A collaboration between Apple and Hyundai on the electric car; Qualcomm buys a company founded by former Apple employees and a branded LG phone. And more news on the sidelines

A collaboration between Apple and Hyundai on the electric car; Qualcomm buys a company founded by former Apple employees and a branded LG phone. And more news on the sidelines

Hyundai confirms its discussions with Apple about the electric car

In a press interview, Hyundai confirmed that it is already conducting consultations and discussions about an upcoming cooperation with Apple to develop an electric car. The cooperation will not only be in the field of electric vehicle production, but also additional and basic cooperation in the development of batteries, which are the core and core of electric cars. The Korean report said that Hyundai will develop batteries in the company's factories in America or Kia factories there, and that it expects Apple to launch its car in cooperation with this in 2027.

It is worth noting that Hyundai withdrew the statement and submitted another in which it said that it had received requests for cooperation in the production of electric autonomous cars and that the matter is still in the process of negotiations.

Leaked full specifications of the Samsung S21 family

Today, Samsung officially unveils its latest phones, which is the S21, but the company wanted to leak the specifications early, as yesterday it published a detailed list of technical specifications. The phone comes with 3 versions, a traditional S21 with a 6.2-inch screen, the Plus version with a 6.7-inch screen, and a 6.8-inch Ultra version, the screens come with a 120Hz update rate, and the specifications are as follows:

◉ Conventional S21 version: 6.2-inch screen size, Exynos 2100 processor, three 12/12/64 megapixel rear cameras, 10 megapixel front cameras, 4000 mAh battery, 8 GB memory, 128/256 GB storage options, the phone supports 25W charging speed, supports 15W wireless charging and weight 171 grams

◉ The S21 + version is similar to the previous version, except for the screen size it became 6.7 inches, the battery 4800 mAh, UWB support, and the weight of 202 grams.

◉ The S21 Ultra version comes with a 6.8-inch screen and comes with 4 rear cameras, which is 12/108/10/10 megapixels, the battery has increased to 5000 mAh, and the storage capacity options have increased the version of 512 GB, the memory is 12/16 GB, it also comes with the option of the S Pen and the weight of 228 grams .

It is worth noting that the product box appeared in the pictures as thin and it did not mention that there is a charger with the phone, but rather it will come like Apple; Only the phone cable.

Update The phone was already launched minutes ago

You can watch a live broadcast of the conference via this video

The signing of the cooperation agreement between Hyundai and Apple will be in March

Several Korean technical sources said that Apple and Hyundai will sign a cooperation agreement to produce the electric car next March. Press reports relied on sources in the company who provided them with details about the production location, capacity and timeframe, but later the report was updated and this information removed. The first version of the report talked about the estimated production of 100 cars in America by 2024, and production lines could be increased to 400 cars annually, and that there would be a first trial version next year for the tests and trials to be carried out. It is noteworthy that press reports spoke recently that Apple has at least half a decade (5 years) before it presents its electric car.

IPhone 13, SE 3 and AirPods Pro 2 expectations

Reports have revealed about the upcoming Apple devices in 2021 and that they will be as follows:

◉ iPhone SE 3 will come in next April and it has not been clarified whether there will be changes in the design or only the internal hardware.

AirPods Pro, the second generation, which will be a new design for the charging case only, even if it will still be in the same dimensions. The headset will be launched at the same conference iPhone SE 3.

◉ iPhone 13 will come at the end of the year and will not carry fundamental changes in the design, but the width and height of the device will become slightly, as well as the thickness, which will be less than 0.26 mm, which will not be noticeable. For the camera, it will increase its prominence by 0.9 mm, and the FaceID fingerprint sensor will be slightly reduced. That is, we can say that it will be a slight change externally.

Apple is in talks with a start-up electric car company

A press report by The Verge revealed that Apple has held meetings with officials of the electric car startup, Canoo. The report said that Apple had discussed investing in the company or even its acquisition. The advantage of Canoo's design is that it provides a customizable car platform and allows for more design flexibility than competitors. On the other hand, the two companies refused to comment on the news.

Watch a video of Canoo's auto development platform, which is why Apple, according to newspapers, admires its ability to adapt to any vehicle design.

Qualcomm unveils the second generation of the fingerprint sensor

Qualcomm has revealed the second generation of its screen fingerprint sensor, after the success of the first generation that came in the Samsung S10 / S20 and Note 10/20 phones and achieved superior efficiency. The Qualcomm sensor does not work like traditional 2D sensors, that is, it imaging your fingerprints, but rather it is a Sonic sound sensor that creates a three-dimensional image of your finger, which provides higher resolution. Qualcomm said that the new generation provides 77% more fingerprint space, 50% higher speed, and the accuracy of fingerprint detail capture is 170% higher than the first generation.

Qualcomm buys 1.4 billion company founded by former Apple leaders

Qualcomm announced the acquisition of Nuvia, a start-up headed by a former Apple leader who has worked for more than 10 years, and a number of his aides have also worked for years at Apple. The deal amounted to $ 1.4 billion. Qualcomm aims to take advantage of Nuvia's innovations in the areas of chipset, SOC, power management, GPU graphics and other technologies. The company is expected to integrate into the Qualcomm team for Snapdragon processor technologies.

LG's detachable phone is coming in 2021

During the CES 2021 conference, LG revealed its plan for the current year and the upcoming updates for its various products, whether in the field of home appliances, health or smart TV. Remarkably, at the end of the video, the company made a hint for its Rollable, a new type of phone that can be folded or literally translated "rollable" so that it increases and reduces the screen area according to your need. Watch the LG video, and if you want to see a phone tip, go for 28:25 at the end of the conference.

A new initiative from Apple to combat discrimination and racism

Apple announced the allocation of $ 100 million in a new initiative aimed at combating discrimination and racism, called "REJI". The initiative will provide a global center for innovation and learning in cooperation with black universities. And Apple will provide the tools and means to train and develop students from this marginalized group that are racially discriminated against. Apple said it aims to resist all forms of racism for different "colors" of people. It is reported that the Historic Black University Foundation (HBCUs) aims to educate various students, not just African Americans, but it is mainly focused on them. And spread in America about 121 of this type.

Retreat of devices that were activated in December 2020

The Flurry Analytics Research Center revealed that the activation of the new devices (their first use) in the holidays in December last year was 29% less than what was activated in December 2019, which shows the extent of the impact and damage to the US market with corona. The report said that the iPhone 11 issued new phones, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max, then 12, XR, 12 Pro, then SE. The list did not show any Samsung phone except the A11, which came in tenth place. But in general, Apple acquired 46% of the devices, followed by Samsung, 27%, and LG, 9%.

Computer sales grew 11% in 2020 and 25% in the last quarter

Canalys said in its latest report that 2020 saw an 11% growth in PC sales. After a decline that continued for years in sales, computers returned to a slight growth in 2019, then strong growth in 2020, as they increased 90.3 million devices to reach 297 million devices sold, which is the largest number sold in since 2014. Looking at the detailed figures, laptops achieved a growth of 44% and reached To 235.1 million devices, while desktop computer sales decreased by 20% to 61.9 million.

Looking at companies, it appears that Lenovo achieved a leap in the last quarter, increasing its sales by 29% with sales of 72.6 million devices, followed by HP with 67.6 million, Dell with 50.3 million, and Apple, which came fourth with sales of only 22.6 million in 2020.

Intel appoints Pat Gelsinger as its chair

Intel Corporation announced the appointment of Pat Gelsinger as CEO as part of a series of measures it is taking to develop the company. He previously worked in Inta for 30 years from 1979 to 2009, then left it to work as a COO at EMC and continued for 3 years, then moved to VMWare and worked there until now, and a decision was made to appoint him at Intel. Pat faces the toughest stage in Intel's history as Apple moves to ARM processors, there is fierce competition with AMD and huge hurdles in the company's future.

Apple releases a number of promotional videos for its products

Apple has released a number of promotional videos for its products and services. The first video is 14 seconds long and is about FaceID

The second

The third is about preserving the environment and the iPhone

Miscellaneous news

◉ Apple has sent the second beta version of iOS 14.4, tvOS 14.4, watchOS 7.3, and Mac Big Sur 11.2

◉ Microsoft recently updated WordPress on the iPad to support the use of the mouse and the TrackPad.

◉ Starting from the day before yesterday, January 12, Apple began blocking content that works with Flash Player, after Adobe stopped its security support at the end of last year.

◉ Apple launched the iOS 12.5.1 update for iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air, mini 2 and mini 3, in order to support Corona notices Which was provided by Apple months ago for the latest devices with the iOS 13.5 version.

Apple has stopped recording iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1, so returning to it is not possible, and you just have to update or restore iOS 14.3.

◉ Reports have revealed that Apple intends to launch an 8.4-inch version of the iPad mini at an upcoming conference in two months' time.

◉ A report by CNBC revealed that the Apple software store achieved sales of 64 billion dollars in the previous 2020, compared to 50 billion in 2019 and 48.5 billion in 2018.

◉ Security researchers have discovered that the iOS system does not use the encryption technologies embedded in it sufficiently, which may put its users' data at risk.

◉ Microsoft announced an increase in OneDrive storage capacity to 250 GB instead of 100 GB for Office 365 subscribers.

This is not all the news on the sidelines, but we came to you with the most important of them, and it is not necessary for a non-specialist to occupy himself with all the wandering and incoming, there are more important things you do in your life, so do not make devices distract you or distract you from your life and your duties, and know that technology is there to make life easier And she helps you, and if she robbed you of your life and preoccupied you, then there is no need for her


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