Congratulations from the iPhone Islam team to all our followers on the occasion of the month of blessing and mercy, the blessed month of Ramadan, and we ask God Almighty to accept from you and from us our fasting and our prayers.

In the reception of the blessed Ramadan, the month of blessing and mercy, peace be upon him says:Ramadan, the lord of months, has come to you, so you are welcome and welcomeAnd he, may blessings and peace be upon him, said: “The month of Ramadan has come to you, a month of blessing, in which God deceives you with His mercy, degrades sins, and responds to supplication. Ramadan is the month of worship and obedience, the month of chastity and purity, purity and purity, Ramadan is the month of repentance and fasting, prayer and prayer, Ramadan is the month of generosity and the Qur’an, discouragement and charity, the month of prayer and Taraweeh, remembrance and praise. The month of Ramadan, and we write in it from the release of fire.

Apply to My Prayer for free

We are pleased on the occasion of the holy month and as we used to offer you a free application to my prayers during the month of Ramadan.

The application to My Prayer is free, so we can make sure that the whole world has downloaded it for free, so hurry up and tell your friends.

good news…

By the grace of God iPhone Islam has started to flourish again, the site is better to visit, And the application of the iPhone Islam The new thing is liked by many users, especially after adding the tools section, which contains many useful tools, such as contact numbers with Apple, the WhatsApp tool to start a conversation with a person without having his number registered with you, and the best applications tool in the Apple Store depending on the country.

Also after A new sync app has been added to the Apple Store، Although it does require a subscriptionHowever, many of you have already subscribed, the number is still small, but we hope that all of your synchronized users will return to it again.

Now it is time to upgrade an app to My Prayer

We know that we are late in this update, but as we told you, things are improving thanks to God, and there is ample time to start upgrading the applications that many of you like, the first of which is an application to my prayer.

And until the time to upgrade it, you can get it for free now, and the To Salati app will remain free until we make sure that the whole world has downloaded it for free.

What made this possible after the bounty of God Almighty is you. Everyone who has previously bought an application to Salati, or any application from the iPhone Islam, or every user of a synchronized application, is one of the creditors that this application is free, and we ask God to reward it with the reward of everyone who used it.

Also charitable owners; There are people who appreciate what we do and know that in order for Arab companies to continue producing better applications, they must be supported, and one of the philanthropists has contributed to supporting the application because he wants to see everyone use an application to My Prayer, and he refused to mention his name and wanted to make it pure to God Almighty We ask God to accept from him.

ElaSalaty: Muslim Prayer Times

Even if it appears to you that the application is not free, open in the Apple Store you will find it free, and download the application immediately, and share this article so that everyone can benefit

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Courtesy of Mohamed Talbani

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