I always loved talking with you, we are not just a site that publishes news about Apple, we have been with you since The first iPhoneWe are the first Arabic site specializing in IPhone news This device that changed the world as we knew it before 2007, And from During this trip We gained your trust and love, and more than this your friendship. Today we need you because we are about to make a serious decision and we need your advice.


Sync or not sync

We put a “story” on our social media accounts (Follow us on Instagram), In which we ask about the idea of ​​creating a special application for iPhone Islam, paying attention to it, focusing more, and canceling synchronize.

The truth is, the responses were surprisingly thousands of interactions, and most of the responses were in favor of the idea. Indeed, most of the opinions encouraged us to take this difficult decision.

Yes, there are many who love the application of synchronization, it is a distinguished news application, and I expect that many of those who are accustomed to synchronizing, which is for them a main source for knowing the news, will get very angry and we may see this anger in the comments of the article. I really appreciate this, as a synchronized app for me is very comfortable in browsing the news, and also with the addition of videos from the news, Sync has become an alternative to YouTube for me, but unfortunately continuing to synchronize is difficult.

Why not continue to sync next to iPhone Islam

Synchronization from an administrative point of view is very cumbersome. Imagine managing a site like iPhone Islam and doubling the effort in the number of resources it contains. Synchronization is in constant need of development in order to remain effective, not only an Apple application or an Android application, but there are applications on servers (servers) which are the basis Synchronize, the mastermind and the content manager, and everything is done from them, and with the synchronization of reliance on ads and subscriptions as a means of income, it became impossible to run the application in this way. In fact, we are losing hundreds of dollars in synchronization every month, to thousands of dollars, and this is since its inception.

We have stopped developing apps

We told you earlier We stopped and will not develop applications again. In the past, the software store generated income that enables us to cover the costs of developing and managing applications.

But for many years, the purchase movement stopped, and the applications became free, depending on services, ads, Subscriptions Or Kindness of the developerAnd, this is not the type of applications that we develop or want to develop, and you will not find a company that provides you with applications and develops these applications continuously without continuous income because application development is costly.

You have to start over

We started, succeeded, fell, and it was time to rise and start over. The goal of iPhone Islam as a site or as a company from the beginning was ...

Helping Arabic speaking users use technology and developing Arabic usage guidelines for them.

Where do we get money from or how do we manage or face difficulties or problems, all of this is not the prerogative of our follower, and from our point of view you should not blame the market situation or change in conditions or user habits, you must succeed as others succeeded and as you have succeeded previously, you must give Offer your best and, God willing, success will be achieved from God Almighty.

IPhone is a new Islam and a new application

We will start again, God willing, with a new application and new content, the change began months ago, and as the site’s followers watched from the browser, the iPhone Islam form has been updated, and there are many improvements coming to the site and everything related to it on social networks, and even To complete this system we must have a suitable application on the Apple Store.

Indeed, we have been developing this application (from scratch and not similar to any application we had previously developed) for some time so that it is very sophisticated and at the same time modern and uses most of Apple's technologies, and we have put in the account to be easy in its development so that updates continue and always keep pace with the changes.

This is the new Islam iPhone application with a very simple dark mode and similar to Apple's applications, and of course it was taken into account that it is easy to use, very fast, and works without internet when you need it, and it contains all your favorite articles, and you can access any article.

Of course, it will continue to be developed in the future and some of the Islam iPhone applications are integrated with it to be a center for all Apple and iPhone lovers.

The fate of the iPhone applications Islam and the company MIMV

A synchronized application will be replaced by the iPhone application Islam (this is if Apple accepts the name). Once it is released in the Apple Store, upon a synchronized update, the iPhone will become Islam, and applications such as App-Aad and other applications that provide services in the same field as the iPhone Islam, will be integrated with the new Islam iPhone application.

Other applications such as the Holy Quran, My Prayer, Talking Clock and other applications that are truly useful, we will work on offering them to specialized development companies to continue to develop and provide them for free to users, or we will update them if the matter is easy.

Other applications that are difficult to update, such as games, and there are many alternatives to them in the software store will be left in the software store until Apple deletes them.

All applications will be free

We need your opinion

● Do you think this is a step in the right direction?

● If you do not think it is a sound decision, how should we behave in the challenges that face us now?

● Many advised us when starting this step to change the name of the iPhone Islam, do you agree?

● Can you guide us with advice so we can take it from the start?

● Should we think differently? Share your thoughts with us.

● Can you provide any assistance, or do share with us?

It is very important for you to share your opinion in this article, any participation at this time has a great impact, and the most important thing is your prayer for us, as you always invite us.

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