Do you turn off your iPhone from time to time, until the device regains its activity again? It is real and similar to the “Refresh” function in Windows, where restarting the iPhone helps to make it work quickly again, but why and how often You need to restart your device for it to work properly, we will answer all of this in the following lines.


Restart the iPhone


Most of us do not think of restarting the iPhone except when a problem occurs, such as applications stop working or crash, and here we all do the involuntary step in such situations and restart the device and then we find that the problem is over, although smartphones do not need to Convenience is a lot, except that just shutting it down and restarting it may improve the performance of your iPhone.

And many iPhone users reported that their devices are running more smoothly and faster after the restart, as they found that the overall performance of the iPhone became better, as there was an improvement in the moving elements and application loading times.

It is assumed that this improvement is due to the process of restarting the iPhone device because doing it refreshes the device’s memory and gets rid of the “cache” so just closing and opening the iPhone will help a lot in addition to what the iOS operating system does in memory management Wonderfully on its own.

There is another reason that pushes you to restart your iPhone periodically, digital luxury, where you can reduce the time you spend in front of the iPhone screen, even by the amount of a minute it takes for your device to fully restart itself.

Does it help with charging the battery?


On the other hand, do not expect that the process of restarting the iPhone will have a great impact when it comes to battery life, because the applications we use and the number of times they use it on a daily basis is what affects how long the iPhone remains charged. If you are concerned about the battery life of your device, it is better to turn off background app refresh and also location services for unnecessary apps that you do not need.

How to restart an iPhone


You can close the iPhone X or 11 by pressing and holding any of the volume and side buttons, and after that the shutdown slider appears, once you pull it, the device will stop, and to restart it, you need to press and hold the side button until the company logo appears.

As for iPhone 6, 7, 8 and older devices and the second-generation iPhone SE, you need to long press the side button until the shutdown bar appears, and by pulling it, the iPhone will be closed, and to restart it, press and hold the side button until the logo appears Camel.

For iPhone SE devices of the first generation and models from 5 and then older, there is a top button by clicking on it. The iPhone is closed, and it can be operated by clicking on the same button until the Apple logo appears.

The question that comes to our minds now is, how many times should I turn off the iPhone and restart it so that it works quickly, and the answer is, once a week is enough and has proven its effectiveness with many iPhone users.

What about you, do you restart the iPhone regularly or when you have to? Let us know in the comments



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