For many years I have been waiting for Mac updates every year to see what's new. Even before I have one, I enjoy it so much that it is an interesting system. Now that I've been a user for many years, Mac is the heart of my business and what I look at half the time. Hence as a team, we are quite excited about the new Mac system thanks to the changes in it. With some personal disappointments ... Continue to learn what is new in the Mac system that Apple finally decided to give it to the number 11 after years of using the number 10, and this indicates that it is completely new.

The all-new Mac Big Sur, bye my dear icons ...

Picturesque heights, for system symmetry

The all-new Mac Big Sur, bye my dear icons ...

For some time now, Apple has chosen the name of its Mac system after the names of famous mountain ranges in the United States. This year the system was named Big Sur, off the coast of California.

It is very picturesque. You may enjoy this wonderful video to explore the place from the bottom or through -this link- To go to YouTube.

new design

Big Sur comes with the biggest design update in years. The entire system has been completely modernized to make it simpler and more functional. With more elements we love from iOS. The sidebar became more functional, lots of depth and shadows were added to the elements, and spaces were used much better.

But, unfortunately, what makes me sad about this update is the change of the icons to a unified shape similar to that of iOS. As I used to love free design of Mac icons very much.

You can watch this video to see the elements of the new system in detail. From below or -this link- To go to YouTube.

Safari's biggest update

Apple began introducing the browser to show off, of course. Safari has increased speed to load the sites that the user normally visits 50% faster than Chrome. Then the other main features began to be mentioned ...

Improved tabs: One of the most important elements of interacting with a browser is tabs or minimized windows. It has become even better now that you can display more tabs at once thanks to the new design of the system that manages spaces better. You can also see a live view of the window to see its content by just hovering your mouse pointer over it without having to open it.

Personalization: Now you can customize the start page in the browser to make it perfectly suited to your needs by choosing backgrounds for the page and customizing every part of it as you can view iCloud windows from your other devices in one place and your reading list in another place. All this with sections on the start page for quick access.

Additions: What do Chrome users love? Yeah. Additions. Apple knows this, so it decided to update the add-ons a lot. As there is an additional section in the software store for Safari add-ons so that you can easily access them. It's also easy for developers to transfer their add-ons from other browsers to work with Safari. So you can expect a lot of add-ons that you would love to use with Chrome or Firefox on Safari soon.

Privacy:  Safari is indeed the most private of its mates. But Apple decided to rise its level again through a feature that allows you to monitor the activity of the sites you visit and all the permissions and tracking requests made by those sites. Also, with this feature, you can control the data that extensions can access.

Also, the browser can inform you when one of your passwords is exposed in the event of a major breach in the passwords, as happens with major sites from time to time. So you can change it immediately.

Translation: Now you can translate entire pages with a click of a button on Safari without downloading add-ons (currently only available in some countries).

energy: Of course, one of its biggest advantages should be mentioned by Apple, which is optimal energy use. Where the company lists that the browser gives you an additional three hours of videos and an extra hour of browsing compared to Chrome and Firefox.

Notification Center

finally. Notification Center has changed. The look is much better than the previous one with the new design. Notifications and widgets are also collected in one place.

Thankfully it was really painful for me to switch between the notifications window and the widget ...

Control Center

Also, Apple decided to add a control center like that for iOS, where you can access many shortcuts easily. The new position enables you to have many shortcuts without taking up a place in the menu bar. You can also place your favorite shortcuts on the ribbon so that you can quickly access them without opening the Control Center.


The iMessage program has got many features on iOS, including the ability to directly reply to certain messages - finally - and more features that you can read in the iOS article via - this link -.

But what is new in Mac is that it got the new design of the system and it is finally becoming rich in features like its brother on iOS after it was severely limited on the Mac.


If you're like me, you feel that Maps is useless on a computer ... Apple decided to try to change our minds. It has added many features to maps, the most prominent of which are features that help you plan your trip in advance. Thus, the application becomes more useful on Mac than before.

And with the ability to have indoor maps of major airports and institutions to explore your routes before leaving home. (Of course, availability will vary by country.)

After all this, you can of course send your flight plan to your iPhone.

Touch screen? Round-edged screens?

It drew our attention to the new system that almost every change of menus and buttons makes them larger and more comfortable to touch. Do you see Apple providing this for a new Mac that has a touch screen? Or are they just changes to unify the user experience across its various devices from iOS, iPadOS, and finally macOS?

Also, Apple made the edges of all windows and menus more rounded in the system. Typically, these edges are the same as the hardware edges. As is the case with the iPad Pro. So does this mean that Apple is planning to release MacBooks with round-edged displays?

Let's wait and see.

Supported devices

◾️ MacBook version 2015 and newer

◾️ MacBook Air version 2013 and newer

◾️ MacBook Pro version 2013 and newer

Mac mini 2014 and newer version

I-Mac version 2014 and newer

◾️ iMac Pro version 2017 and newer

Mac Pro version 2013 and newer

Hidden objects, with support for the future!

Of course, these are not all features but rather the biggest of them. There are dozens of smaller updates such as a better program to preserve MacBook battery life, updates to make Siri better, Spotlight search optimization and updates, and other features that Apple does not even mention and the user should discover it alone.

But I think the most important thing here is to support the future. As this system supports Apple ARM processors, similar to iPads. We talked about this attempt in a previous article -this linkYou can visit it to find out some features in ARM processors.

Apple has met expectations and announced the transition of all its processors in the near future and within only two years to the ARM type of its own industry. The new Mac system comes with full support for it, and Apple has updated all its applications, even professional ones, to work on the new processors.

The future is interesting!

What do you think of the new Mac system? Are you excited for the future? What about the new icons? Share your opinion.



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