OnePlus headphones are being held to mimic AirPods, Apple is planning a post-Tim Cook era, and Nvidia buys $ 40 billion in ARM, Orcal buys Western TikTok, delays new Apple products to November, and other news on the sidelines.

News on the sidelines for the week Aug 27 - Sep 3

NVIDIA buys ARM for $ 40 billion

Nvidia announced that it has reached an agreement with Softbank to buy the famous ARM company, which develops almost the majority of the world's processors, in a deal worth 40 billion dollars. NVIDIA aims to enhance its capabilities in developing screen cards and artificial intelligence chips, which are now essential. It is reported that Nvidia's revenues are achieving annual improvements, after it was 5 billion dollars in 2015 and reached 11.7 in the last year of 2019. The deal will keep a stake of less than 10% of the Japanese company Softbank, and the company’s headquarters in Cambridge, Britain, will not be changed. Nvidia said it will expand the headquarters and add sections for artificial intelligence. Of course, ARM will remain the main developer of processor architecture and will not prevent any company in the world from developing its processor based on ARM technologies, whether it is Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others.

Apple begins a plan to supply replacements for Tim Cook and the executive leaders

A Bloomberg report revealed that Apple has begun preparing replacements for its leaders; The report said that Tim Cook is now starting his tenth year at Apple and a dozen years earlier as Director of Operations, as Tim joined Apple in 1998 and now his fortune has exceeded one billion dollars. Looking at the other leaders of the company, we find that many leaders have exceeded 20 years in the company and have fortunes in the tens of millions, so any of the leaders of Apple or even Tim Cook himself may decide to retire. So, Apple started the second generation training plan so that it is ready for any changes and does not lead to the resignation of problems in the company. The report clarified that Jeff Williams is expected to replace Tim Cook in his position as president of Apple if he decides to retire (it is already expected to happen) and that Jeff Williams will leave the position of Director of Operations for his deputy, "Sabih Khan."

Macs with Apple processor, headphones and AirTags are coming in November

If you were waiting for the upcoming iPhone conference in the middle of next month to see other side devices such as a MacBook computer with an Apple Silicon processor, a new speaker or an AirTags device, it seems that the wait will be a little long, as Bloomberg expected that Apple will reveal these products in November and not October as expected. . This does not mean that the conference next month will be canceled, but it will be focused on the iPhone almost only.

US customs are seizing OnePlus headphones, thinking they are a fake Apple headset

The US Customs Authority revealed that one of its agents had seized 2000 OnePlus headphones coming from Hong Kong because he thought that these headphones were a fake Apple headset and not another company. Customs said the headphones cost $ 398, and customs released pictures of the headsets.

For its part, the official OnePlus account tweeted, "Return the headphones to us" as a kind of joke about the news; Many legal experts criticized the customs procedure, as they said that it is not the party to separate in imitation, especially that the product as it appears in the picture above comes in a box written on it OnePlus, meaning it is not an unknown Chinese company that manufactures Apple-like headphones and puts them in an Apple box to deceive customers. But the CBP customs authority said that it does not take reservation decisions based on the product box or the logo written on the product, but on the design used and the importing company must provide evidence that its design is not the design of Apple.

IPhone 12 will not come with a 120 Hz screen

The famous analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, said that the confusion has ended and that Apple decided that the iPhone 12 should come with a conventional screen and not at 120Hz refresh rates. Modern energy saving. The analyst expected that Apple will slightly reduce the size of the extrusion in the new phones and that they will come with support for 2021G and mmWave technology.

The ECG pulse sensor reaches the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait

A pleasant surprise arrived for Apple customers in the Middle East, after the upgrade to the WatchOS seventh system for the watch, it was found that the update supports the operation of the ECG and arrhythmia measurement feature, and it has become operational in a number of countries, namely Kuwait, the Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Colombia, in addition to the occupying entity of the land of Palestine.

The 6 hour blood oxygen sensor works in 100 countries

If you are concerned that Apple will repeat in the blood oxygen sensor feature what it did with ECG and become exclusive to some countries, the good news is that Apple has published a list of more than 100 countries in which the feature works, and the list includes many Arab countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

I think instead of launching a list, Apple could say "All the countries but Egypt" 😊 

Facebook officially accuses Apple of monopoly

Facebook officially accused Apple of monopoly, in a complaint submitted to the European Union as part of the investigations being conducted by the Union regarding Apple's laws and when companies were harmed by them. And Facebook said that Apple imposes itself as the only way for developers to reach iPhone users and all Apple products, and no one does that except them, and is taking measures to weaken competitors in the areas where competition is decided and providing services, which is in violation of the laws to protect competition. Facebook gave an example with its gaming app, which was rejected by Apple.

Instagram criticizes Apple's iOS 14 privacy policy

The CEO of the Facebook-owned Instagram company criticized Apple's privacy policies with iOS 14. Apple had prevented companies from tracking customers across different sites and it became apparent to an Apple user that Facebook, Twitter, or Google wanted to track you and know your usage, and of course the user rarely agrees. The head of Instagram said that although the damage to them will be equal for all different advertising platforms, these steps that Apple takes are hurting huge sectors of companies and advertisers as money will be wasted more to reach the target customers and this is difficult for small companies. It is reported that Facebook has officially informed advertisers that iOS 14 will reduce its revenue and accuracy of access by more than 50%.

Oracle acquires Western Tik Tok

Reuters revealed that Oracle had managed to defeat Microsoft in the struggle to acquire the western sector of TikTok. Trump had threatened the app with a ban if it did not sell the Western segment, which includes Americans' data, to an American company. So far, the New Deal has not been officially disclosed, nor is the White House position that Oracle needs to approve of the deal.

Watch the opening videos of the Apple Watch 6 and SE cases

Bloggers around the world have started posting videos to unlock Apple Watch cases that they came early to learn about. Watch the following videos:

And this video

And this as well

and this is

Microsoft officially launches Surface Duo

Microsoft officially launched its Surface Duo foldable tablet. The device, as it appears in the pictures, is more like 2 phones next to each other and of course comes with Microsoft 365 services, in addition to hardware from the old SD855 processor, 6 GB memory, 128/256 GB storage capacity, 11-megapixel camera and 3577mah battery, and it provides an 8.1-inch screen. It is priced at $ 1399 for the 128GB version and $ 1499 for the 256GB version.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Leaker Jon Prosser published photos that he said are copies of Renders designed for the upcoming Apple product, AirTags, and the design came with a description of details such as writing on the product and that it will be metal from below.

◉ Amazon is currently selling the AirPods Pro at its cheapest price, which is $ 199, via this link.

◉ Apple has updated the playback file for AirPods to support Spatial Audio and Auto Switching; The AirPods Pro also came with an exclusive Spatial Audio feature.

◉ One of the accounts for the leaks has posted a video and photo of what he said will be the upcoming Apple AirPods headphone.

◉ Apple has updated Xcode to version 12 to be compatible with the latest version of various operating systems.

◉ Apple stated on its website that the watch comes without a charger in the box, either at 6 or SE.

◉ Apple registered AppleOne days before the new service was revealed. The registration included many different domains, whether Blog, Audio, cloud, tech, or even AppleOne.webSite.

◉ Apple revealed that it will make a new donation to efforts to fight wildfires on the West Coast.

◉ Pictures have revealed that Spotify has started running tests of its app on the Apple Watch.

◉ Apple has turned the Safari application in Mac into a standalone application with version 14, so that Apple can update Safari without the need to update the system. Just as we do with Chrome and Firefox.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier And she helps you, and if she robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for her


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