Many applications of the Qur’an, thanks to God, and we talked in a previous article about choosing Allah's Messenger website For the best Quran apps This articleBut this application or this project is one of the projects that make me thank God Almighty who pleased the best minds in the field of developing this good and their approval for this work that we hope will be a good work, and we ask God to reward them for it, and to increase them knowledge and prestige in this world and the hereafter.


First of all, we thank God Almighty that the domain name It is for confident Muslim youth, how many Islamic domain names have gone to the purpose of distorting the religion, and the domain name has been exploited to the fullest. The Qur’an project is one of the most beautiful, and it is a site that really helps every Muslim to read and learn the Qur’an regardless of the language he speaks There are many translations and interpretations for most languages, and many of the features of the best one are that the word is pronounced only when you click on it.

The project was developed by young people (I personally know some of them) who work in the largest global partnerships, such as Facebook, Twitter and other major companies, and they are among the smartest minds in the field of technology, development and project management, and the most professional ones, and one of the most important steps that took place in this project was to make it Open source, and the possibility of participation from anyone with the required skill.

You can browse The project is on GitHub If you wish to participate and develop in a project of application

This application has been available on the Apple Store since 2016 and the Android version has been available since the beginnings of Android. It is one of the first and best Quran applications on Android. It is enough to know that it has been done. It has more than 10 million downloads, This app for me is not the best Quran reading app (still better Quran iPhone IslamRather, it is the best application for contemplation of the Qur’an, and the reason is the possibility of presenting the verses and then the interpretation that it has chosen, and read each verse while contemplating its meanings, as there are many interpretations, reasons for revelation, the interpretation of the Qur’an and others ...

Narrating the verses in this vertical and cloudy form as if I am reading a very easy and fun book, unlike other applications that separate interpretation from the Qur’an or take a small space on the screen ...

As for those who do not speak Arabic, this is one of the best applications of the Qur’an for them, and it has many languages ​​and capabilities that give pleasure in reading and at the same time ease to understand the Qur’an in the language of its choice.

The application has many advantages, and the project in general deserves appreciation, when you see young people at the height of brilliance and God has written for them success and excellence in this world, and despite that they empty time and make unnatural effort so that they have a reward and this work is close to them with God. This youth motivated us to present in the field that we master what will benefit this nation and not only the nation of Islam but rather the people as a whole, I be glad when I see these stars shining in this dark sky, and we ask God Almighty to multiply them.

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