Finally, after an abnormal delay, the iOS 14 update began to appear for all users, this is the update that you are waiting for and you have sent hundreds of messages to inquire about the date of its release and its features, now it is available for you to upgrade your device to the latest operating system which carries version 14.

Hey dear brother, I have been patient a lot. You think that you slow down a little, start in the name of God, then read this guide, and without hasten to start the upgrade process

In the following lines we will provide you with a complete guide to update to this version As you were used to from us before And every year, so that it is considered as a basic reference for you and aide in making the steps of the update process come to an end.

Contents of the guide:

  • Devices this update applies to.
  • What's new in iOS 14.
  • Essential notes before updating.
  • Basic steps before updating.
  • Automatic update steps.
  • Manual update steps.
  • Questions and answers.
  • After the update.

Devices that the update applies to:

IOS 14 will work on the following devices:

IPadOS 14 will run on the following devices

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What's new in iOS 14, according to Apple

IOS 14 updates the basic experience of the iPhone and includes important app updates and other new features.

All-new tools

  • Newly designed widgets that can be placed directly on the home screen.
  • Small, medium, and large tool sizes allow you to choose the amount of information to display.
  • Widget stacked packages help you to make the most of your home screen space, and smart stacked packages use intelligence on the device to search for the right gadget at the right time.
  • Tool Gallery includes all available tools to browse and choose from.
  • New design for Apple's widgets for Weather, Clock, Calendar, News, Maps, Fitness, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, Music, TV, Tips, Notes, Shortcuts, Batteries, Screen Time, Files, Podcasts, and Siri Suggestions.

Application Library

  • The app library automatically organizes all of your apps into categories.
  • The Suggestions category uses built-in intelligence to show the apps you're most likely to search for based on factors such as time of day or location.
  • The “Recently Added” category displays recently downloaded apps from the App Store, as well as samples of recently launched apps.
  • The ability to hide the home screen pages to access the application library faster by pressing the dots at the bottom of the screen during vibrate mode.

Compact design

  • Phone and FaceTime calls appear in a banner at the top of the screen.
  • An integrated design for Siri allows you to seamlessly return to the information displayed on the screen and start your next task.
  • With Picture in Picture, you can watch a video or answer a FaceTime call while using another app.


  • Pinned Conversations keep up to nine of your favorite threads at the top of the list.
  • Pointing allows you to direct a message to an individual in a group conversation.
  • Built-in replies allow you to reply to a specific message and see all related messages in their own view.
  • Group images can be customized to customize the look of the shared group.


  • 11 new hairstyles and 19 new headwear styles to customize your Memoji.
  • New Memoji stickers allow you to send two fists bumping together, a hug or blushing
  • Six additional age options
  • Options for face covers


  • Cycling directions provide routes along bike lanes, bike lanes and bike-friendly roads, taking into account altitude or street busyness.
  • Hand-picked from a handful of trusted brands, our guides offer recommendations for where to eat, meet up with friends, or explore.
  • Electric vehicle route determiner helps you plan trips with assisted EVs and automatically adds charging stations along the road.
  • The 'Traffic Congestion Zones' feature helps you to get around or pass through the congested areas of cities like London and Paris.
  • Speed ​​cameras notify you when you are approaching the speed cameras and red lights along the road.
  • Location Refinement enables high-accuracy location and routing when in urban areas with weak GPS signal.

Application samples

  • The sample app is a small piece of the app that developers can create that can be discovered at the moment you need it, and is focused on a specific task.
  • Thanks to their compact design, sample applications can be used in just a few seconds.
  • Discover sample apps by tapping NFC tags or scanning QR codes from Messages, Maps and Safari.
  • Samples of recently used apps appear in the “Recently added” category of the app library, and you can download the full app version if you want to keep it.


  • The new translation app is designed for conversations and can work completely offline to keep your conversations private.
  • Split screen design in conversation style includes a single button microphone that automatically detects the language currently spoken between the two selected languages, and displays a text version of both the original text and the translated text, each on their correct side of the screen.
  • Attention mode displays translations in larger text so you can get someone's attention
  • Support for voice and text translations for any two-language group of 11 languages.


  • New compact design allows you to smoothly return to screen information and start your next task.
  • Expanded knowledge that provides facts twenty times more than those that were provided three years ago.
  • Web Answers help you find answers to a wider range of questions using information available online.
  • Voice messages can be sent using Siri on iOS and CarPlay.
  • Expanded language support for the new Siri Voice and Siri Translate.


  • One place to find everything: search for apps, contacts, files, or quick information - like weather and stocks - or common knowledge questions about people or places, or even quickly start a web search.
  • Top Results displays the most relevant information, including apps, contacts, knowledge articles, points of interest, and websites.
  • The quick launcher allows you to launch the app or website by typing a few letters.
  • Search As You Write Suggestions show more relevant results once you start writing.
  • Web search suggestions to start Safari and get the most relevant results on the web.
  • Start searching apps like Mail, Messages, and Files.


  • Suggested automatic controls help you set up automatic controls with one click.
  • A visual status appears at the top of the Home app, providing you with a summary of the accessories that are calling your attention
    Dynamic suggestions for more appropriate accessories and scenes appear in Home app controls in Control Center.
  • Adaptive lighting adjusts the color of the smart light bulbs throughout the day to improve comfort and productivity.
  • The facial recognition feature on video cameras and doorbells uses the intelligence built into the device to tell you who is showing up based on who you tagged in the Photos app and the most recent visitors you recognize in the Home app.
  • Activity zones in video cameras and doorbells do not capture any video or send you a notification until motion is detected in only the areas you specify.


  • Improve performance with a faster JavaScript engine.
  • The Privacy Report shows cross-site trackers that are being blocked by Smart Tracking Blocking.
  • The Password Monitor feature securely monitors your saved passwords to see which passwords may have been compromised.


  • Next hour precipitation chart displays minute-by-minute forecasts of rain or snow intensity for the next hour in the United States.
  • Severe Weather Information displays government alerts about specific severe weather events, including hurricanes, winter storms, sweeping floods and more, in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia.


  • Spatial sound with dynamic head tracking on AirPods Pro places sounds anywhere in the surrounding space, creating an immersive surround sound experience.
  • With automatic switching between devices, audio can be transferred from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.
  • Battery notifications let you know if you need to charge your AirPods or not.


  • A recording indicator appears any time an app gains access to a microphone or camera.
  • The approximate location can now be shared with the app, instead of sharing the exact location.
  • Restricted access to the picture library allows you to only share specific photos with the application when an application requests access to them.
  • App and web developers can now offer you the option to upgrade your existing accounts to use sign-in with Apple.

Facilitation of use

  • "Back Click" is a quick way to start the accessibility features by pressing the iPhone from the back.
  • Headphone facilities amplify soft sounds and adjust specific frequencies intended for an individual's hearing
    FaceTime Sign Language Highlight feature detects situations where the participant is using sign language and makes the person stand out in the FaceTime group call.
  • Voice recognition uses the built-in intelligence to detect and distinguish important sounds like alarms, and draw your attention to them with notifications.
  • VoiceOver Recognition uses built-in intelligence to recognize on-screen elements to improve VoiceOver support for app and web experiences.
  • The image descriptions feature reads full-sentence descriptions of photos in apps and on the web.
  • Text recognition feature speaks text that is recognized in images.
  • Screen recognition automatically detects interface controls to aid in navigating apps.

App Store

  • Important details for each app appear in a snappy, scrollable view, including providing a way to showcase the games your friends are playing.

Apple Arcade

  • The Coming Soon section gives you a sneak peek at upcoming Apple Arcade games, and you can download them automatically as soon as they are released.
  • Improve "all games visibility" by sorting and filtering by release date, updates, category, joystick support and more.
  • Achievements can be viewed directly from within the Apple Arcade tab.
  • The "Continue Playing" feature makes it easy to resume games you've recently played across devices.
  • The Game Center dashboard displays your profile, friends, achievements, leaderboards, and more, all from within the game.

Augmented Reality

  • The “location anchors” in ARKit 4 allow apps to place augmented reality experiences into a specified geographic coordinate.
  • Support for "face tracking" has been expanded to include the new iPhone SE.
  • Video structures in RealityKit allow applications to apply video to any part of a scene or virtual object.


  • Improved shot-to-shot transition performance, thereby speeding up first shot time and image capture.
  • QuickTake video can now also be captured on iPhone XS and iPhone XR while in Photo mode.
  • Quick toggle video mode tools allow you to change video resolution and frame rate from the camera app.
  • An update to the night mode capture experience on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro provides guidance to help you maintain stability throughout capture time, as well as an option to cancel capture in the middle of the shot.
  • By controlling the exposure modulation, you can lock the exposure value over the course of an entire camera session.
  • The front camera reversing feature allows you to take selfies identical to the front camera preview
    Improved QR code reading to make it easier to scanning codes, even if they are small or wrapped around objects.


  • New categories of supported apps for parking, charging an electric car and ordering meals quickly.
  • Background options.
  • Share estimated arrival time and send voice messages with Siri.
  • Support for horizontal status bar in cars with longitudinal screens.
  • Chinese and Japanese keyboard support provides users with an additional option to search for points of interest.

Face time

  • Optimized video quality up to 1080p on iPhone X and later.
  • The new eye contact feature uses machine learning to subtly adjust the position of the eyes and face to make video calls look more natural even when you look at the screen instead of the camera.


  • Support for APFS encryption on external drives

My health

  • Relaxation Mode helps you create a bedtime routine with apps and shortcuts, like listening to a relaxing playlist.
  • Personalized sleep schedules help you achieve sleep goals with bedtime reminders and wake up alarms.
  • Sleep Mode reduces distractions during relaxation and bedtime by turning on Do Not Disturb and simplifying the lock screen.
  • The health checklist helps you track and manage health and safety features in one place.
  • A new category in the My Health app called "Movement" includes metrics such as walking speed, foot contact time, stride length, and gait contrast.

International keyboard and languages

  • The dictation included on the device helps protect your privacy by carrying out all operations without being connected to the Internet at all. Dictation in search uses server-based dictation to define terms you might search for online.
  • Search emoji keyboard by word or phrase.
  • The keyboard displays autofill suggestions from the Contacts app for email addresses, phone numbers, and more in the apps.
  • New dictionaries for French-German, Indonesian-English, Simplified Chinese-Japanese, and Polish-English.
  • The "Whoopi" input method for Simplified Chinese.
  • Support for automatic correction for Irish Gaelic and Norwegian Nynorsk.
  • A new design for the Japanese Kana keyboard makes numbers easier to enter.
  • Mail supports email addresses that use non-Latin languages.


  • A new tab named "Listen Now" to play and discover your favorites from music, artists, playlists and mixes.
  • With auto play, the music continues to play when the end of the song or playlist is reached, by finding similar songs to play.
  • Search now displays music from your favorite genres and activities, and also offers helpful suggestions as you type.
  • Library filtering helps you quickly find artists, albums, playlists, and other items in your library.


  • The enhanced action menu provides easy access to lock, scan, pin, and delete actions.
  • The "best results" in the search displays the most relevant search results.
  • The list of pinned notes can be collapsed or expanded.
  • The shape recognition feature allows you to draw perfect lines, arcs, and other shapes.
  • Scanning optimization for sharper photoshoot with sharper auto-crop.


  • Filter and sort group to locate and organize photos and videos more easily.
  • Two finger spacing and zoom to quickly find photos and videos in more places, such as favorites and shared albums.
  • Support for captions in photos and videos.
  • Live Photos captured with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 will automatically play with improved stability in Years, Months, and Days views.
  • Memories enhancements help define a more relevant photo and video set and a larger music collection for Memory films.
  • New design of photo picker in apps uses the same smart search from photos app to help you easily find the content to share.


  • The "Listen Now" tab is smarter and includes a waiting list for your personal episodes and new ones curated for you.


  • Set reminders to people you share lists with.
  • New reminders can be created from the Lists screen without accessing a specific menu.
  • Smart suggestions allow you to add dates, times, and locations with one click.
  • Newly added emoji and emoticons included with custom menus.
  • Rearrange or hide smart lists.


  • There is an option to set the default email and web browser.


  • Initial Shortcuts Allows you to start with a built-in Shortcuts folder, customized to your liking.
  • Automatic shortcut control actions are suggested based on your usage patterns.
  • Folders allow you to organize shortcuts, and they can be added as widgets to the home screen.
  • New built-in design for running shortcuts always puts you in the context of what happens while you use another app.
  • New auto control prefixes can run shortcuts based on the receipt of an email or text message, on the battery level, on closing an application, and more.
  • Relaxation Shortcuts provides a range of relaxation shortcuts to help you prepare for a good night's sleep.

Voice Memos

  • Folders help you to organize your voice memo recordings.
  • Favorites allow you to highlight your best recordings and quickly access them later
  • Apple Watch recordings, recently deleted, and bookmarked as favorites are all automatically grouped together into smart folders.
  • Improved recording helps reduce background noise and echo in the room.

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices. 

Basic notes before updating:

  • Check out our article on pre-update preparations via this link.
  • Download the latest version of iTunes and Apple may release an update now. In general, download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website via this link (This is a Windows program).


Update directly from the device

Open Settings, then General, then Software Update, and it appears to you that there is a new update, such as the following image, just press Download and Install (requires space in some devices, up to 3 GB

All you have to do is press "Download and Install" as you always do for any update.

If you have a jailbreak, you will not be able to use this method and you must create a restore, also if you have one of the previous beta versions.

Update via iTunes:

The difference between Restore and Update:

Before we start the update, we must give an overview of the difference between the Restore and Update processes and their actual impact on the iPhone.

Update: It is the process of updating the device automatically without your interference, as iTunes downloads the update file from the Apple website and updates your device, and it does not result in losing any data (it is assumed that, but a backup copy must be taken as previously mentioned to ensure that no accidental problems occur).

RestoreIt is to download a completely new version as if you bought the phone again, and some prefer it when updating, which is mandatory if you have a jailbreak and want to update

Sometimes the update work may not be suitable for those who have a jailbreak in their device, and they must choose Restore, but in our experiments the update was completed without a problem.

Update steps:


 Connect your device to the computer, open iTunes, and hit the Check For Update button - sometimes iTunes knows that Update is present.


A message will appear informing you that there is an update for your device, which is iOS 13, so press Download And Update (an error message may appear and the reason for this will be pressure on Apple's servers)


A message will appear informing you of the new features that have been added in iOS 13, and you can read it, then click Next


A User Agreement message will appear, Agree accept it


Now you will start the process of downloading the file and updating your device, but you should note that the download and update process will take some time.

After the update, you may be asked to enter the password for the cloud "Phone Finder". If you do not remember it, please wait and do not update your device

Manual update:

This method is preferred by some and it suits everyone, especially those who currently have a jailbreak, but it will delete all the contents of the device so A backup copy is required So that you can recover what was erased.

You can do a manual update by downloading the update file through the following links, depending on the type of your device, as shown:

* The update is large in size, and it is possible that your connection will be disconnected before downloading it all, so use a download manager application. We will update the article in the next hours to add the links.

You can download the system file from here

Then, after the download is complete, connect your device to the computer, then go to iTunes and press the Restore button with the Options button on the Mac or the Restore button with the Shift for Windows and the keyboard. (Make sure that the file extension is IPSW, if not, just change the extension manually to IPSW) A window will appear for you to choose the downloaded file and then start the update process for iPhone.


After updating my device battery is dying quickly

  • This is normal after any update, the system performs several tasks in the background and makes some updates, this will continue for a day or two, just make sure that your device is charged frequently because this process requires the device to be charging.

Will it wipe all my software and device contents if i update

  • No, you have to review the explanation again, there is a difference between Update and Restore, and in the end if you have a backup you can restore everything.

ITunes gives me an error when trying to update, what do I do?

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the iTunes program, and use the manual method to update.

I can't upgrade I tried everything and the update is still not showing up, or waiting to update

  • Just wait a few hours, try shutting down and reopening the device, and make sure you have an internet connection.

After the update:

Applying the previous steps will ensure the success of the update, God willing, and it should be noted that the first synchronization process between the iPhone and the device between the end of the update process will take time as the data stored in your device will be transferred to the iPhone, and upon its completion you will notice that even the safari pages on the iPhone previously opened before The update remains the same, and so does the data and other features. Then it can be said that the update process was successful.

Note that Apple's servers are overloaded, so the download will be very slow, so you can wait hours and then try again

Tell us about your experience with this new update in the comments

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