Once upon a time I lost all of his stature Apps From the software store after I did one of the upgrades for the iPhone, and the amount of programs was so many that I do not remember most of them, and sometimes I download an application and then delete it and then I do not remember the name of this application, but fortunately the software store keeps a complete record of all your purchases from the software store, it is not It is about pure buying, but any download you make, whether free or paid, but how can you see this valuable record? Follow with us the following steps:

Your purchases from the software store

1. First open the software store and then click on your picture at the top ...

2. Click on "Purchased".

3. If you are enabled Family system In your account, you will also be able to view the purchases of each family member, otherwise click on My Purchases.

4. You can view all the apps that you previously downloaded, or the applications that are not installed on your device.

Information: Any application that you previously purchased and then deleted in one way or another, you can click to buy it again from the software store, and its price will not be deducted even if a price is written on it and even if it asked you to pay for it, no amount will be deducted from you. Any application that you purchased is restricted to your account and is yours, and you can download it to any device that has the same account.

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