After a few hours, the Apple conference, which I called (One more thing), And for the first time we feel that we are in a state of satiety of Apple conferences, this is three conferences during the past three months, it started with a conference (Time Flies(In which Apple announced the watch and the iPad, then the iPhone 12 launch conference)Hi speedToday, a new conference is expected in which Apple will announce the new Mac devices supported by Apple Silicon processors.

We think that this conference is the most important conference for Apple this year, why? You may have read an article (MacBook in the mind of the iPad, can Apple succeed in what Microsoft failed?We believe that the world of technology will change after Apple launches office devices with the same processors as Apple's portable devices, after a short period of time the Apple family will be harmonious as never before. Imagine the huge applications that you used on desktop devices become available on the iPad or even IPhone, and imagine simple, wonderful applications that you can use on office devices. Imagine the integration of this environment so that all devices work together without hindrance.

The previous image shows the dates of the Apple conference broadcast in the capitals of Arab countries, and at the time of the conference, you can watch the live broadcast through Apple website. You can also watch the broadcast on Her Twitter account. You can also watch the broadcast via Apple channel on YouTube.

Of course, as we have been accustomed to you on the iPhone Islam, we will publish an article that collects the most important things that came in the conference and explains everything in a simple way.

Are you excited to see what's new at Apple's (One more thing) conference, and are you going to watch the live broadcast?

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