The upcoming Apple conference to reveal the most important smartphone in the world has just ended. Indeed, Apple launched, as expected, the iPhone 12 family and the Apple Home mini headset. The phone came with a strong presentation from Apple, but it is not far from expectations and leaks. Follow us to find out about everything mentioned in the conference.

The conference ended; Welcome to the iPhone 12 family and the mini speaker

The conference started with a welcome from Tim Cook as a year and reminded us of the products he unveiled at a conference Last month. Then quickly jump to home products. Tim Cook said that there are important things in home appliances, which are that they are easy to use and work in harmony with each other, as well as safe and protect privacy. So Apple decided to reveal a new product from the HomePod family, which is its younger brother, Mini.

As shown in the previous picture, the headset comes in a "spherical" shape and is small in size; Apple said that despite its small size, it provides you with what you need in headphones, which is powerful and dazzling sound, an intelligent personal assistant, support for smart homes, and also protects privacy.

The talk moved about the design and mentioned that Apple provided in this small size 4 drivers, which provides dynamic sound and many adjustments to provide 360-degree sound.

The speaker includes the S5 chip and hardware improvements, providing what Apple calls Computational Audio.

This feature is that the Apple headset analyzes the sound before you hear it and adjusts the intensity and strength to make it suitable for you and better than the original.

Apple said that the headset includes the same famous features of smart speakers, such as that more than one speaker synchronizes together automatically. The speaker recognizes the approaching iPhone via the U1 chip. If you approach the speaker automatically, it will recognize your device and show you the song that works and all the details to work on your device if you want.

Supports many famous audio companies in America.

Apple moved to talk about Siri and said that it has improved dramatically over the past 3 years, doubled its speed, and became aware of 20 times more information than before. Voice recognition features are improved; And Apple explained that it can recognize the voice of each person in the home separately so that it provides him with appropriate responses to him.

Then, Apple moved to talk about Siri smart features, home control, and even "Siri shortcuts" properties, so that it can do more than one function at the same time. Apple added a feature called "Intercom", which is a feature that enables you to talk with all family members; For example, you can ask all members of your family whether such as "The food is ready from the next" so that everyone can hear your voice message on his device "The feature is coming to all Apple devices soon" andthis is good news.

Of course, there is no need to talk about privacy and security, as Apple is very good at marketing and doing this. In general, it will be available to order in black and white, starting November 6, at $ 99

It will be shipped and available from November 16th.

A collage of the new headphone features.

IPhone 12

Finally the key moment has arrived, which is the iPhone 12; Of course Tim Cook talked about how popular the iPhone is and that it is the world's best-selling "single phone" and the most satisfying phone. Tim said it was time for a new phase, which is 5G.

Tim Cook explained what is the benefit of 5G and that it provides super speed and woo ... nothing new we all know 5G and the iPhone was the only high-end phone that did not reach 5G. But Apple has expanded to talk about speed and said that it supports 5G Ultra Wide Band and that it supports 4Gbps download speed in ideal conditions and the upload speed of 200Mbps files.

Then Apple revealed the iPhone 12 and said that all versions support 5G. The images showed that Apple has returned to the design of the iPhone 4/5, with vertical aluminum edges.

IPhone 12 comes in 5 colors

The iPhone compared to the current iPhone 11, which comes with the same 6.1-inch screen, the iPhone 12 is 11% less in thickness, 15% less in overall size and 16% in weight.

Apple modified the iPhone screen to be called Super Retina XDR, which is an OLED screen and includes twice the number of pixels found in the iPhone 11.

Apple said that the concern is with the glass of phones, so Apple worked with Corning, "the famous developer of Gorilla Glass", to create a type of glass designed for Apple called Ceramic Shield.

Apple talked about the development of the new material and that it provides the strongest glass compared to any competitor's phone and provides 4 times the ability to fall (i.e. 4 times the chance of surviving a fall).

Apple is back to talking about 5G networks, and Apple has made it clear that its addition of 5G is different from others. In the beginning, Apple added the largest number of 5G networks supported in any phone, so that your device becomes a global device that supports 5G networks in many countries. Apple explained that its achievement passed the addition stage, as Apple modified the system to take advantage of the new speed without much impact on the battery.

Apple said that one of the system’s modifications is that it provided the so-called Smart Data Mode, which is a system that automatically recognizes your usage and transfers the network to LTE if your use does not require high speed (for example, use Telegram). 5G instantly.

Moved talk about the A14 chip that Apple launched last month with the iPad Air and Apple repeated the same conversation, but with the amendment of the iPad's name to become the iPhone. Apple said it was the first phone to come with a 5nm processor, and Apple said it was 50% faster than any competing phone in graphics performance.

Artificial intelligence has been updated to 16 cores and provides 60% better performance. Learning ML is 70% faster. And other advantages of the processor.

Then Apple reviewed the efficiency of the iPhone and the A14 processor with games and League Of Legends

Talk about the camera moved and Apple said it has added two new cameras, the first is very wide and has the following specifications:

And the second camera is wide, and these are its specifications:

The camera consists of 7 internal lenses and provides a wide aperture, which makes pictures in poor lighting great, as Apple talked about the night photography mode and said that it has become supported in all cameras in the phone, including the front camera.

As for the videos, Apple said that it was providing in the previous iPhone the best quality video capture in any phone, and it is time to provide a more advanced version as Apple revealed support for night photography in Time-Lapse

Wireless charging Apple said that we often make mistakes and put the iPhone in the wrong place, which makes us do not care about charging so Apple revealed the MagSafe port.

Who remembers the Mac's MagSafe chargers, the charger was magnetically connected to the Mac. This has reached the iPhone now, where I have provided the same thing for the iPhone, where the charger is magnetically connected and provides a charging speed of 15W instead of the traditional charging speed. And Apple talked about the details of the feature support by providing many layers of internal hardware to provide the best performance and wireless charging speed.

Apple also revealed a number of wrappers that work with the new MagSafe feature.

Then Apple moved to talk about the environment and that by 2030, Apple aims to be without any harm to the environment, and this means that all materials used in devices are recycled or provide an alternative to them, "such as planting trees as an alternative to those cut to make cans, for example." Apple said that among its steps to preserve the environment, it decided to remove the charger and headphone, and this makes the case of the iPhone smaller and thus consumes fewer environmental resources.

Apple said that removing the charger and headphone and reducing the device case means saving 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the movement of 450 thousand cars. Apple said it is calling on all phone companies to remove the charger and protect the environment.

IPhone 12 mini

Then Apple revealed a miniature version of the iPhone 12, which is the iPhone 12 mini, and it comes with a 5.4-inch screen and the same specifications without differences except in almost all screen resolution.

As for the iPhone prices, they start from $ 699 for the iPhone 12 mini and $ 799 for the iPhone 12 (the price increases if you do not buy the phone with a contract with the SIM-Free operator)

A collage of iPhone 12 and 12 mini specifications

IPhone 12 Pro

Talk about the iPhone 12 and the materials manufactured from it, which have improved from previous generations. The iPhone comes in 4 new colors.

The MagSafe charger also supports the same IP68 water resistance to a depth of 6 meters as the traditional iPhone 12. Apple said it had enlarged the iPhone to 6.7 inches instead of 6.5 inches roughly the same size.

The iPhone 12 Pro has also been enlarged to become 6.1 versus 5.8 in its previous brother, the iPhone 11 Pro

These are the technical specifications of the screen

Apple said it had added a sensor dedicated to the cameras and improved images within the A14 processor, which enabled them to add the Deep Fusion feature to the iPhone's 4 cameras (3 back and 1 front)

As for the camera specifications, these are the cameras; The first is wide with an f / 1.6 aperture.

And the second is very wide at an angle of 120 degrees

The third camera is TelePhoto and supports 4x optical zoom.

Then Apple talked in detail about the changes that occurred in the cameras and how this affects photography, especially the all-new sensors, which provide a 1.7 micron aperture.

Wide aperture means better lighting; This is what Apple said that the iPhone 12 Pro comes with an 87% improvement in low-light photography.

And Apple introduced a lot of other improvements such as Optical iMage Stabilization. Apple also revealed an upcoming technology called Apple ProRaw.

The technology combines the advantages of Apple's photography such as Deep Fusion and others with the advantages of RAW photography that professionals are familiar with.

Apple said it added HDR video capture with 10Bit support and 4K quality with 60fps frame number. This enabled the iPhone to capture up to 700 million colors, which is 60 times the number of colors that were previously supported.

Apple also added a LiDAR sensor like the iPad Pro.

This enables the iPhone to scan places and recognize depth, people and things.

The phone comes at the same price as the previous generation, which is $ 999 for the basic version and 1099 for the Max version. Storage capacity starts from 128 GB.

Reservation for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro begins next Friday, October 16 and will be available the following Friday directly.

The iPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will start booking from November 6 and are available in the market on November 13.

IPhone family prices now

You can watch the full conference on YouTube

What do you think of the iPhone 12 and any of the four phones you think is right for you? Would you consider buying a HomePod mini? Share your opinion in the comments

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