Yes, what I read in the title is correct. Tariq Mansour, founder of iPhone Islam, does not read his articles carefully enough. I admit, I was wrong. I did not read an article. My friend Mahmoud Sharaf Carefully I did not pay attention to this paragraph ...

Anything that is not water can lead to damage to the iPhone, as chemicals may weaken the device’s resistance to water, such as using "alcohol", as it leads to damage to the adhesive under the covers or the screen. This is other than leakage inside the screen layers and distorting them.

Yes, I read an article “The correct way to clean the iPhone and iPad“But I was confused about it and I thought from the large number of articles published on several sites that using alcohol is okay, and then I sabotaged my phone, so let me tell you the story ... so that it will be a lesson for you.

I sabotaged my phone

Firstly after this crisis, I discovered a dangerous aspect of my personality that I am an obsessive person, yes many of us have become like this and perhaps from the abundance of what they hear, I know that we must take the reasons, and I always remember the speech of the Messenger of God “A man said, O Messenger of God: I rationalize it and I trust or let it go And I trust, he said: Reason her and entrust it “But personally I think that I suffocate her and entrust, so what I do may be exaggerated by some, for example if I go out and when I go home, I empty everything I have in a designated place and start spraying alcohol, and among what I spray with alcohol is my phone IPhone XS, and the truth is I spray the phone with an abundance of alcohol thinking that this is correct, but this is wrong, and the purpose of this article is to warn everyone Do not use alcohol to disinfect your phoneUse soap and water this is much better and safer than using alcohol and it will not harm your phone because it is waterproof.

What happened to my phone

After I disinfected the phone with alcohol, and suddenly I found the faceprint not working, I tried to unlock the phone, it did not open, I thought there was a problem with the settings for the face print, I went to the settings and tried to set up the faceprint again and it was shock, the device does not recognize my face, I did a restart of the device Also, the device still does not recognize my face, I launched an application called Focos and this application shows you what the fingerprint sensor sees.

I found that the application does not show anything, it does not show that the fingerprint sensor is working at all. Here, I knew that the face print sensor was destroyed, and suddenly a green line appeared in the center of the screen, here I was terrified that I might live without a facial print but a line in the middle of the screen No, and I immediately closed the device and put it in a bag of rice for three days.

After three days, thanks to God, the line disappeared from the screen, and it seemed that the device was working fine, but the face print did not work again, and it seemed that the fingerprint sensor was killed.

Praise be to God, and we ask God to guide us and release us from what we are in

I'm not alone

During these events I posted a tweet about what happened, to alert my friends and followers via Twitter (Follow me to ask me), And I found that I am not alone, and it seems that the fingerprint sensor is really sensitive 😊 And there are a number of friends that happened to them just like what happened to me.

So you have to be careful
  • Read iPhone Islam articles and pay attention to the information we put up.
  • Don't be afraid to sanitize your phone, that's important.
  • Clean your phone the correct way We mentioned it in this article.
Are you disinfecting your phone? How do you do this? Also, do not forget to publish the article for everyone to benefit and warn against using alcohol to clean the phone

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