Apple gives you a lot of information when it comes to the battery of the iPhone device, but it does not tell you how to discover the number of times that the battery of your device has been recharged, and in this article we will tell you how to discover the number of cycles of recharging the battery of the iPhone without applications and programs External.

How to know the number of cycles of charging the iPhone battery

IPhone battery


Go to settings, battery, and battery health, and you will find information about the maximum battery capacity and performance, but there is an important piece of information missing, which is the number of times your iPhone battery has been recharged.

This information is very important because the iPhone battery is of the type of lithium-ion rechargeable, which means that it has a certain life and a number of recharge cycles before it is damaged or wants to be replaced. In the official website, Apple says about the battery of the iPhone, “Your battery is designed to maintain a percentage It reaches 80% of its original capacity when it reaches 500 full charge cycles.

Note “A full charge cycle, intended to discharge the battery capacity, and it is not necessary for the matter to result from a single charge, for example, if you started your day with a 100% fully charged battery and then consumed 50% and then charged the device completely and the next day it consumed 50%, this It means that you discharged 100% of the battery capacity in total, i.e. one charge cycle within two days.

 How to know the number of battery charging cycles

battery recharged

  • Head over to Settings> Privacy> Analytics & Improvements
  • And make sure that the option to share iPhone & Watch analytics is enabled
  • Then tap Data Analytics
  • Scroll down to the most recent file in the list and it will be log-aggregated-2021-01-19-xxxxxx.ips and the date mentioned is the date of the last file the phone prepared, meaning you will basically search for log-aggregated
  • After that, you can copy and paste what's inside the file into Notes
  • Or easier to send it to yourself via e-mail, then open the file on a computer and look inside for BatteryCycleCount
  • Next to it, you will find the number of recharging cycles for your device's battery, as in the following image

It is worth noting that if you have not previously done Share iPhone Analystics, you will not find the reports; You have to activate it and wait a few hours or days for the phone to prepare the reports.

Finally, third-party software such as coconutBattery Or 3autools To withdraw information from the device, but the method I mentioned above for those who wish to check the number of battery charging cycles directly through the iPhone.

Did the method work for you, let us know the number of charge cycles of your device's battery in the comments



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