Mac M1 beats the 16-inch Pro; Pay $ 80 to fix a $ 100 Apple Headset and a Japanese Vacuum for Apple and Google Headset that ends free storage for photos and other news on the sidelines.

Mac M1 beats the 16-inch Pro; Pay $ 80 to fix a $ 100 Apple Headset and a Japanese Vacuum for Apple and Google Headset that ends free storage for photos and other news on the sidelines.

Report: A new wide camera is coming with the iPhone 13

The famous analyst, Ming Qiu, revealed that the iPhone 13 next year will come in four sizes that are the same as the current versions of the iPhone 12, but there will be significant changes in the camera as the Ultra Wide camera will be modified to become its aperture f / 1.8 instead of f / 2.4 Currently, this allows more light to enter and images become brighter. The analyst also said that Apple will make the six-lens camera internally, not 5 lenses like the current version, and autofocus will be placed, not fixed like 12. The report said that the iPhone 14 in 2022 will be with the same new wide lens, and Apple will not make "hardware" adjustments. Accordingly, Largan will be the main supplier of 70% compared to the current 50% share in the iPhone 12 lenses.

Apple will use LTPO in the iPhone 13 to provide power

Technical sources told ETNews that Apple intends to use LTPO technologies in two of the four versions of the iPhone 13 next year (Pro versions). The report said that this technology has proven successful more than a year ago. Apple used it in the fifth generation watch screen and enabled Apple to provide the always-on feature without any impact on the battery. The report said that Samsung has already started converting part of its product line known as A3 to manufacture OLED screens with this technology and materials. It is worth noting that Samsung has already provided the screen of the Note 20 Ultra this year with OLED screens with LTPO technology, but due to the sales difference and the large demand in the iPhone, the company will need to expand its production lines dedicated to this technology.

The $ 99 Home Mini repair will cost you $ 79

Apple announced repair prices for the new HomePod Mini; The company said that the headset will cost you $ 79 to fix the faults, which is very close to the official selling price of $ 99. Of course, a user with an AppleCare + account will receive a discount and the repair price will be only $ 15. It's worth noting that the Care + account only costs you $ 15.

Panasonic designs a device to pick up the Apple headset

Panasonic has designed a device that resembles a "vacuum cleaner", such as in homes for cleaning, but the difference is that this vacuum is designed for the Japanese Railways Company, and it is for picking up only the Apple headset. Before you were amazed at the news, the railways revealed that they had reached 950 reports of the fall of the Apple AirPods on the railways in the period July-August to September this year, which may cause some risks as well as obstacles to capture due to the small size of the headset, so a special vacuum was requested from Panasonic that has already By its design.

A Mac with an M1 processor is faster than a 16-inch MacBook Pro

The famous Geekbench site revealed the results of performance tests for new Apple devices operating with the M1 processor and their results (Air- Pro- Mini) were close to each other, but compared to other devices, they all achieved faster than the 16-inch MacBook Pro. For example, the Air computer scored 1689 in the single core test, compared to 1239 for the MacBook Pro. In the multi-core test, the Pro scored 6870, while the Air scored an average of 7084, and in some tests it reached 7433. As for the Mac Mini, it scored 7097 points. This makes the MacBook Air the M1 version faster than the 2013 Mac Pro and is close to the basic version of the Mac Pro 2019, which costs $ 5000.

Judge: Apple has no right to claim Epic to pay damages

In the latest episode of the ongoing conflict between Apple and Epic, a US judge ruled to dismiss Apple's claims to convict Epic. Last September, Apple submitted a request to the court asking Epic to pay compensation to it, and Apple accused it of stealing and circumventing the law and the contract for the software store. But this week, the judge said that Apple has no right to accuse IPIC of theft, and that what it has done is considered "theft" on its own, and that it must prove this matter to the court and it decides on this matter. But the judge made it clear that this accusation of “theft and a claim for compensation” will not pass and will not continue in the case.

Google: End of unlimited image storage June 1, 2021

Since Google launched the Google Photos application and service, it offers the user two options, the first is to store photos with high quality and an unlimited number; The second option is storage in the original quality and is deducted from the 15 GB storage capacity. Yesterday, however, Google announced a shocking news, which is that, from June 1, 2021, the only limited storage option will be canceled; All photos will be deducted from your 15GB capacity. The good thing is that Google said that any images uploaded before June 1 will not be counted within the 15 GB capacity, meaning that the account will start from any image uploaded from June 1 next.

Buttons for emoji, dictation, and search on MacBook Air

Those accepted to buy the new MacBook Air noticed that Apple had added features to the buttons, as the emoji button was assigned, which was fn, and the button that opened the Spotlight search, which was F4. The F5 button is designated as DND in place of the previously provided brightening function.

Apple punishes Pegatron for violating labor rights

Apple was often accused of indifference to what suppliers do with labor as long as the products arrive at the required time at the requested price. But after a major attack on the company years ago, Apple was forced to put in place professional rules that prevent suppliers from violating labor rights. This week, Bloomberg newspaper revealed that an investigation by Apple discovered that Pegatron, one of the companies responsible for assembling Apple devices, violates the rights of "student" young workers. Apple prohibits students from working at night or for extra hours, but the Chinese company allowed this and forged papers in order to conceal this matter. . Based on this, Apple decided to suspend any new activities with Pegatron, meaning that they will not be contracted to assemble any new product (current contracts continue and prevent new ones) until Apple makes sure that its standards are applied and respected by suppliers.

M1 processor provides 6K support for Mac mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has revealed that for the first time the 13-inch Mac mini and MacBook Pro will support 6K screens. Previously, these devices were restricted to a maximum of 5K screens by the Thunderbolt 3 port, but with the new generation 6K was supported. And Apple had started supporting this type of screen in 2018 in the MacBook Pro 15 and then 16 inches, and later it came to the iMac Pro and the traditional iMac, and in May last year, the MacBook Pro came with a 4-port version, but devices such as a mini or MacBook Pro "2 port" remained. It does not support this type until it was updated in the conference the day before yesterday. The Apple Pro Display XDR with a $ 5000 and a stand at a price of $ 1000 is one of the 6K displays.

Apple supports Luxshare to assemble the iPhone 12

Press reports revealed that Apple is currently supporting Luxshare in order to help it start assembling the iPhone 12. The company is currently specialized in assembling AirPods, but last July, in a deal for half a billion dollars, it bought a factory in China from Westron, which has already been working with Apple since 2015 to assemble The iPhone is said to have been asked by Apple to share its assembly expertise with Luxshare. It is noteworthy that Apple has sought in recent years to expand in supply factories as well as assemble devices in order to provide more stability for production lines, which enabled it to punish one of the suppliers and deny him new contracts, because the company owns many factories now assigned to it.

Mac M1 does not provide more than 16GB memory and does not support eGPU

Apple revealed some restrictions on Mac devices operating with the M1 processor, and the most important of these restrictions is that the maximum memory capacity is 16 GB and you must choose it carefully as the devices cannot modify anything in them, whether memory or storage capacity. Apple also clarified that the USB C port in the device cannot be used by connecting an external eGPU graphics card, as it has recently spread among designers and some fields. You have to rely on internal capacity. And you can check out our previous article on notes about the M1 family at this link.

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple said that on the occasion of the Western "Christmas" holiday season, the return period will be extended. Purchases purchased in the period between November 10 to December 25 can be returned until January 8.

◉ Google has updated YouTube to support HDR videos on the iPhone 12 family.

◉ Apple has asked developers to submit their applications supporting the new macOS Big Sur, which will be available for an update for Mac users today.

◉ A photo of what appeared to be an AirTags accessory that enables you to hang it in things has been leaked showing Apple design holes in California. The leaked image resembles a design that Apple had previously registered. It is reported that previous leaks said that AirTags is coming with iOS 14.3 at the end of this month, but we did not see it in the conference, as it may have been postponed to 2021.

◉ at the Apple conference this week It put the phrase Thunderbolt / USB 4 to express the device's ports, which made many (and we are among them) to think that it now supports Thunderbolt 4, but it turned out later that Apple is still relying on Thunderbolt 3 in the new Mac devices.

◉ Apple revealed a MagSafe dual charger that enables you to charge the iPhone and the watch together. The accessory costs $ 129, and you have to buy the 20-watt charger with it at $ 19. The shipper has already received FCC approval a few days ago, meaning it is expected to be released within days.

◉ good news; Apple has modified the charger supplied with the iPad Pro to become 20 watts, similar to the iPad Air, instead of the traditional 18-watt charger.

◉ The Checkra1n jailbreak tool has been updated to support the jailbreak of iOS 14.1 and iOS 14.2 for devices running A9 / A10 processors, and support with some restrictions for A11 (iPhone 8 and X).

◉ Apple has revealed a leather case for the iPhone 12 family, and it comes at $ 129, whether it is for the iPhone 12 mini or even the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The holster will soon be available for sale.

◉ As of last Friday, Apple began booking the HomePod Mini at $ 99.

◉ Microsoft unveiled the first beta version of Office for Mac devices designed to work on Apple Silicon M processors.

◉ Apple has updated the TestFlight app for developers, which enables them to send trial versions of their apps to some people for testing. The update provides an automatic update feature, so the system will automatically update the experimental applications without the need for interference from the owner of the phone, which facilitates tests on both sides.

◉ Sony has officially added the Apple TV application on the PlayStation 4 and 5. The application had appeared as a beta for some users, but this week it was officially launched for everyone.

◉ Apple revealed that the Mac M1 comes with support for the newer Wi-Fi technology known as WiFi 6.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier And she helps you, and if she robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for her


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