Since the launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in September 2019 until now, you may have known everything about the features of these devices. However, in fact, there are some hidden features that Apple added that did not shed light on and did not gain wide fame, and if you know them, some of us are still ignorant of them, know them.

Some of the secrets in the iPhone 11 series you may not know

Check the screen

Surprisingly, the iPhone 11 series provides a secret feature that helps users know whether the iPhone's screen is original or not. Apple said that the iPhone 11 series will inform customers after going to service the broken screen of their phones if it is original and reliable or not. The screen may be replaced with a poorer one. In many cases, these screens can lead to poor touch and display performance.

This is useful if you are buying an iPhone from anywhere. You can now know whether the iPhone 11 has an original or non-original aftermarket screen by going to Settings - General - About.

Stability detection

Night mode on the camera has now become a well-known feature in iPhone 11 devices. Apple hasn't talked much about its stability detection feature. Now, it can be detected whether the phone is fixed or not. Is it on a tripod or something else and thus will give you additional long exposure options, letting you set exposure times of up to 10 seconds. This feature uses the latest processing capabilities and artificial intelligence to help users capture clear photos.

SF camera line

Apple's attention to detail is legendary. In the iPhone 11 series, attention to detail extends to choosing the font in one app. Yes, we are talking about the new SF camera line that Apple has implemented in the new devices.

Unless you are not interested in streaks, you probably won't pay attention or notice. But the SF camera line is actually quite literally crafted with a slightly more industrial look. Apple only uses it in the camera app.

6 WiFi

WiFi 6 is a new standard in wireless connectivity. It mainly focuses on increasing the capabilities of the device for better connectivity and faster network speeds. The iPhone 11 series now supports gigabits per second.

Reverse charging does exist however

Apple hasn't talked about this. Thanks to the specialists, it was revealed that the iPhone 11 series supports "theoretically" reverse charging. The reason why Apple did not talk about it is unknown because it did not. Just like the radio chip in theory in the iPhone is not activated. So, will we see that Apple does it in the future?

Ultra-Wideband Technology

It is a new technology in the iPhone 11, which is basically a system for geolocation of small environments. For example, locating your home or business center, for example, with great accuracy. The UWB chip is used in iPhone 11 devices only for the new AirDrop feature that will allow you to prioritize the recipients you refer to. But UWB can be used for a plethora of other applications, from ultra-accurate indoor navigation to better positioning capabilities for a rumored Bluetooth tracker from Apple, perhaps referring to Airtag.

Hybrid Energy Management

Like all lithium-ion batteries, iPhone batteries have a limited life. It degrades over time, which can cause a number of problems, including unexpected shutdowns and slow performance. The iPhone 11 devices come with a solution to the problem with a new hybrid software and hardware management system. It dynamically monitors the device and its power needs without any interference from you, and without a noticeable impact on performance. This way, the device continues to run relatively smoothly as the battery ages.

In short, the new system depends on a combination of the way the software represented by the iOS 13 operating system and the new hardware works to ensure that the iPhone continues to provide the best possible performance as the battery ages.

Manage HDR for real

Previous iPhone devices support HDR technology. But it didn't actually operate this technology. But in iPhone 11 it managed HDR10 or Dolby Vision colors in a real and actual manner that matches the displayed video.

Did you upgrade to iPhone 11? What are some of the new features you liked? Let us know in the comments.



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