Maybe longer WWDC Conference Apple's most important conferences of the year. Where new systems are announced that define the user's experience on all of its devices. It is also an opportunity for developers to learn directly from Apple engineers over several days after the first announcement ends in educational workshops that developers around the world are racing to attend. But the General Conference comes in electronic form and not in one of the Apple halls as usual to maintain social distancing due to Corona Virus. Continue to learn what's special for the year, and what our expectations are for the conference.

Apple conference

First time attendance is free

Before, a ticket to attend cost $ 1599 per person. The race for the limited number of seats was also raging Tickets run out in less than a minute. And so, in recent years, Apple has been making a kind of random draw to improve the competitors' chances.

As for this year, attendance will be through Application و Developers site For Apple. And it is free for everyone. More than 23 million developers are expected to attend from around the world.

Apple Developer
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Apple also announced the Student Swift Programming Challenge, which is an opportunity for student developers to show their love for coding by creating play spaces using Swift.

“Students are an integral part of the Apple developer community, and last year WWDC saw more than 350 student developers from 37 different countries attend,” said Craig Federighi, Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. As we look forward to WWDC 2020, and although our meeting will be virtual this year, we want to express and celebrate the creative contributions of young developers from around the world. We can't wait to see this new generation of creative thinkers turn their ideas into reality by challenging students to code in Swift. ”

You can visit this site to participate in the competition

iOS 14

IOS 14 should be announced this year as usual. It is the system that will lead the iPhone to the next year. It is rumored that the changes to it include an improvement in the Messages app, a new fitness app, modifications to some user interface elements and possibly sleep tracking features and more that has not been announced.

Also, Apple may focus heavily on developers by giving them additional capabilities to make applications more powerful. Maybe I work access to the system or new tools. And who knows, Apple users may be able to change the basic applications on the iPhone. So we can change the bad mail app.

Finally, the update is expected to support all devices supported by iOS 13.

Probability: 100%

iPadOS 14

The new iPad system, based on iOS. He is expected to get the same changes as his younger brother and the ability to display only some applications on the screen with the rest hidden. Plus special things like xCode app for programming iOS and Mac software. Which was the preserve of Mac only until now. Apple may say that it will make some adjustments in the user interface to facilitate navigation or add features that have not been promoted.

Probability: 100%

MacOS 10.16

There aren't many significant Mac rumors. And this frankly makes me sad because I am one of his expectations. But it's not as popular with iOS so we don't know much about what's coming. But it is certain that the Mac will get an update.

Probability: 100%


It was common for several devices to be announced during this year's conference. Including new headphones of the type that covers the ear. And a new iMac with thinner screen edges. But we don't know exactly what Apple's plan is now since viewers won't be able to try the devices. The company may delay it for later in the year. Or maybe just advertise it like you did with the new iPad and then send it to a bunch of people for them to try and show it on YouTube.

Probability: 45%

Let's enjoy the new experience

For me personally, the Apple Developer Conference is one of the funniest experiences to watch. It has a special appeal with such a large audience and the ads are usually preceded by a great video. It is easy to think that the experience of the year may be different, but we should also enjoy the new experience. So let's go.

Despite after the conference, I am really full of enthusiasm. What about you, my friend? Do you watch Apple conferences?



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