I am very surprised by those who say that WhatsApp is his life and that it contains valuable information and valuable pictures, and depends on WhatsApp to save important data, and he may even send himself a message to keep information on it. What is that? is this normal? WhatsApp is a conversation application and not an application for storing information, so when all of your conversation is lost or difficult to transfer from one device to another, this makes sense because it is neither the nature of the application nor its design to keep your valuable information, there are applications made for this purpose.

Don't get too carried away with technique

Someone sends you an important number on WhatsApp, so you leave it in the conversation, and whenever you need this number you go back to the conversation again and look for it, why do you do this? Because you are easy and do not want to transfer the number to contacts, or even the notes application. While it will be much easier to find the number in notes and contacts, you often struggle to find the number in the chat history. This very strange logic is a bad exploitation of technology, as every application has a goal and WhatsApp aims to communicate and communicate, not to save information.

WhatsApp data is easy to lose

A lot fell into this problem and many messages reach us that the WhatsApp application has collapsed and does not want to work and that its data has been lost and it is very important, or that the capacity of the WhatsApp application exceeded the limits and wants to delete it and at the same time it keeps some messages, and enters into a spiral. Especially when he buys a new device or tries from one system to another.

The topic is simple

Organize your work and use the applications for its primary purpose, when there is information that you want to keep, or an image that you want to store, a video or a PDF file, use the appropriate applications for that, and one of the most important of these applications is the notes application that comes with the system, as well as the files application. These applications and the information in them synchronize with your account in the cloud, so losing your data in them is difficult, and you can access this data from any computer by entering the cloud site.


Change your habit to enjoy better technology

Some people are not interested in making a backup copy of their device, they are not interested in organizing files on their device, and they are not interested in arranging pictures and videos, and in the end you find problems surrounding them, and with the increasing reliance on technology every day these problems increase, you must change these habits, and start making sure that You have a backup copy of your device, this will make you comfortable, and then arrange your technical affairs, know each application and its use and do not exceed these uses, use chat applications for chatting and notes applications for notes.

Are you someone who uses WhatsApp to save notes? Do you have the intention to change this habit?

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