Various Apple services have become an essential part of its products, and at the beginning of the current year 2020, the company announced that it would be a new era of services, of course this was the result of the profits that the company reaped from behind this sector, which includes a large number of products such as Apple Music, + TV and Arcade. Other than the app store purchases, the news service, and also Apple Pay, all of these services are the milk cow that makes big money on Apple. Will it stop at this point? Or is the ceiling of its ambitions still high and has not yet reached it? So what's next? It is certain that Apple will expand its list of services in new and different ways this year, with a focus on increasing revenues and creating a new type of anything that carries the Apple trademark, the brand that is famous for its software such as its hardware. In this article, we will learn about five of the services that we would like Apple to make radical changes to them.

Apple and Security

Apple has already invested a lot in the smart home space and is working hard to create new standards for smart homes. But there is one area in which Apple does not have any presence yet, which is alarm monitoring systems where a company or a competent authority connects you to a monitoring center that receives alerts of potential emergencies, fires, etc., and thus the monitoring center is alerted and then immediately contacted with the authorities and addressing these problems much faster. From the homeowners themselves.

It may be a little far fetched, but imagine that Apple will offer its own version of home monitoring service that works with smart devices compatible with Homekit, and of course it will use the latest techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan potential threats and send help if necessary and of course all this will be for a fee but It will be less than any specialized security company.

Facetime Professional Edition

There is no doubt that FaceTime is great! It's free, connected to various Apple platforms, and a great way to video chat with friends and family. But it is not a professional work tool like Skype for example and other such professional programs. Apple can expand Facetime's services and extend its functionality such as chat development, live broadcast tools, recording and sharing features, and more.

The current version of Facetime is designed for occasional use otherwise we all have different, more professional applications. For example, Apple can easily create a new version for companies to conduct Internet conferences, a version that is likely to include a monthly fee but will be low in the event of using the advanced features built into the application, as we see with similar services in the market.

ICloud restructuring

ICloud works fine, but it can be more than just "good" with full sync, and more options. Maybe a complete paraphrase might make iCloud look like, Google Drive, with expanded options for creating and sharing documents. We think it's time to redesign and offer iCloud, not just a background service.

Apple's special edition Kindle Unlimited

Apple already has Apple News + for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. This graphic-based structure can work with other published content such as similar books. We've already seen with Kindle Unlimited how the Book Service can mimic the streaming video paradigm and give you all the books you might need with a subscription. So why isn't Apple investing in books yet?

Professional password manager

How about a professional Apple password manager? On Mac and iOS, passwords are saved in the Keychain. But it is somewhat limited. The company could develop this into a standalone, full-featured app that works across multiple platforms, such as Lastpass and Dashlane. And Apple could add a one-time purchase option, and give it the same user interface as other Apple apps, for sure it will have a wide audience.

What Apple services would you like to see substantial updates soon? Let us know in the comments



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