For some time now we have been saying that Apple is preparing for augmented reality glasses, and every day Apple takes steps towards this goal and we are sure that the next Apple device that is It will change the world The iPhone has also changed the world we know is this device (Apple's augmented reality glasses), but why do we think that this device will change the world? Apple is not the first company to enter this field, we have Facebook, the owner of Oculus (OculusThe best-selling glasses in the world of virtual reality, and I personally wrote an article before the release of this glasses and expected that its success will be dazzling, You can read this article hereAnd by doing this, the demand for it is more than the possibility of its production, and it has changed the world of virtual reality and made it for everyone, not just specialists. If Facebook now has control and precedence, why will Apple's glasses change the world as we know it? This is what we will talk about in this interesting article ...

Apple is coming strongly in the world of augmented reality

The difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

Oculus amazing glasses, are virtual reality glasses, and by the way, I am a heavy user of virtual reality, and in this home stone, the exercises that I do are mostly through virtual reality because of its entertainment and at the same time exhausting exercise. I don't know if you've tried real virtual reality glasses like Oakless Quest Or Oakless Rift But these glasses completely changed the inexpensive ones you put your phone in.

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This is what Facebook offers via UCLES, distinctive virtual reality glasses that give you a great experience, but only in virtual reality, and here we come to the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality, virtual reality, you wear glasses and you become in another world, you do not see what is around you, you only see a virtual world and move in it, Augmented reality means enhancing your actual reality in the sense that you see what is around you as it is, but effects are added to it. There are some major companies that have worked in the field of augmented reality, such as Microsoft and its famous HoloLens vision, and although these glasses have many advanced technologies, they are expensive and not directed to the public only for business owners.

Also, there is another company working in the field of augmented reality, Magic Leap, which has been in operation for years and obtained huge investments from the largest companies such as Alibaba, Google and others, and for years they have been working on their first glasses and until now there is no final product for the public, but only a copy for the developers, It seems that what Magic Leap is trying to produce is really promising, and when you see their work you think that they will present an unparalleled device, but many reports say that their progress is not fast enough and there are certainly those who will precede them and put his product on the market before them.

This dazzling video of Magic Leap five years ago, and until now Magic Leap has not reached this level presented in the video in the real world, and until now they do not have an actual product to be presented to the public, this very slow development will make other companies ahead of them even though they are among the first companies That advanced towards augmented reality seriously.

Apple is the company that will change the world once again

What made me write this article is the news that Apple acquired a company called NextVR, which is one of the companies known to me since I use augmented reality glasses, this company has studios to photograph shows, whether they are sports, musical or cultural, to make it in virtual reality, and to watch this event as if you are among its audience, the Apple to acquire this company! So this is the straw that divided the camel's back, and it is getting clearer every day.

As a follower of Apple, I was always amazed at why Apple in every developer conference talks about the ARKIT package, this software package for augmented reality, and watching the evolution of this package is something I am surprised at the extent of its development, as many of the giants we talked about in this article have a long history in development. For virtual and augmented reality, their tools are rudimentary compared to Apple's ARKIT development package.

Finally, Apple puts a LiDAR sensor into the iPad Pro, which is It is expected to move to the iPhone 12 deviceIs Apple doing all this development just to enhance augmented reality and its applications in its phones, is it permissible why not! But after this acquisition of NextVR, which will never be useful to Apple unless it has glasses when wearing it, it moves to sporting events and other things as if you are in it as if you are one of the audience, this is what makes us believe that Apple with this acquisition announced its next device, augmented reality glasses.

And before the acquisition of NextVR, Apple met with glass makers for augmented reality glasses during the CES 2019 conference between January 8 and 11, and on top of those companies DigiLens, Vuzix and Lumus are the biggest names in this field.

And we wrote about patenting before Multiple invention related to augmented reality glasses technologies. And last year, Apple bought Arkonia Holographics, a startup developing augmented reality lenses.

After all, do you think that Apple is not preparing a product that will change the world

How Apple Glasses will change the world as we know it

You know very well, when Apple launches a product that is sophisticated and useful and completely different from anything available in the market. We saw this with the Apple Watch, which Dominate without a competitor In the arena of smart watches, and before with the iPad, which is the most powerful in the world of tablets and almost also no competitor. We expect that the same thing will happen with the augmented reality glasses, imagine everything around you in the air, applications appear in front of you in the air and deal with them smoothly, a notification appears for you with a message that you see in front of you immediately, the world of games will be imaginary, and applications will be without limits, definitely a product like this will change the reality We will move from the world of smartphones to the world of augmented reality glasses, which cannot be dispensed with.

Apple is coming strongly in the world of augmented reality

Do you really think that the next Apple device that will change the world is an augmented reality glasses? Or do you think we are exaggerating? Take your position today and put it in the comments so that we return to these comments after Apple releases this product and see if you are right or not, and do not forget to share the article and save it in the favorites.


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