The Apple Conference 2020, which came under the slogan Time Flies, has just ended The conference was Much lower than expectations And it is very frustrating as Apple focused on it on the watch and the iPad only with some services that we will get to know together in this summary of the conference.

Apple Time Flies Conference Summary

The conference started as usual with a demo video of the Apple headquarters and then moved to Tim Cook, who explained from the beginning that Apple is seeking to improve the lives of people around the world in light of the Corona epidemic, so today the focus will be on two main products, namely the Apple Watch and the iPad.

Apple Watch

Tim said that he relies on the Apple Watch every day, from knowing what's new in the day, as well as keeping track of sports, road conditions, weather and everything. Tim spoke about the importance of the watch in his life as well as the lives of millions, and that it has already saved lives; Then Apple reviewed a promotional video of people expressing their happiness with the Apple Watch.

Then I turn to the conversation with Jeff Williams, who quickly reviewed the upcoming features in the upcoming WatchOS 7 update, then a quick video review of the design of the sixth generation of the Apple Watch.

The new watch came with a SPO2 sensor and said it could detect the percentage in just 15 seconds. And Apple provided details about the importance of this sensor and that it works in the background even while you sleep, monitoring your health at all times. And Apple explained that Apple is cooperating with a number of different universities to integrate the data of this sensor with various other data, which enables the watch to draw a more accurate picture of your health.

Then Jeff Williams talked about the new S6 clock processor, which is a processor based on the A13 and that it offers better performance and less power consumption.

This enabled Apple to provide a higher quality screen, either in the "Always On" feature, or 2.5 times improvement in lighting in outdoor activities "in the sun and bright light intended."

The watch also comes with an always-on altimeter sensor that enables you to do mountaineering activities, for example, without the need for a preset

Then, a number of new faces were reviewed, whether an upgraded version of Chronograph, Memoji, or designs such as different flags and logos.

Apple said it gave developers the ability to design faces suitable for various jobs, such as photographers or doctors, and others who can provide them with suitable faces and help them in their work.

Apple showed a new frame called Solo Loop, which is a new design that does not have the traditional lock and buckle that you open when you take it off and adjust when wearing it, but rather it is a single piece of rubber that stretches with you to fit your hand; This frame comes in 7 different colors. There is also a Braided version of it.

Apple reviewed some of the different tires, such as Nike Sport

Family Setup feature

A new feature provided by Apple for families to enable them to provide a better watch for their children, even if they do not have an iPhone, as well as they can follow the children. With it, you can determine who the child can communicate with by the watch.

You can also get a notification of the arrival of your son to the place you expect to reach him, such as the club, family home, friend, and others. Of course, the son can use the watch and follow his various physical fitness.

The feature will be available in 12 countries only, which are the following:

Apple Watch SE

Apple unveiled a new generation of Apple Watch called SE, which is a new watch that comes with the same design as the traditional Apple Watch with the S5 processor found in the 4 and Watch 5 hours, but in any case it is twice as good in performance compared to the 3 version that Apple will continue to sell at $ 199 despite It is a technology and the 2017 version and we are on the verge of 2021, i.e. 4 years ago technology

It provides the LTE network version of the watch, and its price starts at $ 279. And for the basic 6 hour, it will start at $ 399 and reservation will start from today

Apple and the environment

As usual, and like all Apple conferences, it devoted a part to the environment, and here, Apple talked about the role of the Apple Watch to preserve the environment, as it said that it is made of 100% aluminum and recycled tungsten, and the same applies to rare earth elements in the Taptic sensor. And Apple said that by 2030 it will become 100% "Carbon Neutral". This means that the manufacture of various Apple products produces carbon emissions equal to that of Apple's services around the world that reduce carbon emissions, meaning in short, to simplify, Apple becomes a company that does not harm the environment. It will also be 95% recycled fibers in packaging.

And when Apple talked about the iPad at the end of the conference, it also published a picture of the steps it was taking to protect the environment with the iPad and published a similar picture, which is the following:

Fitness + special exercises

Apple unveiled a new feature, which is a special exercise designed by the best athletes in the world to improve your fitness using the Apple Watch and called it "Fitness +"

The new system works by using an application on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV so that you can choose any training within 10 different training sections such as yoga, cycling, treadmill, walking, running, and others.

You will be shown in the screen. And Apple said that the exercises are compatible with the watch, for example in training the trainer will tell you to check your pulse now; You do not need to look at the watch as it will automatically appear on the screen of your phone or TV next to the training your current pulse status.

At the end of the training, the training will show you a summary of what you actually performed and the improvement in your level. Apple said that new exercises will be added every week.

Of course, because Apple provides music services, it has made it clear that the training service coincides with Apple's Music +. Of course, we do not need to mention that Apple made it clear that training data is not transmitted to the company's servers and that it is stored on your phone.

The service is available at the end of the year in only 6 countries, namely America, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, England and Australia, and other countries will be added gradually (current countries speak English). As for the subscription price, it is $ 10 monthly or $ 80 annually.

It will be available by the end of the year. Apple will give buyers the watch 3 months free.

Apple One ecosystem

Apple revealed a new bundled service called Apple One, which includes all Apple services such as Music +, New +, TV +, Arcade games, and of course Fitness Fitness +, which is available in different packages at prices starting at $ 15 per month. The service will be available this fall. It is worth noting that Apple will give you more storage capacity in the cloud service and up to 2 TB in the highest subscription of $ 30 per month.

Apple provides a trial subscription for one period


Talk about the iPad has moved and Tim Cook said that it is now 10 years on the iPad and it is one of the most successful Apple products and the company has sold more than 500 million devices.

Tim said that currently, 53% of iPad buyers are people who are using the iPad for the first time.

Tim said that at the beginning of the year we updated the iPad Pro, and it is time to update other versions, which is the economic iPad and the iPad Air.

The iPad 8 comes with the famous A12 processor for the iPhone Xs, and Apple reviewed the differences in performance from the previous generation, which was working with the old A10 processor, which made the iPad 8 double the performance in graphics and a 40% increase in speed.

Of course, the iPad 8 comes with the support of the Apple Pencil, which Apple reviewed as if we were for the first time hearing about the pen: D, and of course reviewed the new features of iPadOS 14

The iPad came with a USB C port and charger, finally, like the Pro version. The iPad comes at $ 329 and supports the new smart keyboard, and it will be available from Friday in stores.

IPad Air

Tim Cook mentioned that Apple will update the entire iPad family, not just the iPad 8, so it is time to update the iPad Air, which has become an iPad Pro design and comes in 5 colors, including a new green color.

As the edges were reduced and screen enhancements were added to make the iPad Air closer to the current iPad Pro, but without the ProMotion technology, unfortunately, which continues to be exclusive to the iPad Pro.

But with the transfer of the fingerprint button to the side, as I mentioned expectations. Apple said that the new fingerprint button is the smallest button Apple offers, but it works with the same precision and efficiency.

The surprise is that the iPad will come with an A14 processor, which Apple unveils for the first time, which is the first 5nm processor, which provides 11.8 billion transistors, providing 40% faster performance and 30% faster graphics, and Apple said that this makes the iPad Air twice as fast than computers in the same price category .

The new processor has doubled the number of artificial intelligence cores of the Neural Engine to 16 cores, which enables it to process 11 trillion operations per second, making it double the performance of the previous generation "in learning machines ML"

The iPad comes with a 20-watt USB C charger, which is more powerful than the charger included with the iPad Pro, which comes with an 18-watt charger only.

As for the dimensions of the device, the screen was increased to 10.9 inches, while the length was reduced by 3 mm and the width increased by 4.4 mm, while maintaining the same thickness and weight. The rear camera has become 12 mega instead of 8 mega, and the aperture has been increased to f / 1.8 instead of f / 2.4 in the old iPad, and automatic stabilization has been added for live photos, support for shooting 4K videos, as well as support for slow-motion videos in FHD quality, not HD as the old. Apple also improved the headphones to support the landscape mode.

IOS / iPad system

At the conclusion of the Apple conference, Tim Cook said that the upcoming Apple systems iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7 and tvOS 14 will be available for download from tomorrow.

You can watch the Apple conference on YouTube

What do you think about the Apple conference? Which products do you think are suitable for and you wish to acquire? Did you, like us, feel frustrated with the conference and the products? Share your opinion in the comments

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