with IPhone Islam application update, We have submitted Department of toolsAnd in this section, we decided to put useful tools for all users of Apple devices, not only being a unique news application, but also providing a benefit beyond that.

You can call Apple and ask them about anything facing you. This smart tool in the iPhone Islam application provides you with a list of Apple customer service numbers

Apple TV support

Apple Support Tool

Are you facing any problem with your device? Most of us have encountered or faced some problem with their device, we here at iPhone Islam strive to help you solve these problems by writing useful articles, but we cannot help you personally, whether by mail or responding to comments. What do you think to ask the same person? Apple company! Yes, you can call Apple and ask them about anything you encounter. This call is free and also in Arabic only Ask them when you call For someone to speak to you in Arabic.

This smart tool gives you Apple customer service numbers with ease, and for any country… It is not a requirement that you communicate with Apple from the country in which you reside. You can communicate, for example, with Apple in America, and this is preferred for everyone who can speak English.

Apple's support tool is smart enough to show you at the top of the list your country, and also list your best options next.

Apple TV support

The difference between this tool and the Apple website, which contains customer service numbers.

Apple TV support

Also note that there is a link to the Apple Customer Service website, which will open the website or the Apple Customer Service app if you have one.

Apple TV support

You can access the tools of iPhone Islam quickly, just click on the application icon, then press tools, and the tools will be opened for you immediately.

And in the latest version of the iPhone Islam application (released only a while ago), you can search for any tool using the system search.

Wait for a big change in the next update of the iPhone Islam application, and tell us in the comments what features would you like to develop in the application to be more useful to you?

We hope that this tool is useful to you, and let us know, have you contacted Apple customer service before?
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