Cybersecurity company ZecOps revealed a flaw in the default email application on Apple phones that allows the hacker to install some malware on iPhones by sending a dedicated email. And in some versions of iOS, the hack can be activated when the malicious email is loaded by the default email application without any reaction from the user who received the message (This is the text of the report). According to the report. Based on this report, and without waiting for Apple's response, some agencies issued a warning to users, not to use the default mail application, and even delete their mail from the application.

What was Apple's response to this report?

Apple's response came in direct contradiction to the allegations of security researchers at the cybersecurity company ZecOps, who stated that they had found evidence of exploiting these vulnerabilities against a number of users, which allowed hackers to infect their devices simply by sending an email that the victim only opened.

Apple said that the security flaws, which ZecOps claimed have been in existence since iOS 6, do not pose a direct threat to users of its devices, and will address them in its next update. When it revealed the security vulnerabilities, ZecOps said that Apple had already addressed those vulnerabilities in the beta version of its email app.

Should you be worried?

We know that Apple does not tolerate security vulnerabilities, and if there is indeed a threat, immediately Apple released an update that solves this problem (and this is expected soon), but because the vulnerability, as I told Apple, “does not pose a direct threat to the users of its devices,” then the update will be issued in its due time and with it. Solution to this problem.

So you should not worry, and there is no need at all to delete the mail application or disable your mail, and the update will certainly be released soon, and the advice here is always to update your device to the latest version, because updates do not only come with features, but rather security fixes that most of us may not be aware of, but they sometimes threaten our privacy.

Do not enjoy the titles of articles that want to increase views only at the expense of intimidating the user, one of these headlines was "Apple recognizes a serious flaw in the Mail application" and the article did not mention Apple's response or mention that there is an upcoming update, we do not say that you underestimate your privacy, there is no such thing A 100% security device, there are always gaps and there are always those who exploit these gaps, whether individuals or governments, but as a regular user, do not let these rumors cause you to worry, as you are, at any rate, using a device from Apple, and it is very keen on its reputation in this matter.

Do you update your device frequently? Are you worried about the issue of security holes?

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