place (depending on the source).

Where and when can you use the Apple account login service?

The applications on the Apple Store that allow the feature to log in via Facebook, Google, and others will be Is forced to support the sign-in feature through Apple, beginning in April 2020 As mentioned above, but on the other hand, applications that primarily operate with their own accounts system will not be required to support this feature.

As for the sites, services and applications outside the Apple Store and outside the Apple business environment in general, they will use a derivative feature called “Sign in with Apple JS” which will be completely optional for users and I really do not think that a large number of external services may support this feature due to For its strict policies when it comes to security and privacy.

What do you think? And do you intend to use this feature when it becomes widely available? Share with us now in the comments



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