Apple has launched its new update, iOS 13.4, for iPhone and iPad devices. You can learn all the additions and new features from here And because it is considered one of the major updates, it came with many changes, improvements and new features that would have dazzled the attendees if Apple had held its conference as usual, but because of Corona Many events have been postponed to tech companies, but that hasn't stopped Apple from dazzling us with 5 new and interesting features.

5 interesting features in iOS 13.4

The iPhone saves you from the car key

iOS 13.4

Since the beta release of iOS 13.4, an API has appeared carkey Although Apple has not talked about it yet, it is present in the operating system and through it the iPhone will be used instead of the traditional car key to easily open and operate your car, and this feature is supposed to work via cars that support NFC technology. Apple has not talked about this feature yet because it may be waiting for one of the car manufacturers to be ready to support this new technology.

Apple Arcade Service and App Store

iOS 13.4

This feature may be small, but it is really great for subscribers to the Apple Arcade game service, as Apple will start displaying arcade service games that you recently played inside its Apple Store applications so that you can return to play again with ease from where it left off. Perhaps the importance of this feature is due to it. It will later be the kernel of third-party applications that can work across both the iPhone and Mac systems.

Update toolbar design for Mail app

iOS 13.4

One of the fatal mistakes that Apple made with the launch of the iOS 13 operating system is the great simplification of the toolbar in the Mail application, as it reduced the items to the delete and reply icon only, and it was very easy to accidentally click on the trash icon, but in the new update, it Apple has redesigned the toolbar to include visible controls such as delete, reply, move, and compose message.

Data usage on Apple TV

iOS 13.4

From now on, you will be able to control data usage when watching your favorite content through the Apple TV application, and through this simple feature Apple wants to give you the ability to control the package and prevent its consumption as you can choose low-quality streaming and fast downloads to save data when you use it. With a cellular Internet connection to play Apple TV, you can also choose to include the necessary audio languages ​​in the movies and programs you watch to reduce the download size.

Mouse and trackpad control

iOS 13.4

IPadOS 13.4 users are now able to control the mouse and trackpad not only on the latest device, which is the iPad Pro, but the feature will already be available on any model of iPad that is running iPadOS 13.4, and this means that devices such as iPad Air 2 2014 and iPad mini 2015 will take advantage of this feature, and according to Apple, the new feature will work with all wireless and wired mice.

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