If you ask me which app I like the most, I will tell you right away the talking clock, why? Because every hour reminds me of the passage of time, and I cannot do without it because it really makes me feel the time, and also because it contains a sound Amr Abdel RahmanMay God have mercy on him, we ask God to bring us together in Heaven, and that is why I am very excited not only because Apple conference to launch the iPhone tomorrowIndeed, because we have, thank God, updated the speaking clock application, which most of us know is the first Arabic speaking clock application in the software store.

With the concerns of daily life, we lose sight of time and we feel that it passes quickly, so there is a constant need for an application that alerts you over time with a clear Arabic voice even if the application is closed

The talking clock app, in the new version, has its name in English, Time Flies, because time really flies. It has been reprogrammed from scratch, it is a completely new application compatible with the latest Apple technology and supports only iOS 14.

Also, the new widget has been added to it in several forms, up to 28 shapes. You can change the look by entering the widget settings.

You can open the system fonts option to get an animated clock that displays seconds, or the shapes of the speaking clock app by changing the clock theme number.

There are many themes to suit all tastes, with all the widget sizes available as well, whether large, medium, or small.

In addition to the famous app features such as an hourly time alert with the ability to turn off the alarm at specific times so as not to disturb you during your sleep or during work hours, and when you open the app, it speaks the current time in detail and automatically mentions hours and minutes.

And if you are someone who puts their device on a stand, it will be wonderful to see the time in front of you in an attractive way, such as the famous desktop clock, and the application is distinguished as a universal iPhone and iPad application.

If you do not have this application download it, and if you already have it, try updating it, and tell us in the comments what you think, is this application useful for you?

‎Clock Chime

As we previously told us, we are working on some updates, we know that many of you would like to update all of our applications because they were already distinctive and ahead of their time, so that some do not find what is suitable for them at the moment of alternatives, and we tell you that we are with you, God willing, and we hope that you will remain with us, Soon everything will be better.

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