One of the biggest new features in iOS 14 Is the ability to set the default browser application and the default email application. Choosing a default app might not be a big problem if you are an Android user, but if you have been using an iPhone for years, you will understand the importance of this great addition that took a long time to get to iOS. Everyone always loves to have options, and at last, you can choose your favorite browser and your favorite email on iOS. In this article, we'll tell you how to set the default browser app and the default email app in iOS 14, so stay tuned.

Set the default browser app in iOS 14

To set the default browser application, go to Settings, And search for any browser application that is installed on the iPhone, and it does not matter if it is Safari, Google Chrome, or even Microsoft Edge or others.

After clicking on the browser application, click on “The default browser application“See the image above, you will find a list of all browsers installed on your device, then choose your favorite application to make it the default.

That way if you click on any link anywhere it will automatically open in your browser of your choice instead of Safari.

NoticeIf you do not find these aforementioned options in any settings for any browser application, it may be because the application does not support this feature yet, and it will certainly appear in a future update. So far, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and DuckDuck Go support this feature, so you can choose from them.

Set the default email app in iOS 14

To set your preferred email app as the default in iOS 14, go to Settings, Then search for any email app, for example Outlook, Then tap the default email app, and set your preferred app as default.

It is also notedIf any email application does not offer options to set it or set others as the default, it may be due to the application not supporting this feature yet, and it will certainly appear in a future update.

 Currently, both Outlook and Spark support this feature, and since this is a new feature in iOS 14, most email apps will soon release updates to support this, even Gmail hasn't supported it yet.

Fatal technical issue with default apps feature

Despite the importance of this feature, there is something wrong in the first general version of iOS 14 that causes the default browser to be reset to Safari or the default mail application to Apple's Mail application when restarting the iPhone and iPad, and you have to re-choose the default application That you want again.

What do you think about the default app selection feature in iOS 14? Are you having trouble using it? Let us know in the comments.

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