Acquired IPad Pro 2020 The feature of support for the trackpad or touchpad with the release of the iPad system 13.4 (iPadOS) works to control your tablet device just as it is in laptop computers, and may sometimes surpass it because of the support for gestures, which in turn made it easier to do more work in the shortest time possible. For example; Highlighting text or applying adjustments to an image is much faster and more accurate with the on-screen trackpad and mouse pointer than using touch on it. Add to that the ease of swiping, or switching between apps, until they said that after two hours of using trackpad gestures with the iPad, you'd never want to deviate from them. Learn about some of the basic gestures that work across all trackpads, and those of Apple's Magic Trackpad.

Trackpad gestures to navigate iPad Pro without touching the screen

Trackpad or mouse gestures on iPad Pro

Here are some tips for browsing iPads using a standard mouse or trackpad. Just watch the gif to recognize the gesture or the text above

Show applications Doc

View Dock apps by dragging the cursor on the bottom of the screen.

Show Control Center

Control Center is home to various system shortcuts. To show it using the trackpad, move the cursor to the upper-left or right-hand corner of the iPad screen, where the battery indicator is located, then click your mouse. Alternatively, you can only drag the cursor up at the same angle until Control Center appears.

View notifications

Display notifications by dragging the mouse pointer to the top of the screen and either clicking the time or continuing to move the pointer as if you were trying to go past the edge of the screen. It starts running roughly a few inches to the left of the battery indicator to the left or right corner, where the time and date are.

Accessing apps in Slide Over view

Applications in Slide Over view are accessed by dragging the mouse pointer to the right side of the screen, and then continuing to drag it. The Slide Over app (s) will then appear.

Quickly switch between Slide Over apps

Quickly switch between Slide Over apps by swiping in either direction with three fingers to switch between them.

Unlock the iPad

Unlock the iPad by tapping the trackpad, then swipe up with three fingers to reveal the Home screen.

Right mouse button options

The right mouse button options can be used by holding the pointer on an application and then pressing with two fingers on the trackpad.

Scroll up or down

Swipe up or down with two fingers, just like you would on a trackpad connected to your computer or Mac. You can also swipe from left to right with two fingers on the trackpad.

Return to the main screen

Return to the home screen by swiping up on the trackpad with three fingers.

Show app switcher

You can view the app switcher with a three-finger swipe up, pausing midway.

Force close applications

You can force close applications, after displaying the application switcher in the previous point, then move the cursor on the application by swiping up with two fingers.

Move between home screens

You can navigate between home screens by swiping left with two fingers.

Get access to today's show

Access the Today view on the home screen by swiping to the right with two fingers.

Switch between applications

You can quickly switch between apps by swiping left or right with three fingers.

Open Spotlight Search

Open the search by swipe down with two fingers on the home screen.

These gestures only work on the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 trackpad, and for external trackpads, some of them may not.

What do you think of the iPad Pro's trackpad gestures? Do you think it makes using the iPad easier?



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