On this day in 2016 Islam iPhone application has changed To become syncronizedAfter four years completely, we go back again to put things on their correct and natural path, and thanks to God Almighty, the new iPhone Islam application was released, but this does not mean the end of a synchronized application, God willing, Sync will return as an independent application, and each application will be useful. Same, I await the future carrying many useful surprises, God willing.

Islam iPhone application features

● Books from scratch in the latest version of Swift language

This will be reflected in the stability, strength, speed and compatibility of the application with Apple's updates in the next versions and the ability to update it quickly, as a copy was released in the App Store and immediately afterwards we released another version and updates will continue, God willing, to be a huge application with many benefits other than reading iPhone articles Islam.

● A distinctive interface that mimics the interfaces of Apple applications

Some will say a synchronized application had a great and more distinctive interface, and this is not really a mistake, a distinctive synchronized application, but one of the reasons for the difficulty of updating it is that it does not follow the standard standards provided by Apple and therefore any system update may cause a sync defect, and the iPhone application Islam is Much like the Apple apps we're used to.

Note in the image how the iPhone follows Islam strictly Apple standards, for greater compatibility and speed

● Dark mode support in every app

Because the application supports Apple standards and is compatible with its latest systems, it therefore supports dark mode very simply if your device uses this mode, and if you prefer the application in its white colors, you can from the settings ignore the dark mode in the system.

● Dynamic fonts And directions

Why do we not see in any of the Apple applications an option to increase the font size? Because the application derives the font settings from the system itself and you can go to the phone settings> display and lighting, and at the bottom you will find the text size that suits you in the whole system and not just one application, it is unreasonable to change in every application the font size for it, this is the creativity that we are used to From Apple, but unfortunately few developers use it.

Also the iPhone application Islam works according to the direction of the system and the direction that you are used to, it is unreasonable for your device to be English and we rotate everything to work from right to left except for texts, but you also have a choice before everything from right to left if you go to Settings, then searched for iPhone Islam and changed the application language there to Arabic.

As you can see, the iPhone application Islam is compatible with the system and we have no intention to break this compatibility. Apple now gives the option to modify the applications as it suits you and from the system itself, and we will follow these rules, so that the application is more comfortable for you and suitable for what you are used to.

Practical and fits everyone

The iPhone Islam application was built to be a practical application, the goal of which goes beyond reading the daily articles that are published on the iPhone site, but rather we are working to be a basic reference for everyone who owns Apple devices, and since we have the experience and know what you want we have put this basis until In the first issue, and an example of this, you can click on the iPhone Islam logo to get a list of articles available on the iPhone Islam site for the last 500 articles, and even Without internet. Can you imagine this 500 articles without internet and the number of these articles increases whenever you use the application.

Try clicking on the iPhone Islam logo in the main interface, or see all in any category

● Links are opened in the Islam iPhone application from anywhere

If you click on a link to the iPhone Islam website on Facebook, or from any chat application, the article will open for you in the iPhone Islam application, very quickly. Also, do you remember how it is in sync? If there is a link to an article within the article that you were reading, it was The browser opens. This will not happen with the Islam iPhone application, click Link to any article It will open in the application and there is an arrow at the bottom to return to the previous article.

Take advantage of the iPad OS system

The application on the iPad takes advantage of Apple's custom iPad OS, and when you view the application in landscape mode, a side menu appears with the articles that you browse, thus you can take advantage of the size of the iPad screen for browsing speed, also you can open the iPhone Islam next to another application, and others Among the features of the iPad, such as floating video and others.

● Download application store applications from within the application

In the next stage, we have the intention to take care of the applications on Islam's iPhone, so it has a dedicated section, and soon there will be a library of applications and application offers, etc., and it is logical that downloading the application is easy from within the iPhone Islam without going to the application store and returning again.

● Finally, a favorite that stays with you forever

The favorite in the iPhone application is Islam better than all the previous applications, as it remains with you even if you delete the application completely and download it from the application store again. Also, you will find the Favorites button everywhere, and you can press and hold the title of any article to show you a list to bookmark, read comments, or share.

● Comments, new creativity

Comments in the iPhone application Islam is one of the best in a comment system on the site, and the reason is that it is very close to what we are used to in chat applications, a simple and easy-to-read interface and also the responses are clarified, and it has many hidden features and we will let you discover it, for example if I wrote a comment in English that will discover the application while writing and suggest you to write in Arabic, and other small features that indicate attention to details and the user.

● a lot of features

We will not be able to list all the features of the iPhone application Islam, but it is worth a try and give it some time ...

  • Widget to see the latest articles
  • Shortcuts on the app icon for quick access to important content
  • Easily access the list of articles related to an article tag or rating
  • Supports the low data feature and does not consume the internet
  • The application size is very small and does not consume device resources
● Important notes

You may receive notifications from a synchronizer, or your notifications may be repeated, this is temporary until the synchronization is modified, and it is possible to delete the iPhone Islam application and download it from the software store to get rid of the notifications and for the application to work better.

Some of the features that you mentioned may not be found in the version of the iPhone Islam that you have, and this is either because you did not happen to iOS 13 or the latest update of the iPhone application Islam 13.1 did not reach you yet, for several days and it will reach you.

Questions and answers

● Is the sync app expired?

A synchronized application is still working thanks to God, within days the application notifications will stop, but it will still work. If you do not upgrade to the iPhone Islam, it is supposed to work in synchronization as it was perhaps a little slower because we are making updates to it to launch it again with an updated version .

● What about my premium membership on Sync, favorites and features of Sync?

It will remain the same and you will have a special membership with the new update of the Zamen application, do not worry, we will satisfy you in every possible way, we are not one of those who lose the rights of people, God willing. Just wait for the next sync version.

● What about my Sync account, will it work with Islam's iPhone?

IPhone Islam account is different from Sync. Each of them needs a different account, Islam iPhone account is only for comments.

● What are the future plans of iPhone Islam?

We will care more about Islam - iPhone, we want to make it a real reference for all users of Apple devices, so we intend to add a lot to it. We will also work on updating applications that are suitable for updating.

In the end

We would like to thank the engineer. ”Basem Amara“Because God made it a reason to make the iPhone application Islam so efficient, and were it not for the efforts of this great Canadian-based professor who specializes in Swift language, the latest software language from Apple, and its open source software libraries such as Zamzam LibraryWhen the app came out like this. May God reward him well, and whoever wants to cooperate with his company can learn about the company's services via this link.

We also want to thank you. Some expressed their happiness with the return of the iPhone Islam, its icon and its name on their device, and some liked to coincide who thought that it will disappear forever but this will not happen, God willing, we are working to make it an independent and distinct application as it was and we are working to listen to you, so if You have an opinion or suggestion, use the new Islam iPhone comment system and easily send your comment to us.

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