Although it is still too early to talk about iOS 15, this does not prevent us from thinking about it and the features that should come with it. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 15 at the WWDC 2021 Worldwide Developers Conference, often in June, and this is a list of six things we would like Apple to include this year in the new system.

Six new features that we hope to see in the iOS 15 update

Split screen on iPhone Max devices

IPad and Android devices have a split screen display, so why not have this feature on the iPhone? Considered IPhone 12 Pro Max Big enough to apply it, as the split screen feature to display two apps simultaneously can be very useful. We hope Apple will approve it and add it to iOS 15.

Permanent display

The Apple Watch has a permanent display on the screen, so why does the iPhone not support that very old feature that has been present in Android phones for years? You can leave your phone on your desk and always see the clock and notifications. This will save some time and effort, as you will not have to wake up the iPhone to see what time it is. Technically this can now be done by leaving the screen on all the time, this may be at the expense of the battery but not much. Always-on technology uses slow refresh rates and deep blacks, so you can leave the OLED screen on and it won't drain your battery too much.

FaceTime screen sharing

If Apple wants to be a serious competitor in internet communications, it must add native screen sharing to FaceTime. This will allow people to communicate via screen sharing as well as audio and video. If Facebook Messenger can offer screen sharing, FaceTime should be able to do that as well.

The widget on the lock screen

The widget is a great addition to the iOS system, but Apple should add it to the main lock screen, as displaying these tools on the lock screen allows users to quickly view and interact with information without swiping to the right or unlocking the iPhone.

More options for default apps

Starting with iOS 14, Apple allows you to change the default apps for email and web browsers. It's a feature that iOS users have wanted for years. Now that we've got a taste of that customization, we want more. Hopefully, Apple will expand this feature in iOS 15 to include other apps like Maps, Notes, and maybe Reminders.

Improved home screen layout

This is another must-have for the larger iPhone Max models. The network design ideal for smaller iPhones does not match the larger iPhone Max models. There is a lot of wasted space underneath the bottom row of icons which is not pleasant. Apple can stick to planning its network if they want to, but at least allow people to customize their home screens so they can shrink icons, add new rows, and make better use of this wasted space.

What features would you like to see in the iOS 15 update? Let us know in the comments.



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