The Apple conference has just ended, which came under the title One more thing, in which Apple unveiled a new generation of Mac computers that works with the Apple Silicon processor, where three devices have been updated, namely the Mac Air and Mac Pro, as well as the Mac Mini desktop. Find out what's new in this summary.

The conference began with Tim Cook's review of what Apple revealed in the past two months, such as the One services, the new iPad Air, the basic eighth generation, as well as the iPhone 12, the watch, and others. He said it was time to reveal One More Thing, which is the Mac.

Mac with Apple Silicon processor

Tim talked about that 25% of Mac buyers are first-time users of it and he viewed a promotional video for the Mac, after which Tim said that we promised you at the WWDC conference on a Mac computer with an Apple Silicon processor and it is time to reveal this Mac and that the processor was named M1.

Johnny Srouji, chief engineer of Apple, said that the most important point of distinction is the huge reduction in power consumption provided by this Mac. This M1 processor comes with a 5nm architecture, enabling it to house 16 billion transistors.

Srouji said that the M1 will lead to each device moving to a higher category (meaning that the Air computer will perform similar to the performance of the Pro and Pro move in the performance to a higher class and so on). Srouji said that the M1 processor is the first Mac processor to run SoC. This means that it is one processor that provides all the functions while currently there is a separate processor, another for graphics, a third for T2 security, a fourth I / O and so on. The following image of the old Mac and chipset that have been merged.

But the M1 will provide everything in one processor combined as follows:

The processor includes 8 cores divided into 4 effective cores with high performance for use in games and strong use, and there are 4 energy-saving cores that consume 10% of energy, and Srouji said that these 4 processors, although they are energy-efficient, but this does not mean that they are weak, they offer the same performance as a MacBook processor Current Air.

Then, Srouji moved on to explain the efficiency of performance with energy. Consuming 10W provides twice the performance of a conventional processor. Maximum performance the M1 can provide with 1/4 power consumption.

Moving to graphics, Apple said that it has benefited from years of analyzing the performance of Mac applications, which enabled it to provide poor performance with the same power consumption; Maximum performance can be reached with 1/3 of the power consumption, making the Apple GPU the most powerful processor integrated into computers.

A detailed picture of the M1 features

A collage of benefits

Then Apple moved on to talk about the Big Sur system, which we learned about in The last WWDC conference One of its main advantages is the ability to run iPad and iOS applications on a Mac.

MacBook Air

Then the conversation moved to the devices where Apple announced the launch of the first Mac computer with an M1 processor, the MacBook Pro Air, which did not make a major development in design from the traditional lines, as it came with a 14-inch screen and an M1 processor, which enabled it to become 3.5 times faster than the previous generation. 5 times the performance.

Apple said that it supports editing on a number of 4K videos without affecting the frame. Compared to computers on the market, it is 3 times the fastest-selling devices in the world in its class and is 98% faster than all computers sold in the world in 2019.

Internally, Apple improved the SSD to become 2 times faster. And because of the energy saving, it now works 15 hours in surfing the Internet and 18 hours in watching the video, which means an improvement of 6 hours in battery life.

The ML machine learning processor is improved to 9x the performance; The front camera has been developed to improve image quality, dynamic, white balance, shadows, screen enhancement, and P3 color support.

The price of the computer starts at $ 999, and this is a collage of the features

Mac Mini

Apple unveiled a new generation of Mac mini that works with the same M1 processor (the experimental device that was available to developers with a silicon processor was the Mac mini). In general, Apple said that the new computer provides 3 times the speed of the previous generation (quad-core). And 6 times the graphics performance.

Compared to desktop computers, the Mini MacBook is 1/10 in size, but it is 5 times faster.

Apple said its ML machine learning processor has become 15 times faster than the previous generation. Apple said it was getting quieter and less in heat.

These are the ports of the new device

Given the price, it comes at a starting price of $ 699, i.e. a $ 100 reduction for the previous generation.

A summary of the advantages of the new device

13-inch MacBook Pro

A new generation of the most famous Apple computer has also been updated to the same processor, making it 2.8 times faster than the previous generation in speed performance and 5 times higher graphics.

And the same improvements in previous performance that led to 17 hours of surfing the Internet and 20 hours of battery life in watching videos, which means poor battery performance for the previous generation.

Here is a snapshot of the new features

MacBook Pro starts at $ 1299

Of course, Apple said the devices are environmentally friendly

At the end of the conference, Apple showed a teaser video showing the actor who played an old PC in the PC Vs Mac videos. The actor joked and said that why is this speed and what is the benefit of the strong battery and what is the harm that the device becomes silent, and here is intended to mock Windows computers that do not offer such advantages.

Watch the conference from the following video and tell us have you noticed that the devices operating with the M1 processor come with 2 USB C ports, while Apple sells copies with an Intel processor with 4 USB C ports!

What do you think about the Apple conference, and if you are a Mac user, which of these devices have you liked and might you think of buying it?

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