When you adjust Alarm clock On an iPhone, you assume it will ring at the appointed time. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as it happened repeatedly that the alarm clock did not ring at the specified time and you think that you are at fault. In fact, there is a weird way in how iOS handles alarms. If not set correctly, the phone will silence every alarm you set, so you will not wake up at the specified time. How does this happen? How do you avoid it?

Watch out: an alarm may not ring for these reasons

The problem is caused by the terrible default "Radar" or "Radar" warning sound. It is very likely that you will change this sound to a tone that is pleasant to your ear when you wake up, but without your knowledge, this tone becomes the default alarm tone for any new alarm you set, for example if you choose a signal tone and set a new alarm, it will become a signal tone The same tone as this alarm. But all of this is not the direct cause of the alarm not ringing. The problem is changing some settings to avoid the annoying radar tone, as problems may arise.

Reasons for not ringing the iPhone alarm

The first reason why the iPhone's alarm clock does not ring is when you set a silent alarm. Some people may need silent alarms at times to avoid loud annoying sounds, and only see the alarm on the screen, and this happens in meetings, visits, or anything like that. And what will happen is that you will set the alarm tone to “nothing” which means no sound, and thus what we mentioned earlier will happen. Any setting of a new alarm will make the tone of “nothing” the default tone for it, and thus these new alarms will be silent. So, always make sure when creating a new alert that you look at and change the alert tone.

To check if any alarms are silent, open the Clock app, click "Edit," then click the alarm, then "Sound" and make sure there is really an active sound. You may be surprised to see "Nothing", just make sure to choose a sound from the options menu, click "Back", then "Save", and you will be woken up at the specified time without any problem.

The second problem is that the iPhone's alarm clock does not ring

Check the ring volume, there is a fact unknown to many, which is that the standard volume on the iPhone for music, videos and games has nothing to do with the volume of the alarm. So raising the volume to 100% won't help wake you up, even if you use an audio file as your alarm tone.

The solution is to adjust the ring volume, open "Settings", then click "Sounds and Haptics." Then drag the slider under Tones & Alerts to adjust the ringer volume. So this will be the volume of your alarm ringing.

And when you enable the "Change the buttons" key under the slider, to control the ring level via the volume buttons. You will be able to raise the volume of the alarm, incoming calls and notifications from anywhere using the volume buttons, and thus it may happen and decrease the volume while listening to YouTube or an audio file and you sleep and did not raise the appropriate sound to wake you up, and thus you will not be able to hear the alarm sound and you will definitely miss the wake-up time, so It is better not to activate the "button shifting" in order not to run into this problem. So I activated “Change buttons” and turned the volume up, you can turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode at night, so that nothing but the alarm wakes you, and then you can adjust the ring volume for the rest of the day.

Did it happen to you that the alarm didn't ring at the specified time? Did you discover the problem? Let us know in the comments.



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