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Many of the glitches and problems you might encounter with HomePod and HomePod mini can usually be fixed with a factory reset. Although Apple did not explain how to do this, we will show you what you need to do as it is easy to do and it does not take long.

How to reset HomePod and HomePod mini to fix problems

Reset HomePod settings

HomePod reset can fix audio, connectivity, pairing, and more issues. It's also the only way to get rid of some Wi-Fi issues that are currently faced by a small number of HomePod mini users. There are two ways to perform the reset, know them.

The simplest way to reset it is through the Home app on an iPhone or iPad. You will need to log into the same iCloud account as the HomePod that you want to reset, and do the following steps:

◉ Open the home app.

◉ Find the HomePod you want to reset under the Home or Rooms tab.

◉ Press and hold the device, then select the details.

◉ Select the option to remove the extension.

This will unpair your HomePods from your devices and automatically reset them in the same process. After a few minutes, it will restart and you can start the pairing process again, as if it were brand new.

The second method is to reset HomePod settings

If the HomePod is not showing up in the Home app, or you prefer not to use the above method for any reason, you can perform the soft reset on the HomePod itself by following these steps:

◉ Disconnect and reconnect the HomePod while pressing your finger down from the top of the device on the touch screen.

◉ After a while, the White Wheel on HomePod will turn red, and Siri will inform you that HomePod is about to reset. Keep pressing your finger.

◉ When you hear three beeps, remove your finger and wait for HomePod to reset and restart again.

Reset using a Mac

If you have HomePod mini, there is a third reset method that requires a Mac. But this method won't work for a regular HomePod as it doesn't have a USB-C port.

◉ Connect the HomePod mini to your Mac using the USB-C cable of the speaker.

◉ When the Finder window appears, select HomePod mini in the sidebar.

◉ Click the Restore HomePod button.

If your HomePod continues to be unresponsive despite trying all XNUMX reset methods, you will need to contact Apple Support for further assistance. Your device may require maintenance.

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