Often some hesitate to switch to a new device with a different operating system, most of us fear that it will not be able to transfer all the contents of their device, for example you have an Android device and want to move to an iPhone, or vice versa and you want to try Android devices, the biggest obstacle is what it carries Your current device, including applications, pictures, files, contacts, etc., even WhatsApp messages are important to most of us, and you certainly want to transfer all of this to the new device, and here comes the role of one of the most important programs phonetrans Which transfers all data from one phone to another with one click.

Phone transfer

One of the most important features of PhoneTrans is ease, and here comes the Quick Transfer feature, which makes you transfer all device data to another device, whether it is iOS or Android.

PhoneTrans makes transferring data from one phone to another faster and more flexible, for example you can select the data and files you want from the previous Android or iOS device, and transfer them directly to the new device, regardless of it being an iOS or Android device. In this way, you will save a huge amount of data transfer time and valuable phone storage. The best thing is that you can customize your phone your way.


Unlike iTunes or other backup solutions that only allow a full backup without choosing, PhoneTrans gives you 100% freedom to decide what you want to backup and what not. Need to backup everything on your iPhone? Do you just want to backup your contacts, messages, photos, or any other type of content? Select the data you need and make backup copies of it individually. This way, you can skip the redundant data and keep exactly what you need.

Restore the phone

PhoneTrans lets you choose what backups you want to restore. You can perform a full restore with one click, or restore only the contacts, messages, pictures or other data that interest you. If you perform the selective restore, then all the content on your target phone will remain the same without any data being changed. This means that you can restore different data that you want from different backups. And everything returned to your new phone is exactly what you need.

Not only that, you can restore data between different mobile phone operating systems, do you want to restore an Android backup to your new iPhone, or restore an iPhone or iPad backup to an Android device? do not worry. PhoneTrans breaks the boundaries between different operating systems and gives you the opportunity to perform restore seamlessly across iOS, iPadOS and Android operating systems. If you are concerned about compatibility issues, rest assured. All data and files will be automatically converted to a format supported by your device.

Transfer applications

If something can spoil the pleasure of getting a new phone, the annoyance is bound to be having to re-download apps one by one. PhoneTrans helps you to deal with this problem and transfer applications from your old device to the new device directly, and all you have to do is a simple click of the mouse.

Transferring WhatsApp conversations to your new device WhatsApp conversations contain your precious memories and important information, so PhoneTrans gives you an opportunity to transfer them to your device easily. No matter you upgrade from an old iPhone or transfer from an Android phone, you can always transfer WhatsApp messages in one go.

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