After the release of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1, Apple allowed any user with an Apple account to use the Find My app on another person's iPhone or iPad to locate their lost devices. For those who are not familiar with the app, the Find My app is an alternative to the old Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps and it combines their features together in a unified interface that lets you find everything you need. In this article, you will learn how to track your lost device from another device in a few simple steps.

Beginners: Use Find My to locate your lost device

By logging into the application “Find My“As a guest on a friend’s device, you can use it to locate your lost device, and you can use the same functions as your phone does. Here's how it works.

◉ Launch an application Find My On your friend's iOS device.

◉ Click on the "Me" tabMe Swipe up from the bottom of the map to see more options.

◉ Click on Help a Friend Help a friend At the bottom.

◉ The page will open, log in to your iCloud account.

◉ After logging in, you will see a map and a list of all devices that are logged in to your iCloud account. You can also click the arrow icon in the corner to select the current device on the map.

Scroll up on Devices at the bottom of the map to see the full list and find the device you're looking for.

Note that the line at the bottom of each device tells you its last known location, while the padlock on the device's icon indicates that it was lost and locked manually. If you click on one of the devices on the list, you will be able to access additional device options.

The options available to you depend on the type of device you are trying to locate, but play sound to locate the device near you as long as it is turned on and within range.

And if you lose any of your devices, you can put it in Lost Mode, in which case you ensure that your passcode is required to enter the device before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone or even delete it, and you can wipe it remotely.

If the selected device is out of network coverage or turned off, you can click Notify when found Or tell me when it's found, and Apple will send you an email when it's located. Any other options you choose in the device's action menu such as "Erase an iPad, for example" will be implemented the next time the device goes back online.

Have you ever lost one of your devices? What did you do to get it back? Tell us true to the comments.



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