There are correct ways to clean the iPhone and wrong ways, and do not forget.Your phone is dirty and may cause you illness“. The cleaning method varies depending on the iPhone model you are carrying. In this article, we learn some important tips that you should keep in mind in general to clean your phone in a safe and accurate way.

The correct way to clean the iPhone and iPad

Avoid chemicals

Anything that is not water can damage the iPhone. Chemicals may lead to a weakening of the device’s water resistance, such as using "alcohol", as it leads to damage to the adhesive under the covers or the screen, other than leakage inside the screen layers and distorting them. And for your information, alcohol is often used in maintenance departments to remove the screens and back covers of any device, because it works to break down adhesives, as mentioned. It is best to use a slightly damp or dry cloth.

There are a few exceptions to the use of chemicals, including that warm water (not hot but warm) and soap can be used with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, according to Apple. But we still strongly recommend that you not use any chemicals other than the mild "traditional liquid" soap. And we repeat this with the iPhone 11 only, not before.

Do not use rough towels or clothing

Yes, these coarse towels or even clothes do not use them to clean your phone because they contain mostly coarse fibers or petroleum materials, and it is preferable to use soft fabrics, especially those that are specially made for camera lenses or displays, and are often "microfiber".

Find out the water resistance rating of your device

Not all iPhones are water resistant. A small amount of liquid can cause major problems for iPhones, especially older iPhones. It is best to avoid immersing any appliance in water, even if it is waterproof, and be very careful with other devices.

Avoid cleaning with compressed air

Although compressed air can be useful during specific "we'll mention them later" situations, it is best to avoid its use.

How to clean an iPhone

◉ The first thing when cleaning the iPhone Here, is to make sure that it is unplugged from any power source or removed from wireless charging. Before cleaning the device, turn it off completely.

◉ Use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean, which may be a little damp, to wipe the screen, back and case. And try not to enter anything into the iPhone ports.

You should act quickly if the iPhone comes into contact with any kind of cosmetics, acidic foods and drinks, detergents, dirt or sand. Use the aforementioned lightly damp cloth to wipe it down as soon as possible.

◉ To clean the charging port from lint and dirt, you must use a wooden or plastic toothpick and clean gently. Do not use anything metallic or apply excessive pressure as this may damage the charging socket contacts.

◉ To clean sand and dust from the charging port, you can use compressed air, but with great caution. And note that Apple does not recommend its use because it may damage the speakers or mic, or may cause a cut in the charging plate.

◉ To clean speaker filters, which are more complicated, many users recommend using reliable tape or an old electric toothbrush.

Dedicated cleaning products

You may not need any kind of third-party product to clean your iPhone. But there are two types that at least one of them may be useful to you, such as:

Smartphone cleaning wipes A great option when you are traveling and may not be able to get a cleaning cloth. Just make sure it's designed for smart phone screens or other electronic devices.

UVThere is also the issue of bacteria and germs on the phone. Although these germs will likely not cause you harm, it is also an important consideration if you allow someone else to use your device. Although Apple recommends avoiding cleaning products with antibacterial properties. However, there is always a solution. Although these devices are not cheap, they are probably the best option for eliminating germs. For example, a device called PhoneSoap 3 costs over $ 80 on Amazon.

How do you clean your phone? What way do you think is appropriate? Let us know in the comments.


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