Apple decided during a conference to be unveiled IPhone 12Removing the charger and headphone from the box of the new device as a step to reduce the company's environmental footprint. This is what Apple said ... But soon Apple was faced with great criticism and ridicule; And since we are always placed in the category of the accused in love with Apple and we only display what praises her (although this is not true), we decided to publish this article, which collects the most famous sarcasm, criticism, and even conspiracy theories that critics have talked about ... to clarify this article is not the opinion of the iPhone site Islam But it is the opinion of opponents and critics of Apple, and we decided to publish it for you to open the door for discussion. IPhone Islam may have another article to comment on this later. So, get acquainted with us on the criticism and whether some see that the point of electronic waste helps to make the world better.

Why did Apple abandon iPhone accessories?

"Customers already have more than 12 million wired headphones," said Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives at the iPhone 700 launch conference from the roof of the company's building and behind the green trees that Apple planted and solar cells that cover the place because of the environment. And many of them have moved on to experiment with wireless headsets. ”Also,“ There are more than two billion power adapters for Apple in the world, as well as billions of third-party adapters, and that is why Apple got rid of those elements in the iPhone case, to reduce carbon emissions and avoid mining and using valuable materials. ”

With fewer accessories included, the iPhone case is smaller. "The changes we made to the iPhone 12 reduced more than two million metric tons of carbon annually. This is like removing 450 cars from the road each year," says Lisa Jackson.

Of course, this step from Apple is welcome as long as Apple intends to reduce its environmental impact, but do Apple's efforts, as they claim, have an impact on the growing e-waste crisis that threatens the world?

What is e-waste


E-waste is the things that no longer have value, have reached the end of their life cycle, or have been disposed of, and include batteries, devices, phones, screens and cables.According to a report done in cooperation with the Global E-Waste Monitor and Rudiger Coyer, head of the Sustainable Cycles Program, the world has produced about 53.6 million Metric tons of e-waste last year, and this number will continue to rise, reaching 74 million metric tons by 2030, double the amount recorded in 2014.

And that scrap contains remnants of valuable components such as iron, copper and gold, and according to the previous report, the value of raw materials in global waste during 2019 amounted to about $ 57 billion, and unfortunately, much of that scrap ends up in developing countries.

So e-waste is not a threat to us? Of course, it is a danger to the world because it also contains toxic materials, as the same report indicates the presence of about 50 tons of mercury and 71 thousand tons of plastic, and these elements are toxic and greatly affect the health of people and the environment.

Apple claim


Apple routinely promotes its ongoing efforts to reduce toxic components in its devices.In its Environmental Progress Report 2020, the company said it spent 4 years researching and developing an alternative PVC, a material used in the power wire manufacturing process. The replacement material is not toxin-free, but Apple. It claims to have less toxicity and environmental risks.

But, did you know that the waste for charging devices coming from tablets, smartphones, etc., accounts for 0.1% of the total e-waste, and this percentage constitutes approximately 54000 metric tons of e-waste, which means that Apple's waste alone constitutes only about 25000 metric tons or 0.05% of the total increase in e-waste annually.

In addition, Kuyer says that the absence of a charging adapter in the iPhone box does not mean that people will not need it anymore, people may use what they have at home, but there are many who will buy adapters from Apple, which means that they will By packing these adapters and charging them separately from the iPhones, this will lead to an increase in the negative impacts on the environment.

Apple is playing with us


Apple claimed that the iPhone case has become smaller, which means more iPhone devices are shipped at one time on the mobile platform, but what many do not know is that Apple ships on demand and not on what the platform can afford, if an Apple store sells 100 An iPhone device, they will charge the same number even after the launch of the new device. The 200 devices will not be put suddenly because the platform is able to carry this number, but the charging is done on demand.

Also, Apple does not use a universal charging cable compatible with all its devices, unlike most companies that have switched to a USB-C cable for charging, connecting and transferring files, where the USB-C cable can charge the Facebook virtual reality headset and charge your smartphone from Samsung or Chromebook, but with Apple The situation is completely different, there is a need for two different cables to connect the iPad Pro and the iPhone and this leads to more e-waste.

The same thing last year, the iPhone 11 included a power adapter with a USB-A port, and today the iPhone 12 comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable only, which is not compatible with the adapter, unless you have a USB-C adapter affiliated to one end. Third, you will need a new adapter.

You are not convinced yet, here is something else, did you know that the European Union wanted to activate a unified charger initiative that can charge all phones, of course Apple was the one who categorically rejected the idea under the pretext that the initiative would stifle innovation, I saw the company accused of monopoly and killing competition on its platforms, concerned about Innovation stifle because the world wants to save the planet, but as long as saving the planet will be at the expense of its interests and profits, Apple has only two words "Damn the environment."

Does Apple care about the environment?

If Apple is really interested in saving the environment and reducing e-waste; It could have allowed users to repair their own devices instead of prohibiting the matter and considering it a major crime as Apple lobbied against legislation that required it to allow customers or non-affiliated centers the right to access the required resources in order to repair iPhones themselves.

Removing the charger is not a new idea


The idea of ​​removing the charger from the phone box is not new, as George Paparezos, Director of Product Management at Qualcomm says, “This idea appeared years ago as a way to reduce the prices of phones that fall under the middle category, but it was not implemented because the standards and shipping ports were not uniform in these Period".

But nowadays, the whole world is united around the USB-C connector that you can find on Windows laptops and Macs, and in Android phones, headphones, iPads, and many other devices. Coupled with the open power delivery standard for charging the battery, the latest specifications allow the adapters to output Up to 100 watts, with the ability to shrink it if the connected device does not accept that much power.

Also, Qualcomm's new Quick Charge 5 protocol supports the PD standard and can output 100 watts, and Qualcomm claims that it can fully recharge the phone in just 15 minutes. The adapters included in many phones today are not enough to recharge larger devices that consume a lot of energy, but with the arrival of more high-powered chargers, Paparezos says, you will be able to carry a single adapter to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with ease.

Point of view

We can conclude several reasons that made Apple abandon the new iPhone charger, the first of which was to sell the charger and other Apple accessories separately, and then make a profit margin, and removing the accessories will reduce costs after supporting the fifth generation networks, and Apple will not have to increase the price of the new device. The second reason is to reduce the size of the iPhone 12 case, and thus Apple has become able to pack and ship more iPhones coming from China at the same price it was paying before, which means lower costs for charging the iPhone, and the third reason is to equip the company’s users with the idea of ​​switching to wireless charging during The coming period and the fourth and last reason is concern for the environment, which is not among the priorities of the American company, which is concerned only with how to dominate the smart phone market and make profits from its loyal users.

In the end, the rest of the smartphone manufacturers will follow the example of Apple, but not now, because they will wait to see the reaction of users and how this matter has affected the profits of the American company, so I expect with the beginning of the new year Android phones will appear without accessories in the box and the apparent reason of course In order to protect the environment.

A final word from the iPhone is Islam

Again for those who have not read the introduction; This article collects the most famous criticism of Apple on the point of the charger and the claim of preserving the environment, and this article means that Apple is deceiving customers. The publication of this article does not mean that we agree with everything mentioned in it, but we want to always present the other opinion and we even published it in sarcastic pictures as well; Of course, saying that we do not agree with everything mentioned does not mean that we mean that all of the aforementioned is not true. Rather, we just wanted to hear the opinion of Islam’s iPhone followers, and then later there will be an article to clarify our opinion on this topic. So tell us your opinion.

what about you? How do you see why the real Apple got rid of the iPhone 12 charger? Share your opinion in the comments



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