An iPhone follower of Islam contacted us asking, “If Apple is really interested in privacy as it claims, why do you allow Google and Facebook to steal user data through their applications spread in the Apple Store.” This is a really smart question, as it is known that companies such as Google and Facebook are their main commodities. You, yes, they sell your information to advertisers. An advertiser tells them, I want someone who is interested in shoes and has the ability to buy expensive shoes, so Google says "I have your request." Here it is. (my friend) Someone who loves shoes and follows its news, works for a large company and has the ability to buy, we will show your ad.

The mission of these companies that sell your interests is to collect the largest amount of information about you, in order to offer you a suitable advertisement for you, that achieves profits for them and the advertiser. And we said before:If you do not pay for the commodity, you are the commodity“You use Google, Facebook and other applications for free and you think that you do not pay the price, but the price here is your privacy, and your interests that go to the advertiser, and you may go to the non-advertiser. What is important is that the price be paid.

Apple's commodity is privacy

If the commodity of companies like Google and Facebook is your data, then Apple's capacity is privacy. Yes, privacy is a commodity for Apple, Apple says what it says ...

Tim Cook, President of Apple
"We at Apple believe that privacy is a basic human right."

In the end, Apple is a company that must win in order to continue, and while competition depends on violating the privacy of the user, Apple found that introducing the privacy commodity will put it in a place that allows it to control competitors and attract users, and because Apple is a smart company, it does not press hard, there are still many partnerships. With competitors, for example, Google paid Apple more than $ 12 billion the previous year in order for Apple to make Google the main search engine on Safari, and Apple made many partnerships with Facebook previously, so that at one point, Apple used to sync all your contacts. With Facebook.

And until Apple controls the control you are tightening them more and more and this will not harm the partnership with the competition, on the contrary, the need for a partnership with Apple will be more severe, and iOS 14 came with many features that will stifle competition and make them know who is the leader. The iOS 14 system limits data collection, does not give companies the location of the user in a specific manner, but rather randomly, and conceals the identity of the user, so companies cannot create a file on your behalf because you are anonymous to them.

This feature in iOS 14 gives the user a choice, and asks them very clearly, do you want companies to follow you and know your data through applications. Of course, many users may press No, and here it becomes unknown to these companies and it is not possible to know much about it.

And there Several privacy changes in iOS 14, And this update continues the march of previous versions in gently pressing the competitor.

We are in an era of lack of privacy

Apple is not interested in your data and not interested in creating a file on you, this is not a commodity Apple, and at the same time Apple's role is not to preserve your privacy, but rather to sell privacy to you by providing a security system, and a tight system that preserves your information, you are the one who chooses to download the Google application, and you are the one who chooses Download Facebook, Apple will not be able to prevent these companies and their applications from the store because it is simply a legal right for them, and even with these new features in iOS 14 you can still be tracked. Once you log in, you will not become anonymous to these companies, and soon most applications will ask you to log in, even if You use Apple's system to log in and hide your mail, so that your account is linked, these companies will know a lot about you.

In short, we are in an era of lack of privacy, every picture you upload, every conversation you conduct, and every search on the Internet, all of this turns into a file about you that goes to those who pay. This is the nature of this digital age, you will not get rid of this unless you disconnect the internet from you and go offline.

And if you cannot get out of the network, at least there is a company like Apple trying to pressure and protect the privacy of the user, yes it is in its interest in the first place, but Apple's interests are in line with ours, and it is one of the few companies that defend the privacy of the user and offer devices that are very sophisticated and organized in Very tight, and standing in front of companies hungry and hungry for user data, so we will stand with Apple at the moment.

Join us in this discussion. Do you think Apple cares about user privacy? And what can Apple do to really prove that user and privacy is one of its top priorities?

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