After a lot of speculation and leaks regarding the iPhone 12, Apple finally came to announce the general invitation for the conference. Or better, it is an event reported directly over the Internet. As we waited, the event will take place on the thirteenth of October at ten in the morning California time, seven in the evening Cairo time, and eight o’clock in Mecca.

 (Hey, speedy) Hi, Speed

Urgent: Officially October 13th; Get ready for iPhone 12

These are the words Apple annotated. Its focus on speed has opened the way to speculation. Does Apple mean 5G technology? Do you mean the 120 Hz screen, even though the leaks deny its production for this year? And of course the A14 processor. Or is it all together?


Apple is likely to announce the iPhone devices as follows:

📱 An iPhone with a screen size of 5.4 inches (iPhone 12 mini)

📱 6.1-inch iPhone device (iPhone 12)

📱 Another iPhone with a 6.1-inch OLED screen (iPhone 12 Pro)

📱 IPhone with a 6.7-inch OLED screen (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

It is also expected to announce Airtag devices to track the location of objects or devices.

Some rumors also talked about the possibility of announcing the new MacBook with an Apple processor at this event. But we rule it out, as the iPhone will steal all lights. So it is difficult to announce any major device besides it.

As for the date of sale

The dawn of the custom is that the sale starts approximately ten days after the end of the offer or "conference". But we do not know what the production conditions this year are and whether or not they have been affected by the closures and the Corona virus.

Did you notice

Did you notice, for example, that the conference logo looks like 3 circles behind each other? Is it a hint from Apple or confirmation that the iPhone is coming in 3 different sizes?

We are excited to finally see the announcements after the storm of leaks last period. We also hope for some new or unexpected. What about you?



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